We use detail spray as a way to reactivate or rehydrate the solids that are in compound and polish for Auto Detailing Tulsa all the time. It makes it more effective as you continue to polish. I’ll touch on that here in a minute. With hand polishing, it doesn’t dry out. Also, I’m not like seeing a bunch of dust. If anything, there’s some stuff that’s like foam, some foam dust from a new applicator, but it’s not really oily. You can see it’s not destruction. I don’t think detail spray is overly necessary unless you are doing machine polish.

Use the fine-grade clay really quick to minimize the marring of the paint that comes with Auto Detailing Tulsa. An abrasive like clay to remove the bond and contaminants can cause that sometimes. One thing we can do is wet sand this car with 2500 grit sandpaper so as not to scratch the car too much and then apply scratch and swirl remover to make it okay. It would take you a lot of effort to get that out with this combo right here. The machine is absolutely the way to go. If you’re doing sanding or wet sanding, you really need a machine to go out to go over after. That’s just the reality of how polishing works.

Now with the hand polish, we will use medium-grade clay as the first Auto Detailing Tulsa step. I would say it’s more aggressive than the fine-grade clay and the clay mitt. It’s called medium gray clay. It’s very stretchy, and it just seems to work really well. The clay mitt it’s by far my favorite because it has the most surface area and it’s super versatile. You can use any of our clay with the washing process, but the clay mitt I just kind of keep in my wash bucket. I always have it with me.

This should add a little bit more gloss, depth, and clarity although it will still not be going to get the super deep scratches. Our polishes don’t heat up and stay here more the more where the key comes from is from using the machine and the fibers from this working with the compound and polish. The heat generated from the microfiber pad when compounding and polishing will dry them out. In regards to self-cooling, that’s a much easier question to answer. The machines have fans in them that disperse the hot air. There are vents here, and there are even vents down here. All the vents around here are pushing out the heat so the machines don’t overheat. The machines don’t get overly hot and like they’re not going to stall out or anything that way you can continuously be polishing and correcting the paint of the car.

When you’re doing a full detail, there are times when you’re running the machine for eight hours. You can turn the machine on and let it run for like 48 hours. It just sits there and runs and runs and runs and runs. We’ve never had a machine fail on us. Now granted, you’re going to be putting a little bit more stress on it while you’re polishing but because of the vents and the disbursement of heat, they’re very effective and they don’t get crazy hot. We can polish in the middle of summer and in the direct heat when it’s like 100 degrees out at Hot August Nights and they’re fine. We will be able to come to you and polish your car with our mobile detailing services, so book a detail now on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by calling 918-999-0355 as soon as you can.

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In regards to weather, how cold can it be the thing is we do Auto Detailing Tulsa in any kind of weather above 32 degrees. If you’re going to use these products outside the ideal temperature is between like 50 and 70 degrees. That’s kind of with everything. It’s just going to be the most effective temperature to be using them in but as long as it’s not snowing or rainy, really any temperature is going to be fine. I would just say that heat works to your advantage. You don’t want to be in the 125-degree heat and polishing on your car. That’s a bad idea because the substrate of almost all cars is steel or metal and what happens is the sun beams down and hits your car that heats up even more so the surface of your paint is probably more than 150 degrees when it’s 100 out of 120 degrees outside.

If it’s really cold outside, things can compress when it’s cold when doing Auto Detailing Tulsa outside. That’s just the nature of science. If your clear coat is super compressed because it’s freezing, it’s going to be harder to correct whereas if it’s between 50 and 70 degrees, pretty normal temperature, it makes it a lot easier to polish your car and be effective at it.

This right here is the scratch and swirl remover that we use for great Auto Detailing Tulsa results. First and foremost, as you can see I’m actually pleasantly surprised how well that system did on that square. It’s just it’s a lot of effort to do that on a whole car. Even just to do the whole hood would take a few hours to do. Now with the machine, you expedite it. You’re doing essentially the same thing but you’re doing it 10 times as fast with a machine as compared to hand polishing. This microfiber pad had been used previously. It was matted down and I brushed it out with the pad conditioning brush.

I’m going to put a compound in here to do like four drops like that. This pad had been used previously, I’m actually going to spray this with a detailed spray to help reactivate any of the dried-out solids that were in this pad from the previous session of polishing. Now throw the cord over your shoulder and now we spread out the compound so it doesn’t swing all over the price. We do not need to do as much correct as possible in the beginning now, if your car is mildly swirled, you know like let’s say that you polished it one day then you watched it the next and you got a tiny little swirl in there. You could probably get away with using the polish to get that out but this car has a lot of damage and a lot of deep scratches.

I know because I assess the finish already. I know that I need to use a compound and that is just to make a personal judgment based on the project you’re working on. If you’re going to be doing a paint correction on whatever car you have, you don’t need to; you feel like you don’t need to be that aggressive. Start with polish and then wipe it off. See what you see what the finish looks like obviously and then you know if there’s still scratches leftover then I would just bump it up to the compound but what I don’t want you to think here is like if you use compound, you’re going to be too aggressive and it’s going to ruin your finish. It’s not if anything it’s going to remove all the defects and then the way to fix the haze on the compound is just run over with polish, and then it will look perfect as the cars at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today. We always make your car it’s very best, so head on over to the phone and call 918-999-0355 now.