At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we make sure when you use us that it’s a huge improvement for Auto Detailing Tulsa. I have to say that our products work so easily. It’s just got a lot of purposes. We can also clean the top of the bed caps and the top of the rear bumper. You know if you end up with just a little bit of oxidation, this is how you eliminate it. This is starting to lose some color and as soon as the gray starts in, the black starts to fade. You want to eliminate that oxidation. Sometimes it’s too late and you’ve got a full-on white bumper like one of the first cars that ever had a lot of plastic that really oxidized badly was the Chevy Avalanche. You know, I think that thing just had so much all that whole deal was all plastic just faded out badly. If we keep looking around, we could probably find a little bit of oxidation on just about every car out here and we can make sure to fix it the right way.

There’s always a time to remove oxidation with this and that is our goal with Auto Detailing Tulsa today. The other thing that the tire and rubber cleaner does is pull it off like if you have polish or wax or compound on the plastic because when you’re polishing the polisher, chances are super good that you’re going to touch the plastic as well. When you go to eliminate it, this is the way to do it. This takes it right out. Here’s an example of the oxidized pigment gone. Here we have, you know an old Saturn and no matter how much cleaning I give this thing right now, I’m not going to restore color because the oxidation is only part of the problem. The fact is the pigment has left the building, and it’s gone. You don’t need to wash the Tire and Rubber cleaner off from the trim.

After using the tire and rubber cleaner I will be sure to clean every part on the trim while doing Auto Detailing Tulsa. We will then use black trim restore to put color back on like this. I’m going to use black trim restoration and then I’m going to get a ceramic coating put on it. You have to have a ceramic coat over your black trim when doing restoration so it creates a sealed and protected barrier. Then we’re just going to go ahead and put a ceramic coat over it. Okay, and that’ll be great.

You can use VRT or vinyl rubber and trim dressing. That’s awesome too. I’m no longer really trying to sell people as much VRT as I used to like on the tires and I get that but if you do it on the trim a lot then you have to reapply it constantly. Whereas if you put a ceramic coating on your plastic trim it’s going to hold up for a long time so I would definitely lean towards bringing people to the ceramics for maintaining your plastic trim. It’s way easier and you do it less often and you get to blast it off with a pressure washer. Whenever dirt on their blast right off because ceramic coated is killer.

It makes a huge difference when working with a professional detailing company. One of the things you just got to think about is what’s the easy button for maintaining your stuff. You want the easiest way to do it, you want it to make it as consistent as possible. Brake buster is different and a great product with all those different purposes. For that, as it’s my number one of my all-time favorite products that we sell is something that I use all the time. Now, another product that I think is just outrageously cool and undervalued is you know I go ahead and talk about our coatings. If you want your vehicle ceramic coated then call us now at 918-999-0355 or head to now.

Auto Detailing Tulsa | Would You Like A Ceramic Coating Today?

The ceramic spray coating and the graphene ceramic spray coating are products meant for Auto Detailing Tulsa. That’s the only coating that I use, period. I don’t use any of the little bottle stuff. I don’t do it because I like the ease of use and I don’t think that it varies in years of protection. It’s something I’m interested in. I’m not going to let many years go by between polishing something. My need for perfection is way higher than that. It’s like you’re going to live nine years with a bunch of scratches and swirls in your car and I’m not into that. If I get a ceramic coating that lasts one year, that’s all I’m ever going to have it last because I will never let it go more than a year without proper maintenance

We offer professional polishing for all vehicles for Auto Detailing Tulsa. I want therapy for one and I want my car perfect all the time. The ceramic coating and graphene ceramic spray coating is the easy button of ceramic coatings. It’s going to last you know, one or two years at least, which is all you ever need a ceramic coating for because you’re never going to need more protection than that. Ceramic coatings make your car protected for long periods, but won’t keep it perfect. You’ll still end up with washing swirls and drying scratches and things like that. I can’t show you a graphene ceramic coating on a dirty car. I’m going to show you another product.

We did Auto Detailing Tulsa on half the cars out there. We have a lot of employees that need to clean their cars for the car shows. When it comes to products that are required, be sure to have a pressure washer. It’s just a must-have tool for detailing. I really just want to be able to do a quick polish. My real quick polish wants up on this. Okay, let’s get a little soap in here. By the way, as far as soap goes, I’m going to go with car shampoo. Why? It can dry on your car all the way and not leave a single streak or any mess. Car shampoo does the best, least streaky least potential for any marks because it is ph neutral.

I got the two bucket wash methods going. It’s about half and a half whether they have foam cannons or not. It certainly does not foam up anywhere near the foam that the car shampoo does not foam narrowly as well as the mega soap, mega foam shampoo, or the ultra car soap. We should have one of those. I’m only washing a little part of this car because I want to get to this video and not be crazy. I just want to have a little bit of surface to be able to go ahead and detail and show a little minor bit of detailing. With your self-healing PPF, you don’t need to polish it.

You can heat it up. I’ve never seen anyone do this but you can actually take a little mini propane tank with an open flame and you heat it and that solves the issue. If you wear a ceramic coat, it is easy for your PPF to stay perfect and keep it really nice. I have seen some PPF material that is on the fringe of death and they start to scratch. That’s usually when it’s time to redo your PPF however if you’re going to go ahead and do your PPF in ceramic, it’s going to last a lot longer. We can offer you all this and more at Oklahomies Car Detailing now when you go to or dial 918-999-0355 anytime.