We’re using the compound for Auto Detailing Tulsa and we’re using the pro micro which is called the millimeter throw polisher. This is our favorite machine without a doubt. We’re using the microfiber pad and its color coordinated so the blue compound goes with the blue foam on this pad and then it has a white microfiber. That’s just one easy way to know what it is and then the compound is really like a heavy lifter. It’s like the one that’s doing most of the work when it comes to correcting. Any really deep scratches and swirl marks it’s going to correct and then what happens is because the braces are a little bit more aggressive, it leaves it a little bit hazy on the surface.

After, you go over the top of that with polish for Auto Detailing Tulsa, and then it evens that haze out and makes it look like a mirror. Then when you polish with a microfiber pad, this gets matted down. You can see this. At this point, this is sort of gliding on the surface. What we do is we have this pad conditioning brush, put this, turn the machine on, and put this on the surface just for like a few 10 seconds or so you brought us out the brush out the microfiber pad that brings all the fibers back and now it’s effective again to you know, spray a little bit of detail spray into this and the reason why you do that I can actually show you.

If I spray detail spray into this, It rehydrates the compound in the abrasives and the solids for Auto Detailing Tulsa that are in this. Now when I put this on the surface, you can see there’s still a ton of compound solids that are still in there. Now all I have to do is spread this out. You can see that. All I did was spray one detail spray on it. Now what I can do is continue to use the compound that’s in the past that I rehydrated with the detail spray and use compound still in the pad.

That’s just what spring detail spray is in here. What I want to do is keep spraying the detail spray into this until this starts to not look so hazy or milky. Okay, once that once this starts to go away and it looks more than that or it doesn’t have what is it opaque. That means it’s clear. It’s transparent so when it gets less opaque is then when you know to put more compound back into your pad. Then you need to be using the detail spray and you can use the same polishing process as if you are polishing glass.

Polishing is a very specific technique. If you alter that technique, that’s a variable that is unpredictable. What we want to do in regards to polishing or detailing is we want to have processes that are tested and tried and true. Then you add formulas or hard goods into that to make that process more effective. Now, granted, you can change the process by implementing new hardware that can do more things. Really, what you want to do is utilize a technology that’s in your compound or your polish to do the work rather than you trying to finesse it. You can get the best services for mobile detailing at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ so give us a call at 918-999-0355 now.

Auto Detailing Tulsa | Do You Like The Way Your Car Looks?

In the old days of Auto Detailing Tulsa now, you had rotary polishers instead of dual action polishers. The dual action polisher does two things. First, it has dual-action, meaning it is oscillating and rotating with a non force rotation head. That is a tried and true way it works. It absolutely works. Now, depending on the compound and polish you use it might be more effective or less effective. It just depends on the system that we created with the compound and microfiber pad or the compound in the blue foam pad, and then the white pad with the polish.

Our team will work on all different kinds of cars because we brought every car you could think of in here for Auto Detailing Tulsa now. I would say the same thing when it comes to glass, it is the same process. The compounds are going to work really well on glass. If you need to be more aggressive for this, there are glass polishes on the market that you can get to hopefully be more effective, but it’s still the same process when it comes to polishing. It’s just a different type of polish or compound dedicated to glass that helps make it more effective. We don’t carry glass polish because it’s such a small thing. I don’t know anybody, any of our customers that need to polish glass every week. I’ve only ever polished glass once and that was to remove water spot residue, but it was really easy to take off.

We wanted to launch our own polisher that we developed specifically for Auto Detailing Tulsa to get the best results. We want to do our own research and development. We want to develop our own polisher that works for our customers. We had a polisher developed. We did a lot of r&d with it and we found one that fitted us specifically: it was polished. Then what happened is that now we are manufacturing our own polisher, and now we can offer a polisher that’s, you know, more achievable for our customer for the everyday person, not a professional. It helps everyone get into polishing and then you know obviously if you’re polishing cars and you can get into the ceramic coating and things like that.

That was the first generation of polishers that we offered. It was a 15 millimeter, the 12 millimeter Mini and then a 21 millimeter. Then what we wanted to do a few years back was we wanted to redevelop it, try to make a new version of it. That’s what the red ones are. Instead of calling it just a swirl killer, this is known as the K Pro model, s k meaning swirl killer pro. We stepped it up from kind of an average polisher to more of a pro-level polisher that has like when you started I mean it’s like a super slow start the machines balanced way better the power that comes out of the power outputs.

It has more torque, which allows you to be more effective when it comes to polishing. What I can do is this is the most effective combo and polishing a 15 and a 12 millimeter. In my opinion, I can go and I can polish with my polisher all the big broad surfaces. Okay, then guess what I can do? Now if I need to get a smaller surface. I am just unplugged that cord and then I put this card onto the 12 millimeters. Now I can run it. Now I just have one cord the whole time I’m working. There are fewer cords that trip over to roll your card over. It’s just so much more effective. That’s one of my favorite things about these SK pro machines for paint correction on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now. Be sure to give us a call at 918-999-0355 today for the best paint polishing in the Tulsa area.