There is a set number of passes that you do to amplify the way we use swirl removers for Auto Detailing Tulsa. Whatever car you’re working on is gonna have different levels of correction that’s needed. With this car, I just sort of feel the way it needs to be polished. You can kind of feel it and you can hear it. I already can hear that like this scratches warmer, we’re starting to glide a little bit better, which is really good but it’s just trial and error. I would do maybe, you know, here’s the thing. Hand polishing takes a lot longer than machine polishing because the machine can do 1000 of those for the most part right and so, what I have to do is be patient with this and take my time.

What we are doing right now is just working the compound into the paint to remove scratches for Auto Detailing Tulsa throughout the car. What I really want to do is break down this scratch and swirl remover so the abrasives start to break down on it. Whereas when I first started with this, I could feel the abrasive working, and now I’m just trying to break it down as much as I can and allow it to do as much of the work as possible. You can apply scratches and swirling remover by hand or can you use a machine polisher as well.

You can apply the scratch and swirl remover by hand or can you put it on a dual action polisher for Auto Detailing Tulsa services. I was working on a car that had really bad water spots. They were etched in the car very deep. I tried putting this onto a pro mini or 12-millimeter polisher. The aggressiveness of the abrasive with the machine just made it really hazy. It’s very much intended to be done by hand. You can use a machine, but I just don’t think it’s really designed to do that. From my experience when I used it, it didn’t work as well. The compound is such a better product to use instead because it’s designed that way.

I would just stick to the compound to begin paint polishing. You don’t want to do is use something extremely aggressive and you end up working against yourself. That’s the worst if you’re using something super aggressive like this and you cause more damage and it takes more time to get to your end goal, which is a perfect finish. Using it correctly by using the correct product with the correct tool is the key for us here at Oklahomies Car Detailing.

This is a third pass I’m doing or essentially I’ve reapplied the product three times. I just wanted to do one more kind of pass before I move on to hand polish or before removing the water spots. What I like to do is go kind of up and down like this a couple of times and then go side to side to get an even application throughout the car’s finish as you can see on or by calling one of our professional technicians at 918-999-0355 today.

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Our professionally trained detailers will use a cross-hatching pattern to correct your vehicle’s paint for Auto Detailing Tulsa anytime. I can feel the scratch and swirl removers really thinning out and the products being broken down enough meaning it’s been pretty effective. We will wipe this off right now and you guys can see the progress we made. The car definitely has more gloss but I’m curious as in regards to swirl marks if we did anything that definitely made a difference. It did pretty well, to be honest.

Now what I could do is if that’s not up to my standard of perfection for Auto Detailing Tulsa, then I could keep going with scratches and swirl remover to take away 99% of the paint defects. I personally think that’s probably as far as I can get it in regards to hand polishing or hand compounding with scratch and swirl remover. What I want to do is hit it with hand polish as well. The hand polish will be like using white polish after compound but this would be the second step of the scratch and swirl remover. We use the remover product with the orange hex grip applicator first, then you come up back over it with the hand polish.

Somebody asked do you need to remove the scratch and swirl remover from the paint before proceeding with Auto Detailing Tulsa? Before you go and do the hand polish, technically you do not. I do because the abrasive in the scratch and swirl remover is a little bit more aggressive than the compound and so I like to remove it. I also think when it comes to hand polishing I like to monitor my progress better because I could have left that on there but I would not have known the progress that I made. If when you go to wipe it off then I can really see what we’ve done. If I removed all the swirl marks like I said, personally, I would probably keep going. Do I have enough time? I do have enough time so let me see if I can just some of the deeper scratches.

Let’s see if we can just get you to know any more of that out and just get a little bit closer to kind of my version of perfection, which is a mirror finish. I just started to see from this side so I’ll just get this on here and then we’ll go with any compound can you use the hex grip with any compound? I would just recommend using hand polishing and the products that are intended for hand polishing. If we use the blue compound that’s used with the machine with these hex grips I don’t think it’s going to be very effective. With hand polishing, the formula needs to be designed for that.

You can also use detail spray to prime the applicator pad just like you do with the polish. Prime the applicator pad like you do with any compound or polish. You can but it’s totally unnecessary. The reason for that is that we’re not generating a lot of heat. When you generate a little bit of heat with your machine when it is polishing what happens is that heat dries out your compound it dries out your polish and if you keep putting the compound or polish into the machine it’s not as effective. By making sure that all our technicians are trained in-house, we assure you will get the best results possible on whenever you give us a call on 918-999-0355 now.