After we get the car’s finish perfect with compounding and polishing for Auto Detailing Tulsa then we will clean the panels with surface prep. If I’m going for the craziest finish in the world, and I want to last as long as possible, I know that I’m not going to do my car hardly ever, we need to prepare the paint so the sealant or coating bonds the best. The book will tell you to go ahead and use surface prep after you compound and polish and before you go ahead and ceramic coat. Since I’m a person that does polishing I’ll polish everything I own at least once a year because I do not like any little marks on it.

I want it to be as efficient and quick as possible when doing Auto Detailing Tulsa now. I’m going to add my graphene spray coating and I will never ever use the little applicators that come with the bottle. I can’t stand those. More problems happen as a result of using the little tiny applicators because then it concentrates little tiny applicators for this product specifically or just in general. Those are better for a spray coating or for everything else. I like these better for any coating application. When I go ahead and spray the graphene into it and apply it, it will be perfectly even. I’m going to get such a nice even finish. I’m going to lay this down so evenly and so perfectly. It’s not going to be a little bit thick at the beginning or a little bit thick at the end when using the micro replicator that lays it down just perfectly.

I love the microfiber applicator for applying coatings for Auto Detailing Tulsa. You got yourself a brand new fresh towel in your hand. Do you see the coating starting to flash or rainbow? Can you get that on that deal? The reason I love the ceramic spray coating or the graphene coating is the ease of use. Those are not the towels to use with ceramic coatings. They give you a higher chance of missing a little bit they don’t absorb enough. When I go to remove this, I can feel that it’s curing pretty well. I’m just going to apply it very lightly over this whole panel that I just this little area once and I’m going to flip the towel and go ahead and knock it on the rest of the way.

When we tell people how long it takes me to detail a car we take our time to make it look it’s very best. We wash the car then clay the whole thing. We will be washing it again, every week because you know you drove in the rain or something. Then I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to polish the front left fender and the driver’s door. That’s it I’m going to polish them all the way and I’m going to go take them all the way to ceramic coated. Once you have the panel perfect, take it all the way to the ceramic coatings that now you can protect that perfection and keep it perfect for at least six months. Wax would have lasted six weeks.

You can get away with as much as six months, maybe even a year. If you’re not driving a car a ton, you’re washing it smart. Then when you’re done you have it perfect on every panel, then driving for a week, next weekend, do another door, do the roof, do whatever. You don’t need to do every single part of the entire car every time you detail it unless you’re doing it for money. Of course. Chances are in your own car. You can have as much time as you want to detail it. Take your time, go over it slowly. Use the best products possible. We always use the best-detailing products for your vehicle at or when you call 918-999-0355 now.

Auto Detailing Tulsa | Do You Want To Protect Your Car The Best Way?

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we use the best process that’s very effective for Auto Detailing Tulsa. We get the job done quickly and efficiently and don’t waste any time. You can drive this car and enjoy it behind the wheel while making sure that it is protected. In fact, sometimes you go twice over the entire panel with ceramic spray coating and the applicator you’re actually picking up some of the coatings in your second pass. I know that I’m going to be re-coating this whole car in a year because I’m going to be sick of any little fine scratches that happened to it.

The compound and polish are both great with the polisher that we use for Auto Detailing Tulsa and make your car look amazing. Our interior detail is so awesome. This is one of the ways this stuff looks so good on an interior. I love that it’s not too shiny and I love that it’s not too glossy. I’m going to go ahead and spray this into the towel. Don’t spray onto the finish. Okay, this stuff leaves such a nice finish and I just love it for cleaning cars. I’m going to go over the glossy stuff and I’ll come back over that with a nice, plush microfiber to remove any excess products.

Pay attention to how there are zero fingerprints and no marks when our technicians do Auto Detailing Tulsa on your vehicle. There are no highs and no lows on the coating of your car. Then the gloss you know you want to wipe the gloss again because that’ll be a little bit streakiness with that stuff but this product is made to give me the finish that I love. It’s made to give you a nice even finish without making it glossy, greasy, or sticky. You got to use the right towel. The microfiber utility towel does it with no lint, no dust and it picks up everything. It works as a little bit of a scrubbing tool since it’s a woven towel instead of the fluffy towel. It will pick up more grease, pick up more dirt, pick up more debris, and stuff like that.

That’s where removing a significant dirt product turns your detailer, you’re just detailing it. You don’t need to use that heavy of a cleaner especially when you’re doing nice leather. When you’re doing nice leather a lot of cleaners too much cleaning and will dry out your leather. The interior detailer does not dry anything out and kind of leaves it just a little bit moist. The graphene tire shine or tire dressing is not super shiny and I like to use the block or the sponge to apply it. This is such a clean window. This is such a window so well you can do this as a waterless wash product. That stuff smells good

On a window, it’ll show you everything. It’ll show you how much is left behind, right. You’re going to see exactly how much streaking, how much oils and stuff there is on the window. The CS three adds more gloss than the waterless wash however, it does leave a tiny bit more depth behind. Therefore it doesn’t finish as perfect but can you see any little marks on that? Come over here you can see a tiny bit of wipe marks. This is a great product for cleaning a vehicle without water and it lubricates the finish that when you wipe it off it is a very rich and nice way to wash your car on today. We will make your car look its best so call us at 918-999-0355 as soon as you can.