I love that product when it comes to auto detailing Tulsa detailing. Here’s the thing about graphene shampoo. It doesn’t really have a lot of protection in it. It was designed more as a deep cleansing shampoo for a graphene product. If you’re using graphene shampoo as a protection agent, it’s not really doing it very well. We didn’t put a lot of protection agents in that therefore, wash and wax is a much better option for washing your car and protecting it at the same time. Whereas graphene shampoo is more like a deep cleansing shampoo.

The reason why I say use graphene shampoo with a coated vehicle for auto detailing Tulsa is that a coated vehicle will still get road grime on it. There’ll be a film on top of the ceramic coating, you’ll see the water behavior starts to be flat. It’s not because your coating is failing, it’s because there’s road grime on top and nastiness. When you use graphene shampoo to get all of that off, now you have your ceramic coating back to where it was when you applied it. It’s going to be brand new and hydrophobic like crazy again.

When you’re in the washing process, complete your wash and it’s going over your steps and standard operating procedure for auto detailing Tulsa. I’ll just spray this down so you guys can see all the residue on the glass and on the paint. At first, it looked pretty bad. Just a little bit of detail spray and I have another edgeless utility towel to get some of this grime off. I’m just going to wipe it off like that. You can see it comes off really easy. Well, it’s asking if any of our products work with fiberglass boats and if we’re planning on coming out with that as well.

Every single one of our products works amazingly on boats and we also work on different things besides automobiles here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. All car care products are not biased to cars so we will work on everything from boats to aircraft and everything in between. I honestly don’t know if we were planning on making a specific marine line. It’s a lot of work to kind of create that brand for boats for polishes. I would say just use some of your favorite products on your boat.

The one thing I love about graphene VRT is that it is so versatile. The only thing is that it doesn’t just work on this trim. What I like to do when I’m working on trim is I don’t like to put the product all over the applicator. I like to just put it on one spot right here first and then if I go straight on here and start putting this on, it’s going to goop up everywhere. I like to rub this into the applicator to get it incorporated in there. If you are interested in having your vehicle look it’s very best, then call us now at 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ at once.

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We use a pressure washer for auto detailing Tulsa in order to remove more dirt with less touching. The reason that’s a good thing is that it’s less scratching. It is a must-have product so therefore you must have a pressure washer for any kind of auto detailing. You use twice as much water with a normal garden hose and you get half as much cleaning. It’s just a waste. It’s a waste of water but it’s really a waste of your energy and then you have to go over it and wash it and when you wash it, you’re rubbing way more dirt around the finish which causes scratching. Let me grab a bucket.

Why does everyone need this pressure washer for auto detailing Tulsa? Everyone needs a pressure washer because it’s how you wash your car with less scratching and you’re way more efficient and you have way less junk, water, etc rolling away and less scratching on the car’s surface. This is my number one favorite cleaner, period. The reason I like it is it makes the black trim of your car enhanced and blacker. It makes your wheel well liners darker. It makes your tires literally almost so that you don’t have to actually put tire dressing on them. I love this stuff. I think it’s one of the best products that we’ve ever sold.

I want to put it on stream and I’m always going to go ahead and blast it out to make the car clean as part of the auto detailing Tulsa process we use. We allow tires to be their cleanest here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. I do this first because I know that this stuff can hang out on the wheel. Wheel, wheel wells, and debris and dirt on the tires get cleaned with no problems. Tire and rubber cleaner does actually quite a good job at removing that tire and road grime that may be on the vehicle.

Now we also have an aerosol for next-level nastiness called tar. That’s the tar and adhesive remover that we use. This stuff works really well now. I’ve got these things and look you can already see the brown starting to dissipate on the tire. It just eats the crud off the tires and it works very well. Here I have a bucket of clean water with some wheel woolies, fender brushes, tire brushes, and hopefully a wheel face brush as well. All right, good. Anyway, I can leave that and let it sit there with no problem.

Our next most used product after the tire and rubber cleaner is our wheel cleaner. It’s the stuff that I use for sure on the performance cars in the family. The reason being is this stuff attacks brake dust like a boss. It really does a great job and it works really well. At Oklahomies Car Detailing, your car will look it’s very best and new once again, so call us at 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.