We have done so much polishing and compound and remove scratches for Auto Detailing Tulsa. Your car is your baby and we want to make sure that we take care of it. The waterless wash is such an effective way to clean your car. Without water. It is very, very easy. It is just one of the products that you will have. It’ll be your go-to product that you’ll use often. If you drive your car, not enough to get it all the way dirty that it needs a bucket wash. If you drive your car just like cars and coffee-type style, then this is the stuff that you’re going to use more often to clean.

What’s the difference between the CS three and the waterless wash for auto detailing Tulsa? This is just CS three. Yeah, the CS three has a little bit more protection. It makes the water bead and it has silicones in it for a glossy effect. Basically, it’s stuff that makes a ceramic, you know makes the water bead and creates a hydrophobic layer. You get to add a little bit of protection when you’re done. Use the CS3 without water, just waterless wash it you can do that. This car’s dirty and I would not recommend CS3 or waterless washing on every car, but we did. We did the glass and we did the doors to show you. You should wash the car off in the best way.

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we will clean everything from a classic car to a rental car for our auto detailing Tulsa services. I’ve gotten a rental car, I can’t stand it because it’s so dirty. I’ll go to the paint with a pressure washer sprayer and blast it all off. Then I’ll get here and by the time I get here a lot of water has dried. Then I’ll go ahead and use a CS three for the panels and wheel wells. We use these waterless wash towels which are amazing, these little waffle towels this way I got all the heavy stuff off with a pressure washer. I can go ahead and do the waterless wash or the CS3 with this when I get to my destination and always include lots of car care products.

If you just go ahead and just knock out the car, your most natural way. Make sure you’re putting even pressure over the towel as you’re wiping the product on the vehicle. Don’t you know to make sure and fold the towels you have multiple layers between you and you’re in your car? If you have a towel like this and you’re pushing like this, that’s going to scratch putting your fingers straight through only one layer of towel. That’s a way higher chance of scratching. Make sure that you go ahead and fold your towel into halves or quarters, depending on how big the towel is. Then when you’re wiping you have a little bit of cushion between your hand and your car. It’s going to make it, it’s going to make them great.

By washing and drying your car and working with a professional detailing company your car will be maintained and cared for. You can go about using it, driving it, and enjoying it. You’re probably going to scratch it a little bit and once a year you’ll need to polish it back to perfection. I like to know that I can always make just about any vehicle that I own or that I drive to make it perfect. At Oklahomies Car Detailing, you can get the best detailing in the Tulsa area. We offer you the highest level of services at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by calling us on 918-999-0355 today.

Auto Detailing Tulsa | Wouldn’t You Like A Better Looking Car?

You’re going to take a little bit extra care and be very thoughtful about how you wipe the car when we are done with Auto Detailing Tulsa. We can get your car to look 99.999% better than every other car that you pass by here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. Every car you bought at the next stoplight, every car, and coffee event. It’ll be the cleanest car anyone has ever seen. Just know that by knowing how to do it, you can do it. We will make sure not to scratch it because our team has the confidence to make it perfect is all you need to worry about barely touching it.

What do you think about hand polishing versus machine polishing for Auto Detailing Tulsa today? He was like that would be so awesome if he did that. Let’s do that today. Let’s tape a car as we did already and let’s use our hand polishing system and compare it to the machine polishing system. This car actually is like the perfect subject. I don’t know if you can see the swirls in here. You might have to find the light but this thing is swirling like crazy and we are going to fix it here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. There’s also a little bit like deeper scratch marks. What I want to do today is kind of walk you guys through both the different systems of polishing hand and machine but also talk about what is the best system to use.

Everyone’s version of perfection is different, but we make sure to make your car look extraordinary with our Auto Detailing Tulsa services. The abrasive in this is a little bit more aggressive but what it is actually like is a pumice stone. When you feel this product in your fingers if you guys have this product or you’re here at the shop, feel it in your fingers and you can feel the grittiness. You can even kind of see it. You can sort of see the grit that’s on my finger. When you do that, it allows you to break down the polish on the polishing pad. I guess this will be kind of a hand compound if I was going to call it something technical in what it does is you get the aggressiveness of the pumice stone but it breaks it down.

It’s sort of the similar idea behind the compound and aggressive abrasive that breaks down after agitating and using it and you can get really effective by using this on your car. If you accidentally let somebody open their car door at the parking line in your car and you have a black car and you have white paint transferred on your car, we can remove the scratches and paint transfer for you. We will remove that if you have any sort of paint transfer on your car. This will remove that but you want to go back over it with the hand polish to even out the aggressiveness of this scratch and swirl remover we are going to start with this today.

I’m using the orange hex grip which is pretty stiff foam, which allows it to be as effective as possible. Now while I start on this, I’ll let you guys have questions please start firing away. I put a decent amount of scratch remover on the applicator and then actually kind of rub it in with my finger. I don’t want to goop it everywhere, especially like into these creases here. Then what I’m going to do is spread it out nice and even. I don’t know if you can see it, but it almost looks like salt mixed in with it. You can hear it too. Then what I’m going to do is cross-hatching. What I don’t need to do is push super hard because the formula is doing the work on its own. It’s a matter of how many times you go over the surface is what’s going to make it more effective. We will remove the scratches and swirls when you head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or give us a ring at 918-999-0355 today.