The wheel and tire cleaner for auto detailing Tulsa do both clean wheels and it clean tires. I prefer the wheel and tire cleaner on sort of the low-performance stuff: the entire stuff on your minivan on your suburban on the stuff that you drive all the time that doesn’t really have a lot of metallic and the brakes because it’s awesome for eliminating basic not super metallic brake dust. The reason that I typically use Tire and Rubber is that I love the way it leaves the tires super black.

What do you recommend for a car with ceramic brakes instead of metallic in regards to auto detailing Tulsa? You know you can get away with very little because very often you don’t have too much. You know accumulated brake dust so you can get away, you know what you can get away with. Just use a Tire and Rubber cleaner and then give it a mist on the wheels because again, you’re not going to see a whole ton of brake dust collecting. It’s just an unnecessary amount of cleaner for that very simple brake dust remover.

Our auto detailing Tulsa specialists are very critical to wash the backs of your wheels as much as the front of them. You have to wash the backs of your wheels every time you wash your car. If you don’t, it’s going to look bad. It’s going to collect a bunch of black nastiness that won’t be easy to remove next time. Take your wheel willie and go into the back of your barrel tool on the back of the barrels here. We will really eliminate all of the nasty breakdowns from the backs. It’s so critical to get all that out of there. If you have little holes like this that you want to use this tool is a great way to do it.

You just don’t need that base model OEM car that’s what I was just saying exactly like on a suburban pickup truck up like that. Those are good. Now it’s really ready to go. Since I have my bucket, all ready to go I’m going to go ahead and take one of the wheels and begin to clean them thoroughly. When you have high-performance brakes like this Audi just the pure good old wheel cleaner attacks that and attacks those metal particles and as it’s oxidizing them and eliminating them, it turns purple. The wheel and tire cleaner doesn’t quite have that same thing. I also prefer the wheel cleaner, it’s more awesome.

If you’ve got an older pickup and the bed caps and the mirrors are starting to lose their color a little bit then we can help solve that problem for you here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. Well, there you go. We will take the tire and rubber cleaner, and a microfiber utility towel. Take that with this towel right here and spray a little bit in there and you go over the black trim and I bet you it will look brand new again and have the color restored. Be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355 or head to as soon as you can.

Auto Detailing Tulsa | Do You Want Your Car To Look Its Best?

When you bring your car to¬†us for auto detailing Tulsa then we will make sure to clean it from top to bottom. The tire brush has firm bristles for knocking off lots of old nasty, caked dirt, debris, and brake dust and we will get all that off. I want to do the face brush and make sure the soft bristles on the wheel face. Make sure you don’t use an aggressive brush for the wheel faces. Seriously, in car care, this is the stuff you use the most. I blow through more tires and rubber cleaner than any other product. It’s like the easiest and nicest product to use. That’s what I’m gonna go ahead and hopefully have.

Here at Oklahomies Car Detailing, we will be using all the cleaners for auto detailing Tulsa. You’re using all the cleaners that are way better than soap. You don’t need soap in order to keep your brushes clean in the bucket. They’re not going to stay clean, but they will stay lubricated. There’s a lot of junk on those. I like my water as clear as possible because I can tell it’s gross. Like right now, look at the water from one wheel. It’s kind of nasty, right? It’s going to be way nasty after a couple more wheels, right? Make sure I get all this, and when it gets too dirty, be sure to change out your water bucket with clean water.

What do you do when it is dirty, and you need to bring your car in for Auto Detailing Tulsa. When do you need to refill them? Well, I don’t care how nasty it is. I always do all four wheels and we will make your wheels look brand new. Always make sure you hang your bottles on your bucket. You’ll hang your bottles in your bucket. You won’t go through so many sprayers you will have to wander around your driveway. I love washing cars. This is actually my therapy. We’re going to SEMA in a couple of days. I’m going to be there demonstrating and talking about car care products for a week straight.

You get instant gratification out of that when you pick up your car from us here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. I’m going to keep washing all the wheels. Well that someone else washed more wheels but some other products Somebody was asking about do we want to use trim cleaner for the tires? This happens all the time. You know how many cars out there have a little bit of oxidation on the cowl. This one has just a little bit of it, if you see this coloring is light gray in there. Now, this is you know, I don’t know it looks like a 2014 or 15 Silverado and this has started to lose its perks outside exclusively. Another reason I love this stuff is that I’m going to go from stream to spray and put it on the microfiber utility towel. We’ll just add this and start going through every car in the parking lot. We have a lot of dirty cars here that need polishing.

If I go ahead and spray a little bit on an applicator or towel like this and go ahead and remove the oxidation from this cowl. It will look so good and it’s going to be such a huge improvement. Let’s go into this little area. I pulled the oxidation off with the towel. That’s how the tire and rubber cleaner leave things really nice and dark like that. Your car will truly look perfect when you bring it to us at or call 918-999-0355 today.