When it’s time to polish it you can get a little bit better with your PPF finished with auto detailing Tulsa. You can get it to be a little bit nicer if you mix compound and polish on the soft white pad. Mix compound and polish the blue and the white on the soft white pad. That will give you a nice easy-going polish and you can go ahead and compound over your PPF and get some results like a new car or truck. A lot of purple on that truck bottom when that thing looks a little scruffy just from sitting outside permanently. We’ll go ahead and do that to it. It’ll bring it back and make it look better.

Let’s just go and talk about it since we’re here because it’s another must-have product for Auto Detailing Tulsa. This is called the h2o guard and gloss. This is a water-activated sealant. Use one towel that’s wet and wring it out. If I’m doing maintenance details, I want to get this car through the winter. I want to get this car through the summer or whatever I want to do a little something to it. Between now and the next detail then this stuff adds so much value so I can either dry this car or add h2o guard and gloss which gives me four to six months of protection.

Check this out, just spread this over a car and spray all the plastic to achieve maximum Auto Detailing Tulsa. That’s been recently washed and rinsed. Then you take your h2o guard and gloss on a damp towel. You rub it in real good like you’re almost like you’re waxing it but not that hard. You’re just going to go ahead and rub that product in really nicely. Now I take the dry towel and I go ahead and go over it and look at the finish that you get out of just a wet towel and a dry towel.

If you’re doing it in the sun, it gets a little streaky. Hit it with a wet towel again and boom, it’s gone. This is your easy button for keeping your car perfect. Use ceramic coating every time because you can use it often. It just keeps it so slick. I’m using a plush, super nice high-quality microfiber towel for the vehicle. If you are rubbing your car in, there’s an audio track. If you can touch your car and hear anything then that means you need to claim it. It feels like just contaminants, little tiny things that are bonded and stuck to the paint. Basically, it’s going to be something along the lines of minor tree sap or it could be industrial fallout that we will remove.

You can see them in a white car real easily. If you want to pull any contaminants off your finish before we go ahead and polish it so you are able to see the scratches and stuff the swirls then you need to use a clay bar. You’d have to wash with sandpaper to get this. There are definitely lots and lots of swirl marks, which is perfect. I mean, this thing hasn’t been detailed for a while. Clearly, you know, it’s bumpy, and it’s got little basic swirls. The clay mitt is a huge time saver. I do it after a wash sometimes and don’t even polish. I’ll just finish washing the car then take my mitt, use the black side. put it into my sudsy bucket, and begin to clay the vehicle. We will remove any imperfections from your car’s finish by visiting https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and making sure to call 918-999-0355 for an appointment.

Auto Detailing Tulsa | Giving You A Smooth Paint Finish

I’ve shown you now the h20 guard and gloss, tire and Rubber cleaner, wheel cleaner, and detail spray for Auto Detailing Tulsa. Everyone knows it is one of the favorites but now what I want to do is show you the graphene ceramic coating. I know that the Audi paint is pretty hard to work with and can be difficult to correct. I know that I’m going to at least need to use our microfiber cutting pad, that’s this guy. First, we need to get the detailed spray residue off first. It’s an additional abrasion. Everything you abrade the finish you introduce the possibility of a scratch so everything that you don’t need to do if it’s less rubbing, skip it save yourself the potential of possibly putting a little fine marrying in your finish.

As far as polishes go, this is by a longshot the best for Auto Detailing Tulsa. My favorite polisher is the 12-millimeter polisher with the pro removal handle. This thing is so awesome. This is what I say and I say removal handle. This tool will get up into all these little nooks and crannies. This tool right here gets into the nooks and crannies better than any tool we sell. Add three droplets of the compound. That’s how much I use. That’s going to be enough to do almost this entire half of this hood. Now to have a brush made for a professional and adjust the setting between setting four and five and begin compounding the paint for a perfect finish.

Let’s say everything is great or perfect for Auto Detailing Tulsa. Let’s say I didn’t know I had to go over it again. Most times when you do this, you’re going to miss a few scratches you need to get going again. Make sure you get it perfect before you go applying a ceramic coating on a black car for sure. I’m going to go ahead and remove this. Use a white foam pad with a white compound. We will be going from the microfiber cutting to the white foam. Brush the same way with foam pads.

Remember, you do it more often on the microfiber because it gets matted down more. I don’t need to spray it until I’ve lost all the moisture in there. Until my liquid is gone the product is no longer transferring. At that point, you go ahead and if you put too much liquid on there right out of the gate, it’ll make your polisher gray. Okay, so we should now have a perfect finish after I pull this off. Now I would go ahead and ceramic coat this paint.

I will use a ceramic coat we’re just using a single correction for polishing. The tire moves around on the rim like this. Well, when you’re polishing with a really high towel the same thing happens as you go forward and backward. This just gets on that gets on that residue gets on any film that’s left behind from the compound with polish eliminates it more quickly and effortlessly. I can do a whole car or you know way more of the car without the towel becoming saturated once it’s saturated, and of course, it streaks which is no good. Your car will look it’s very best when you go to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or give us a ring at 918-999-0355 today.