Whereas the regular car wash is boring, we take it to another level at this Broken Arrow Car Wash to provide a great customer experience. It is a little bit less thick of a layer and then the spray coating is really you know, a lot less than the case you’re going from 7.5% to 30% to then almost 50%. That’s the difference here, that really is the main key factor in setting the loading level or the thickness of the film on the surface of the vehicle. If you have a thicker film on your car, it will last longer because it’s taking a long time to go away. That’s a longevity piece. The longevity goes up because it’s a thicker film on your car. I want you guys to understand that there is a big difference between these car washes and what they have to offer for you. Okay, now when you have a thicker film on your car, it also has the properties to fill in imperfection.

The Broken Arrow Car Wash will make your car appear much more glossy. The gloss factor that you get from the advanced graphene ceramic coating is thinner and a little bit better than the regular coating. There are a couple of other things to note about washing your car here. Also with the concentration, you might get a bump in sliding angle or slickness. Those are all the attributes that equal dynamic hydrophobicity. You’re still going to get the amazing water beads that are falling off your car and it’s going to stay protected for a much longer time. That’s advanced ceramic coating. Five coats of spray coating are about the same as a regular coating. I wish it worked like that, but it doesn’t. Five coats of the spray coating are equivalent to one coat of the advanced, it doesn’t really work like that, because your concentration is different.

For the Broken Arrow Car Wash, the soap and ceramic have a thickness to them that definitely helps with professional detailers. We will be able to take the next step up for your detailing process. This is a great way to get hands-on experience with our trusted detailing experts. Can you apply additional graphene on top of it? Yes, you can. It’s not going to save you from rock chips. It’s not like if you put the advanced graphene or any graphene for that matter on your car, it’s not going to protect your car from rock chips. Really the only thing that’s going to do that is PPF, or paint protection film, which you can apply to any of our graphene products, including the advanced on top of paint protection film, or PPF. If you’re really keen on that doctrine color, then Oklahomies Car Detailing is really a great resource. They’ll send you your exact paint color match, and then instructions on how to fill in your rock chips. Then you can polish it over to even it out and then put the graphene on after that.

That’s a really great question somebody asked, let me turn this off, because to me super loud is a really great question. Can you layer this on top of an existing either ceramic coating or a graphene ceramic coating and the answer is 1,000%. If you have ceramic spray coating or graphene ceramic coating on your vehicle, this can go directly on top of that now, as my brand is different, it doesn’t matter what brand it is. The structure of this ceramic coating is a polysiloxane and reduced graphene oxide together. The difference between all of these is the concentration level of each is better. Now, because it’s constructed of polysiloxane and some other silicate resins and reduced graphene oxide, the polysiloxane which is a common ingredient amongst all ceramic coatings in our industry, means that they adhere perfectly together.

What happens is that polystyrene adheres to the extra backbone structure of the reduced graphene oxide, making it so the top layer of this graphene ceramic coating is more durable than anything underneath it. You talk about applying a certain graphene ceramic coating on top of an existing ceramic coating, the only concern you should have is doing it add a graphene ceramic coating that won’t necessarily adhere with a wax or a sealant. They’re resistant to scratching, or like micro scratching and swirl marks, but they’re not exempt from getting scratched. If you have a car that has been ceramic coated, and it was ceramic coated a couple of years ago, do the proper steps, which is this car has been ceramic coating, I’m still polishing it because I want the surface to be perfect before I lock it in for nine years with the advanced graphene. Even if your car has been ceramic coated, you still need to inspect your paint first and make sure everything is perfect. We will make it all look perfect at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or when you call 918-999-0355 today.

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Before you go and put the robust advanced graphene ceramic coating on top, bring your car to Broken Arrow Car Wash now. Now if you just applied this and your car is perfect, and you want to put this on top of it, please feel free to do that. I would recommend just doing a surface prep before you go and do that. You need to make sure that your car is to the standard that you want it in regards to perfection before you go start putting this on top. That’s like my only disclaimer that for sure you need to make your car look perfect. Before you apply that because you’re rocking it in for nine years. I’m just going to run this over really quick, I’m fairly even out the haziness of the surface before I get into applying. While I’m doing this, I’m just going to tell you guys that the hardest part, the most time-consuming part, when it comes to applying a ceramic coating or a graphene ceramic coating is exactly what I’m doing right now which is perfecting your paint.

It is very important to take your car to the Broken Arrow Car Wash before putting on a graphene ceramic coating. That’s the part that’s going to take you the extra time. You’ll see once we get into actually applying the graphing coating that that’s the easy part. That’s just put it on, monitor it, wipe it off. I’m running it at a higher speed right now for compounding paint. This means if you run an oscillating paint correction, you can just move a little bit faster. You know, I’m just trying to even off the page here in a second once I wipe it off, but one thing I want to mention with the polishes, compound, and polish combos specifically.

What we’ve done at the Broken Arrow Car Wash is we had a three-step system before. Which was a heavy correcting compound, correcting polish, and finishing polish, we combined those three steps into two steps. What that means when you’re polishing with these is do a couple of extra passes while you’re using this, it will benefit you immensely. Okay, you want to allow there’s diminishing abrasives inside these that break down as you polish. You want to break those down as much as you can to make your finish look perfect. If you think you’ve done enough passes with a compound, do like two more passes and it will break down that diminishing abrasive it will make your paint look perfect. Do a couple of extra passes while you’re polishing and it will help break down the polish or compound and perfect your paint even more.

All right, so let’s wipe this off and check out the car’s condition. Then I’ll get a light on here so you guys can see the condition of the paint before I really go and apply this product. This advanced graphene ceramic coating is similar to the pliable structure. It’s going to work with whatever surface you apply it to. The reason why I used the red pad was that this Ford was painted this particular year for some reason, just for my experience with polishing on this car. How has a little bit softer paint, a little bit softer clear coat, and so the red pad is a little bit less aggressive than the white polishing pad? I use the red pad to just be a little bit less aggressive and allow the polish to kind of do its thing. There are some paints that are a little bit more firm, you know, in which I’ve seen people use our blue foam pad, which is really stiff.

I always tell people, if I’m going to polish this whole car, I’m going to do a section like this big first, kind of a three-foot by three-foot section, I’m going to perfect that. Then I’m going to really go through and see what routine I need to go through. In regards to, how many ounces you should be using. Obviously, the more concentration of soap mixture you have, the more foam and the more cleaning power you have. If you need to use more, if you can, if you don’t need to use as much so but generally, I would say you know, like one hard squeeze into the thing probably equates to roughly like two or three ounces. Now, if you are kind of, you know, a stickler when it comes to how many ounces you should be using, you can always offer now a product called the finished filter and the finished filter. We will wash your car the very best when you book a cleaning at 918-999-0355 now or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.