I just wanted to make sure my car was protected all the time so that is why you bring it to the Broken Arrow Car Wash. I used the washing car soap every single time and it worked amazingly. Then obviously we came out with strip wash that is in our standard line. We came out with a graphene shampoo and obviously, graphene shampoo is something that is targeted specifically to a graphene ceramic coated vehicle or just a regular ceramic coated vehicle. This is kind of our standard lineup. If you need something that has high lubricity and is a really good car wash choose from the wash and wax and ultra foam shampoo for cars. The ultra foam is going to add a touch of sealant protection, wash and wax are going to add a lot of co2 protection and then the other ones are more for cleaning.

If you wash your car regularly, you need to get it very clean at the Broken Arrow Car Wash. If you’re running low on one soap, is it possible to mix them left in one bottle? If you’re running low on one, can you mix them? Yeah, you can? Absolutely. Yeah, I don’t think that hurts anything, I just make sure that you like your intention. Both soaps have the same intention, like, these soaps are similar, this just foams a lot and this doesn’t foam as much. You can absolutely mix those if you want to. What can you use on new paint?

On new paint, it kind of depends on what you’re wanting to do and clean your car at the Broken Arrow Car Wash. With new paint, if you’re wanting to say you’re going to eventually like to detail it, I would kind of tell you to stick with regular car shampoo. If you’re not going to detail it and coat it then something like wash and wax is a really great option because you can add protection without having to go and apply directly right away. You can keep your car protected for a longer period of time. If you’re going to coat your car, then make sure to polish it. I think it’s a great option. Honestly, I think strip washing is something that a lot of professional detailers that work with us use. Strip wash is a really great product. I would say for a beginner doing a detail. You need to wash your car a little bit faster. It’s a pretty significant formula. A strip wash to me is more about stripping away all the waxes or sealants. If you had a wax or you had sealant on your car or the dealership put a sealant on your car, then strip wash is a really easy way to remove that.

The only way to really remove a ceramic coating from your car is to abrade it, which is to polish it or sand it. Not really any chemical is going to do that. I just want you to see that we have and we have all of the concentrated soaps in these containers. I’ll start with car shampoo. I’m going to start with the foam gun. On all these, I’m going to start with the foam gun and they’ll move into the Foam Cannon. So what’s the difference between a foam gun and a Foam Cannon? A foam gun, which looks like this, a big bazooka-looking type thing with a quick connection on the back is for a standard garden hose. You just put this nozzle onto your standard garden hose and it has a quick disconnect here, which allows you to connect the foam gun to it. Then that’s how you disperse this soaks solution through the foam gun and generate foam and put it on your car. Just remember that your foam gun is always going to be for a standard garden hose. A foam cannon is for people who have a pressure washer that they’re using to wash their cars.

This is what the top bar of the Foam Cannon looks like. Now the Foam Cannon is unique in the fact that obviously it can be used on a pressure washer, but you can control how much soap solution it pulls out. Also, you can control the fan, like how wide and small the foam comes out of the thing. Now a Foam Cannon because the pressure comes through, it generates more aeration, which activates more so it’s coming out of this, and you’ll be able to see that here in a second. What are the different tips for? Okay, that’s a good question. We will be sure to regulate how well your car is cleaned every single visit. You can call us at 918-999-0355 today and also contact us online at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ any time you need to.

Broken Arrow Car Wash | Foaming Up Your Car With Suds

On the foam gun at the Broken Arrow Car Wash, you’re going to get this thing in here that comes with different tips and what these are called our metering tips. They’re numbered one, two, and three. Each one has a different size orifice, essentially. Each one is pulling a different amount of soap solution through this. It’s regulating how much soap solution is coming through this. Each one of these is designed for different pressures that come out of your garden hose. Some people like you pull this and it can shoot across your drone, shoot across your street with very high pressure. Some people pull this and it only goes this far full blast. If you have less pressure, you use a wider orifice. Number three, if you have low pressure you use number three. If you have high pressure, and really high pressure, you would use number one, and if you have normal, regular, everyday pressure, then you use number two.

What I did at the Broken Arrow Car Wash is when I got my foam gun, my premium foam gun, I put it on number one, and I pulled the trigger to see how much foam came out. There wasn’t a lot of foam coming out so then I took it off, I switched it to number two, a good amount of foam came out, then I switched it to three and a lot of foam came out but it drained the soap. I couldn’t even get around my whole car, so I knew that I sort of had medium pressure, therefore, I always kept it on number two. We keep it on number two and I would say like 80% of people would use the number two setting. You want to be able to foam your whole car so if you use too wide of an orifice you won’t even be able to get around your whole car before you have to refill it with a soap solution. Standard car shampoo is what you put in it, then you shake it up.

The cool thing about car shampoo at the Broken Arrow Car Wash is it has a lot of lubricities. You can feel how slick it is on the surface and that’s going to help to reduce the chance of scratching or washing. That is your regular car shampoo and it will get the detailing car cleaning done correctly. Here goes the Foam Cannon, I’m turning this, he turned this all the way to the right, to get the maximum amount of suds. Now, you take your pressure washer tip-off, put it in my pocket. This just quickly connects to that. Now let’s see what the standard car shampoo looks like out of the foam cannon, here we go. The pressure washer is what’s really helped generate those soap suds and foam action. You need to use the same soap in your bucket wash pad that you do out of your foam cannon.

It depends on the style of car wrap that you have on your car that depends on the soap you will use for it. If you have a gloss wrap that’s super shiny then I tend to say like regular car shampoo or even like graphene shampoo because the lubricity is really going to help with that. If it’s a matte wrap vehicle, I would probably push you towards either car shampoo or wash and wax because wash and wax is just such an easy way to add protection while you’re washing. In regards to the soap isn’t as much as the foam characteristics but it’s more about the polymer sealant that is in there. That is going to leave a touch of protection behind, just by going in the car and using it well. Also, distilled water produces better foam for soap as opposed to tap water.

That is significantly more thick than the car shampoo that we put on the car before this. We’re gradually kind of making our way through the different soaps to show you guys the differences in suds to different such concentration, and just showing you kind of the characteristics of it. As you can see, the ultra foam produces a little bit more foam than the car shampoo from before. That was like, I could definitely tell a difference. Naturally, I think we should get into mega foam soap. We have a variety of soaps that we use for detailing when you call 918-999-0355 or go to our website at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.