What I will say is there are a lot of steps we take at Oklahomies Car Detailing to provide you with a top-quality Broken arrow car wash now. Once you put black trim restorations on, and it’s cured on the surface, spray with surface prep, and then put a ceramic coating on top of that. You don’t need to wait too long. After you do turn over cleaner on this, you don’t need to do surface prep, that’s only when you’re getting ready to put a ceramic coating. I found a toothbrush that works for quarters and small events around four out of three parts of the car to get it as clean as possible. Oh, that’s really good. That’s a really good tip so yeah thank you for that you can even use a toothbrush. Don’t use the one that you’re currently using to brush your teeth but use an old one. Okay, let’s get into restoring this actually. I want to find some gloves, okay, because like trim, restore the kid like staining my finger so if I could find some gloves it would be super helpful to get the cleanest car possible.

All right, I just got to do it freehand with no gloves at this Broken Arrow car wash when we provide you with clean car solutions. So, yes, in your black trim restoration process you are going to have a red cap in here you want to take this out first to set that aside. I’ll just use this style to put the cap back on. Okay, open this up. Your dad says so waiting for a personal demonstration by Joe on my 98 Dodge pickup. Make sure that if you get it you get black trim restorer on your paint, then it will stain.

I would but his car is kind of dirty in the back so we’re not going to do it today, we are just going to run it through the Broken Arrow car wash. I can access it, there’s a section right here that’s painted. I can absolutely get the whole thing with the applicator so I’m not going to worry about it. I wonder where he got those from you. When would you want to use the vinyl, rubber, and trim cleaner instead of the black trim restorer is in a few autos detailing instances. When would you want to use vinyl, rubber, and trim cleaner instead of our black trim restoration products? You want to use VRT when your trim already looks good. This is typically on a newer vehicle or something that hasn’t faded already.

When you use our vinyl, rubber, and tire product, you want to know that it is only a dressing. VRT is something that will protect it, but it’s not, it doesn’t have a lot of longevity to the protection. The vinyl, rubber, and tire cleaner or dressing are something that you will use after you wash your car. You want to make sure that it has completely dried. You could go through and put VRT on all the trim and it’s gonna make it look. It’ll make it look similar to this, it’s gonna make your trim a lot more rich in color and look amazing and then it will help protect it for a month or so probably until your next block. I think a VRT is a sort of like the tire shine tire dressing for your tread on the tires of the car. It’s okay it’s not intended to last for a really long time.

It’s just to make it look really nice and if you consistently do we are at every time you will protect the car in the best way possible every single time. No matter what, okay. If you do want to really protect it, you need something like ceramic spray coating, graphene ceramic spray coating, or trim coating is another great option. Trim coating is something that you can put on there and make it look really good and really protect it. We offer all the different services that you can find online now at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today. All you have to do in order to get your car looking very clean is to call Oklahomies Car Detailing today at 918-999-0355 to get started.

Broken Arrow Car Wash | Look Better In A Cleaner Car Every Time

Whenever you use vinyl, rubber, and trim then make sure that you know it is more of a dressing used after a great Broken arrow car wash rather than a long-term protection agent. Bianca used to work it out and do polishing for cars, she’s amazing and then she moved back to Tulsa to be with her family and work with us at Oklahomies Car Detailing. She made the right decision, let’s just say that. Okay, so I’m going to go and put this on. I just have a little bit on your list going on and it’s going to make it look crazy to be able to reuse these applicators afterward. You will be able to reuse these applicators afterward when it comes to cleaning the cars.

Yes, you can reuse all of them, the thing is after you get your car washed at this Broken arrow car wash, they might stain black. I would probably only use them on the trim to be quite honest with you. These applicators are very much disposable so. So yeah, they’re not gonna, if you’re asking kind of in the sense of like, will they harden like a ceramic, they won’t harden like a ceramic, but they will be stained sort of like bluish black so. So continuing to put this on here, and you don’t need to like load this on, I just want enough that I can get the black trimmer store like on the surface. Okay to coat the surface if I do too much, it becomes like a really messy process, and then you’re sort of working against yourself. You want to just, you want to enough that you’re restoring the trim here.

We use the highest quality car shampoo and soap on your vehicles when you bring them to the broken arrow car wash. As much as you need and nothing more really can you use this on interior trim, use this on interior trim to get the best cleaning that you will be needing of your car. You know I would be cautious of that I think you can, but then you’re running the risk of staining the carpet and, you know, leather and things like that so if you are considering it, I would just put towels or something over the surfaces that could stain, and then use this but make sure that I’m going to show you this here in a second but you’ll put this on and what happens is that it absorbs into the pores of the trim, but there’s still like a surface level of the blacks of the pigment, you need to wipe that off before you move on to the next step.

Okay, but I’m going to show you that here in a second before you put a ceramic coating on top of it. You know I think the best practice would be probably a couple of hours. I’m not going to do that here today just to show you guys kind of how it works. But yeah I would wait a couple of hours, you know, especially like it’s a pretty hot day today, it’s probably in the 80s Right now, I can tell you exactly. Yeah, it’s 89 degrees out. So, this will probably care a little bit, it’ll dry a little bit faster and it’s really dry in Colorado. So, you know, in a humid climate it’s like mid-temperature you probably want to let it care for a little bit longer, maybe like four hours or something. I tend to say like a project like this, you know, I would probably tell you to start in the evening, sorry in the evening, and then let it cure overnight and then first thing in the morning, go put the ceramic coating on the car. I think it’s just like the best way to think about it, the best way to approach it. It’s going to be the, it’s going to come out.

The best okay so, so people were asking about paint. So just for, you know, whatever, I’ll just put it on there it doesn’t like stain the paint or anything, but it will leave a little bit. And then what I recommend is just make sure you have a waterless wash or detail spray doesn’t matter either one. We will be using the best car detailing products at Oklahomies Car Detailing now at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and you can also give us a ring anytime by dialing 918-999-0355 on the phone.