It takes about two hours for detail inside as well as shampoo everything at this Broken Arrow car wash. Yes. Okay, and you come to me or I go to you or how does the process work exactly? So after you detail the cars, what happens. Once you use this one time you can become a member, with no extra charge, no contract anything like that. We basically just decide whether you want to have your vehicle done monthly every other month. Pretty much as we’d like. And then you get discounted rates anytime you book with us after that. Okay, what do you guys say about the chemical brand everything you use, you know, that is a great question. Honestly, that is not something I know, you can look it up, and we just use eco-touch products in our vehicles. But it’s a completely waterless wash for cleaning cars.

When you come into the Broken Arrow car wash, we will be putting pressure, pressure washers, anything that is good for cleaning the car in a great way. We do a hand wash and wax hands as well after the car is cleaned. You don’t need to detail, you don’t need electricity or water, or anything. Nope, everything we need will be in our van. Okay, no problem. Well yes, I appreciate your time and as I say, I don’t know if Tuesday is a little too far out, but Oklahomies Car Detailing is appointment-based. Okay, so maybe I go, I come back and we go from there. Okay, perfect. That sounds good. All right, and is this like how you got like I just call you and it is that easy to get my car detailed.

The Tire and Rubber cleaner so this is sort of like my go-to combo when it comes to restoring black trim at this Broken arrow car wash. Terry, you can go ahead. You can go ahead. Sorry, the guys trying to clean and it is a simple process in doing so. This is kind of my go-to for these three products for restoring black trim, and mainly like tired rubber cleaners here for cleaning and taking off the oxidation. That’s on the black trim and then black trim. We can restore is to restore the pigment of the faded black trim, and then putting the graphene ceramic coating on there to protect it, keep it looking good for a long time, but we have a lot of people kind of filtering in now and wanting to clean their cars the right way at Oklahomies Car Detailing.

Everyone that got there really early, there were people there. I think they said they got there like three in the morning lined up outside to get their limited bottle so I just, I can’t tell you how thankful, myself, and mainly like the whole team how thankful we are it’s just, it’s, I was talking to somebody as I was saying, you know, when we’re here working in the kind of the marketing office, you know, we work really hard and a lot of it’s, we’re very helpful that the customers you guys kind of respond to what we’re doing and you know we’re really trying to make the best decisions for you guys when it comes to getting a great kind of car detailing experience.

You can see its trim on the vehicle is really faded, some really really faded areas, and then coming around here to the cowl of the car. You can see it’s really chalky up here. So we’re going to be talking about kind of both so I want to really get this back to looking new even this wiper blade will be able to make it look good as well so I’ll talk about the cowl here in a second but we’re going to start on the back so. So first things first. You’re gonna want your Tire and Rubber cleaner and a microfiber or what are these edges, edges. We offer a plethora of services at Oklahomies Car Detailing to create a great car cleaning experience for you. All you have to do is call us now at 918-999-0355 or visit online at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

Broken Arrow Car Wash | We Make The Process Easy And Simple

I don’t even know what it is that can occur in a car cleaning at the Broken arrow car wash. Okay, so you’re gonna want this is like the combo for cleaning and the edges utilities out is a microfiber towel, but it’s a woven towel. So, so it won’t lint everywhere all over the trim so I’m actually going to tape this off so we can really kind of see what because plastic is the worst. Oh yeah, honey. You’re not kidding, it is true that GM plastic fades really fast. You know this is one of those things if you have a car that you park outside. It’s a daily driver you park it out in your driveway or on the street. We will also clean the carpet throughout your car as well.

The sun is what’s really going to make this day the best when you visit us at this Broken arrow car wash. You know, there’s a couple different you know the process I’m going to do today is to really help restore the trim but there are also products that really help with preventing it from fading, you know, and that the product I’m going to talk about today but first things. First, you want to clean this trim and the plastics of the vehicle and get as much oxidation off this as possible. I like to spray directly on the trim and a little bit onto the towel.

Then, you want to scrub this as hard as you can and get the best clean car from this Broken arrow car wash now. I can see the oxidation is kind of coming off. It looks sort of chalky white on here you can sort of seeing it. And some of the third nastiness so just scrubbing this down and trying to get as much of that oxidation off as you can. Michael wants to know if you should be using a brush. Michael wants to know if I should be using a brush, you know, you can use a brush it just gets sort of messy and I think the bristles of the brush will get it very clean.

The bristles of the brush, don’t necessarily get the entirety of what you’re cleaning. Whereas, with the Tire and Rubber cleaner, and this is how you can really get and scrub this out. I personally just through my experience, the utility towel is probably the best tool when it comes to doing this, you know, I’ve also done it before, when it’s more on like a flat part of a trim, I put a drill backing plate onto my drill, and then put a microfiber pad, or even used the mini polisher and like straight just ran that like a microfiber pad like along the surface and that works too, but I would say something more like a microfiber pad and a microfiber towel.

I tend to do edge utility because it’s woven so it’s not going to lend to everywhere, it doesn’t make as much of a mess so are we going to use surface scrap after retiring. You know so you don’t need to use surface prep after Tire and Rubber cleaner, but you need to use surface prep before you put a ceramic coating on. The reason why I don’t need to use it in this is that the black trimmer restore is actually going to go into the pores of the plastic and because it does seep into the pores. I don’t need to, you know the process of going to wipe this down with surface prep. The ceramic would adhere better right but the black trim restores we’re just trying to get it into the surface. We are professionals at Oklahomies Car Detailing and you can get everything that is very important to learn about getting the cleanest car at that is why you can call us with any type of question or concern today at 918-999-0355 at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ once.