What the glaze does actually is it’s a lot thinner of a formula and is best for the Broken Arrow Car Wash today. You have the kind of solvent plus you have wax content in there. The solvent is a product to take enhance the vehicle to take the wax and put it onto the car. The solvent carries the wax puts onto the car, then the solvent evaporates and now your work stays on there. The cool thing about it with it being such a thin formula is it goes into and essentially fills in all the imperfections on the car’s paint. It fills those in and so it fills those in and then you kind of have a layer of glaze on top.

When you wipe it off with a towel after the Broken Arrow Car Wash it leaves the glaze and all those nooks and crannies are covered in the glaze. This makes your car look bright and glossy. The microscopic nooks and crannies and now you’re finished looks really super shiny. Also with the glaze having solid solvents really good cleaner as well you know so so when you put them as you’re using the solvent, it’s really like cleaning the surface and removing anything that was on there. It’s really a great product than when you put the wax on top. What it does is it locks in that perfection and all of that on top.

We promise that your vehicle will look really amazing with the Broken Arrow Car Wash now. The glaze I’ll tell you if you guys are going to car shows a lot, it will make your vehicle stand out now. I know this time of year is a little bit different. Maybe not for California and Arizona and Florida, but here in Tulsa or Broken Arrow, Oklahoma it will work. If you’re going to car shows a lot and you have a classic car and I’m telling you if you get there and you wipe down your car with a detail spray, then put a layer of brown glaze on top of your chrome your glass, and your paint, your car is going to pop.

Then if you want to, you could put binary wax on top of your car. We promise that it will win an award for being the shiniest. I’m not kidding, it makes it look so perfect and so amazing. That is definitely like a little trick that we’ve been using for many, not just us but like us and a lot of people that a lot of our customers that have been around for a long time. The glaze is the easy button but it’s also kind of like the cheat code as well when it comes to making things shiny.

There you go, be sure to turn rubber cleaner on an edgeless utility towel to do the cleaning. You can see I kind of folded this a couple of times, but you can see how much oxidation we really removed off of this. Call us at 918-999-0355 to get your car looking its best once again. Head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and schedule a detail now.

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Part of car detailing is also oxidation removal that we do from the Broken Arrow Car Wash all the time. The normal wash does not necessarily remove that oxidation and that is why you want a professional company to get the job done correctly. Why doesn’t your car soap and everything like that does the same thing? This product specifically, is designed to help clean rubber and plastic. That’s why we call it tire and rubber cleaner. I mean it’s Tire and Rubber cleaner but really it should be called plastic and rubber cleaner. It’s just a special surfactant that really pulls away things from rubber and plastic surfaces.

I think the other side of that Broken Arrow Car Wash is that you’re using more focused energy with your towel in your hands. The best thing is you’re actually scrubbing and removing a lot of the work that is happening. With the turnover cleaner and the surface but also the scrubbing and pulling things away from the surface with this towel, as you can see, is doing a lot of the work as well. When you’re washing your car, pushing in scrubbing really hard is not something you want to be doing because that can cause scratching as well. You will be doing it like on your trend, but when your car is all foam down. The soap is designed to help clean but it’s also really its main purpose is to create a lot of lubrication.

Therefore, when you wipe your wash pad on the surface, it helps pull the dirt off without rubbing it in at the Broken Arrow Car Wash and scratching it. A lot of soap is like a lubricating agent for cleaning and also neutralizing the water. Then think of tire and rubber cleaner is dedicated to really pulling dirt, grime, and oxidation off of plastic. This site already is already sort of slick. I wouldn’t call it slick but like I can feel the oxidation. This is sticky and it feels almost like I think this is actually going to be rubber. If I had to say anything, it’s like rubber material. I thought it was plastic based on how nasty it looks but I’m pretty sure this is a rubber casing on here.

I was using the combo for tire and rubber with an edgeless utility towel and tire and rubber cleaner. The edgeless towel is great for cleaning trim due to the fact that it is not your average towel, but it is a woven microfiber. It doesn’t lint everywhere, so you know it just actually scrubs really good and doesn’t leave anything behind. It’s a really great towel for scrubbing, especially the rubber plastic. If you’re scrubbing leather or you’re scrubbing upholstery, you don’t want a bunch of white linen and that is why this is the best towel for glass, plastic, leather, and so much more.

Oxidation is something that gets created over time that’s from the UV rays of the sun and is a natural thing that occurs with rubber and plastic. Oklahomies Car Detailing will always do this process to restore your trim and then protect it. Then it’s going to be a few years until you need to do anything again. Your trim is going to look as good as the protection that you put on top of it and you can see examples on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now. Call us at 918-999-0355 to sustain that perfection and make it looks amazing.