It doesn’t really matter at all and then you just spray a little bit of that car soap at the Broken Arrow car wash. It wipes straight off. Okay, so it’s not going to prolong this black trim or sort of last, how long does black trimmer store last especially compared to black. To trim Cody, yeah. Well, the first thing I’ll say is there’s sort of difference. Okay, a trimmer store is to bring back the life of your trim, okay, because like we were saying like this right here I’m actually going to do this right now. I want to make sure that the car is cleaned and also that nothing so this is like trim that is gone. Okay, this trim has faded. If I put a ceramic coating on this, it will make it a little bit darker but it’s not going to restore it to fully black. Okay, black trim Restore is, is intended to make this look new again. Then you take the trim coating like someone just mentioned, and you put that on top of the black trimmer store and he should last multiple years it will, it will help your trim look good for an extended period of time because what you did is you put dye into it you added dye to this, and then you seal that in you protect it with ceramic after that.

They should last a lot longer because the thing about the ceramic is the ceramic helps protect it from UV exposure, especially after getting your car cleaned great at the broken arrow car wash. The UV exposure is what’s really like UV exposure and just air oxidation is really what is causing this to turn this color. Okay so once you put the car detailing to your car at Oklahomies Car Detailing, we will get the best vehicle back and smell fresh. Here’s the other thing somebody is asking us if your trim already looks amazing, don’t even do this, there’s no reason to restore it. If your trim looks new. It looks dark and black put either graphene ceramic coating or the trim coating on top of it, and it will make it look amazing. How long does black trim restore last black trim restore lasts, you know I would give it a few months, but that’s why you should, if you’re using this product, you should be putting some sort of protection on top of that, okay, and how, how many applications do you get out of a bottle. Oh man, you get, you could probably do two, you could do like two cars, maybe even more.

There’s a four-ounce bottle, and you know there’s not a ton of trim all over this car so you can get the entire vehicle cleaned and coated at this Broken Arrow car wash now. This will leave stains on chrome. No, it won’t. It will just wipe, you can just wipe that straight off I can see some of it on the towel. I’m going to do this wiper blade as well. Remove it. Like from the trend. Yeah, you know, if you put it if you start with this and you put it on the trim, you’re probably not getting it off. Yeah, okay, it’s so, it’s a, it’s a commitment for sure. Okay, trim is just so porous that, that, yeah, you’re gonna. Once you start you have started and, and, but you should know that I mean getting going into this process, it’s you’re restoring the black color and you’re making it look amazing. So, I’m trying to get this has like some weird, it’s gotta be a dog here and you will want the car cleaned now.

There’s like dog hair all over his car so I bet that’s what someone is so I’m just trying to get that off. We offer all the different car cleaning and detailing services when you call Oklahomies Car Detailing now. Josh says do you put a list of products in the description of the videos, as a reminder for people, so they know what they want to buy when they go to the site? You know Josh, we don’t vote, we should. Yeah, he just gave us a really great suggestion. So, yeah, we haven’t. Well, we are today. Yeah, how’s that Yeah, absolutely doing on YouTube, I don’t know I haven’t done it here. That’s funny. I’d say I need to hit this. This is like a rubber piece right here so the black trimmer store works both on plastic on plastic, vinyl, and rubber so this thing right here is rubber, so you’ll see some odds it’s not this crazy.

Look at this, when you have rubber the oxidizes it comes off black gay What do you have plastic it kind of comes off chalky, but you want to get as much of this rubber. Will black trimmer restore make the plastic less brittle or more brittle after the application of car cleaning? You will want to have us answer those questions at Oklahomies Car Detailing now by calling or also calling us at 918-999-0355 today.

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We will apply back to restore to make plastic less brittle at this Broken Arrow car wash., I don’t think it’s going to restore the structure of it, it is more about restoring the color, so know the trim so no I mean if you’re, if your trim is like failing. You know it’s not, it’s not gonna like restore the structure of it more. This is more of an appearance thing so you repeat for new people what the difference between this and VRT is, yeah, restorative versus VR, of course. So, we answered this a little bit earlier it’s irrelevant to everyone that’s new here but the black trimmer store is different than VRT in the sense that black trim Restore is, is here to restore the pigment of the fated trip of trim that’s old has been faded has been exposed to the air has been exposed to the UV rays. Hey, you’re restoring to make it look new again VRT is a trim dressing.

Okay so, trim that already looks good, whether it be neutral, that looks good, or trim that has been restored by black trim after going to the Broken Arrow car wash will be great. Your car and your trim might look a little bit dull, just because of washing it or whatever you put VRT on and it makes it look amazing okay it’s a dressing. The dressing is going to last from like one wash so I was kind of saying earlier like you go and you wash your car, you do have to bucket wash everything that you like to do washing, bring it inside you dry it, and then once your car is looking great, you go through the VRT and you put it on all the trim to dress it makes it look amazing. The next time you go to wash it, you do the same thing, okay, because it’s only going to last until the next wash.

I said earlier that VRT is sort of like a tire dressing or tire shine for your trip after cleaning your vehicle at the Broken arrow car wash. It’s not going to last for an extended period of time. If you want something that’s going to last for an extended period of time you put either graphene ceramic coating on it or a regular like our trim coating or UV trim coating or like the ceramic spray coating. Those are things that are really going to protect it for an extended period of time and my suggestion that if you need to restore your trim which we’re doing today on Ian’s car is you put the black trim restore on, and then you put the ceramic coating on top of that, okay so that’s sort of, sort of like the process on that. Okay, so I cleaned these up here. And while I’m doing this, this is sort of curing right now okay I’m letting this kind of do its thing, it’s starting to dry like in this area, still a little wet over here, I’m just kind of letting it seep in and really like here onto the trim surface here. So while that’s doing that I’m going to show you

John says I know you can use VRT to dress me blacker and get my car looking cleaner than before. We will be able to restore the color on the faded plastic engine. Yes, yeah. So John, thank you for that. Yeah, you can. So if you’re trim in your, in your, on your or not trend but like plastic components or rubber components in your engine. If they’re starting to fade and lose their pigment so going from like jet black to start like chalky gray. Yeah, you can clean that and then use the black trim restore, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I personally would use black trim restore the only reason I say that is because there’s a lot of nooks and crannies inside your engine compartment that are really hard to get to.

Okay, trying to do this applicator with this is going to be really difficult and generally speaking, the plastic inside your engine doesn’t fade as fast as the exterior of your vehicle, because it’s not exposed to the UV rays of the sun, okay. We offer a plethora of ways to detail your car and get it into the coating and protection your car needs by visiting now. You will want us to answer any of the questions you need in regards to car detailing from Oklahomies Car Detailing now at 918-999-0355 all the time.