We use the best soap for your vehicle at the Broken Arrow Car Wash. If you’re trying to use a little tiny bit of soap at a time, it’s not even worth using the soap. Personally, I couldn’t tell you if one tiny little drop of soap is going to neutralize all the water. I just know from washing and using one full squirt, definitely reduces the chance of water spots. What’s the best product that can handle high temperatures and UV? I would honestly just kind of push you towards our original car shampoo. it neutralizes the water no matter what and it also doesn’t necessarily have protection agents in it. It’s just a highly lubricated, highly concentrated car soap that is very safe for all weather conditions. If it dries on the vehicle which I’m going to show you today, it will be okay. If it dries on the vehicle, you can let it dry on the vehicle which is safer than having water drown the vehicle. It will rinse off perfectly so use the regular car shampoo.

Which soap is the most selected for preventing scratches, which soap is the slickest when it comes to providing the least amount of Broken Arrow Car Wash scratches? I would probably say it’s kind of most of our main shampoos. Use the car shampoo, mega foam, washing wax, graphene shampoo for scratch-free washing. They all really have a high lubricity content in them. I know for sure like the foam and seal system, the foam set one foam, that one extremely has a ton of lubricity. The reason for that is because obviously the higher lubricity the less chance for scratching in that system specifically we say you don’t need to use a bucket. If you want higher lubricity then use more soap. In regards to just every day, so you know, I think kind of our standard, I would kind of put this right here, this group of soap right here. That’s kind of like our standard lineup, you know, and I’ll just give you a little backstory like car shampoo has been around forever.

If you’ve been with our Broken Arrow Car Wash polish for a long time, I mean at least 10 years, you would know that the original car shampoo was pink, it was like bright pink. It was a soap that everybody loved. Then they reformulated car shampoo. I was there for that and they turned it to blue. It’s still like a similar formula, but I think they just concentrated more and added a little bit more cleaning power. We want something that really foams like crazy. We then started to use the ultra foam shampoo. One thing that he did that was really cool with ultra foam was he made it so it generated a lot of suds, but he also added a little bit of a polymer sealant in there.

What the ultra foam shampoo does is it cleans really well. It foams like crazy, and also it leaves just a touch of sealant behind. If you use ultra foam shampoo, and a lot of you do, you’ll notice that if you wash your car with ultra foam shampoo, and the next day or rains, you’ll see the water tends to bead a little bit on the surface. It will add a significant amount of protection. It’s a really great soap to use before you’re going to put on any kind of sealant. They’re working together to help protect your car.

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we are the very best solution for a maintenance wash. Then we introduce wash and wax. The cool thing about washing and waxes significantly adds protection. It’s using the technology of co2 or silica to lay down a ceramic hydrophobic layer on your car while you’re washing it. You guys will see a mega foam, it’s a very thick soap. If you use it through a Foam Cannon, it’s like putting shaving cream on your car. It’s crazy and it’s super thick. Then we introduced the ceramic line. Our team of detailers will be very diligent to clean every surface, so call us at 918-999-0355 now or head on to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

Broken Arrow Car Wash | The Best Car Soaps Around Town

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