The compound can take you from a lot of scratches to a perfect car detailing Tulsa experience. The polishing process is very similar to sandpaper and it breaks down to get to 2000 grit now. It started at 1000 grit and it broke down while you’re polishing to 1000 or 2000 grit. Now when you pull out your polish. Now, that’s starting at 2000 grit, and then it breaks down to 4000 grit so you have a perfect finish on your clear coat. Remove this pad and now we take the white foam pad. Take the white polish and use it with the white foam pad.

If you have a little bit softer of a finish and a little bit softer clear coat we will be careful with car detailing Tulsa. The red pad is a lot less abrasive and it is the least aggressive. You can put wax or sealant on here. Put it on your machine and run at a speed one. Apply sealant or wax onto the vehicle. It can also be used as a pad for the polish to be the least aggressive option. The best way to remove tree sap from a car and there’s actually a couple of ways. The main way is doing a clay mitt or clay bar. If it’s really bad, and I’ve seen big spots of tree sap, you can actually take our tire and rubber cleaner, spray it into a microfiber applicator pad, and go over it a few times and it will actually break it down.

Our rubber cleaner works really well for tree sap, road tar on the side of your car, and all things car detailing Tulsa. It will take it right off. We also have our tar and adhesive remover which is an aerosol product. General adhesive remover can work too, but tire and rubber cleaner are less aggressive and it works really great too. Here’s where we are after compounding. If I move this around, you can see some of this haze in here. You see it in the camera. See some of the haze so what we want to do is we want to make this showroom shiny Okay, so we will polish again for a shiny car.

The posture needs the polishing pad needs to be flat on the surface. We don’t want to tilt it up, tilted forward, but we want to flat. The pressure, the same amount of pressure you want to barely hear that because you’re bogged down. It’s about three pounds of pressure with your hand, whatever you think three pounds of pressure is. Then the pace, how fast I’m going to move which is about this fast. Finally, the pattern, which is crosshatch Okay, Here we go. Before this system, we had a three-step system for a heavy correcting compound. A correcting polish and a finishing polis work great as well. That just gave you more options. Okay, well what we did is we combined essentially, we kept compound we made our new compound. It has a longer open time which means the longer open time means the compound stays hydrated longer before our heavy correcting compound would dust over quickly.

Some compounds will look like there’s white dust all over your car. Then what we did is we combined our correcting polish with our finishing polish, we’ve mashed them together into one product for detailing your car. What that did is it allowed our polish to have a little bit more bite and abrasiveness. Through my experience of using these polishes throughout the whole last year is just for good measure, I tend to tell people to go one extra pass one or two extra passes. Because we added a little bit more aggressive abrasive in there. It just gives you time to break down the polish fully, and then it will, it comes out better. Okay, that’s just my experience. Allowing it to work through the cycle to break down those abrasives is a really good idea and I tend to stop after two passes, and then I take the details to spray. Just a quick hit of detail spray will keep the polish hydrated, and then I’ll go to more passes and attends to break the polish down more and finish better. If you want your car polished, then call us at 918-999-0355 so that’s just a quick tip and generally I’ll do like one pass with the same three pounds of pressure at now.

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In my last pass, I just guide the polish for car detailing Tulsa I don’t put any pressure on the polisher. You’re just trying to run the polish to get it as even as possible over the surface. Then when you wipe it off it comes off flawlessly. Perfect flake paint on this Jeep Grand Cherokee now we come over here. That is not perfect. Okay, that’s all we started with. Let’s do this really quick. I’m going to take this off. Polishing is somewhat simple but it takes a little bit of technique that’s what I described as the polishing technique. That’s something I’ve learned just through years of experience. The field of polish or while you’re polishing, how fast you go, you know what it feels like where you’re going, understanding that couple extra passes with polish is going to help finish it better. How you’re going to be great at polishing is by doing it.

You don’t necessarily have to remove the compound after you’re done with it for car detailing Tulsa. You could go compound this whole car, take the pad off, put the white pad on, and now you’re polishing over the top of the compound. Then you wipe it off in the car and it will look perfect. That’s how you get more efficient with not removing the compound set in the paint. Going straight over with the polish and taking your time, you know, I think some people get antsy and they start moving faster, working against yourself. Stay at that slow pace while you’re polishing, it’s going to be more effective for you. That means, really, the goal when you’re polishing is you don’t want to go do compound and then have to come back to another spot and keep going over the surface again and again. Get it right the first time and just keep going across the whole car.

The best way to clean these polishing pads is with the product right here for car detailing Tulsa. We’ll take one of our buckets, and we’ll fill it up with water. We fill up a bucket with water, I tend to keep a grit guard on this out on the side. I’ll just quickly show you kind of the setup, how I do this, I’m not going to put water in this, but as I fill this bucket up with water and I keep this on the side, then what I’ll do is I’ll take the pads that I need to clean, and I’ll throw them into the water and let them soak. Then I’ll just put like just an ounce of all-purpose cleaner and let them soak inside there. Once they soak for a half-hour, then I’ll come to take them out, then you can take your pack conditioning brush and brush them out. Then use your thumbs to push out all the compounds and polish and you can wring these out. Set them either face down like this, or I set them on the grit guard. Once they’re completely dry, say after 24 hours, you can come back and you can keep polishing.

You could get away with one polishing pad for the 15 millimeters for car detailing in Tulsa. If you’re polishing multiple cars or doing multiple jobs, you know, finish polishing one day, clean them, let them sit overnight. Use them again. Okay, so all-purpose cleaner. It’s just this is a degreaser, and it helps break down that compound and polish really easily. Just with oxidized cars, you end up pulling up more clear coat and paint, which fills up your polishing pad faster. You just seem to go through it more and brush it out more often. Make sure to be applying pressure, pace, and pattern. It’s kind of the idea.

You can see how dirty my car is right now I just washed my car one week ago, maybe a week and a half ago. My car has been graphene ceramic coated. Therefore, it will be very easy to clean with Oklahomies Car Detailing. Be sure to give us a call now at 918-999-0355 for a clean car or book online at for details on any kind of vehicle.