You’re doing two things at once for car detailing Tulsa. You’re taking the water off the car and you’re putting the sealant on the car. Now, what you can do with h2o garden glosses when your car’s dry is you can spray and wipe it. It needs the water to help spread out and kind of activate that sealant so you can get it all over your car. No-slip and slide. It’s just it’s less concentrated on the nature of our gloss and what you can do with this now is you can take this and you can just go and spray this on your car and then wipe it off. That’s how easy slick inside is to do. You don’t need a wet car and two towels one towel wet one time. You can just take this and go and you can spray your whole car down in it adds a little bit of protection. This is to something like graphene but it doesn’t have the robust longevity that graphene provides.

Paint sealant will last probably eight months if you’re taking care of your car detailing Tulsa. We always recommend like every third wash, you would apply gloss. If you want you could do it every wash. If you are in a place where it rains or snows and things like that, I would just recommend every time you wash your car now to apply h2o garden gloss. It’s just going to make sure that your car is protected always. Just so you know, that these products are great. They are great in equally as graphene or ceramic.

I would say graphene detail spray is definitely better for a graphene ceramic coated vehicle for car detailing Tulsa. If it’s just a normal ceramic coating, I think ceramic boost is a great product as well. Graphene ceramic boost has a higher concentration of silica than or the protection agent than graphene detail spray does so I would probably say like if you have ceramic boost continue to use that. I think that product is I know for sure that product is a good product. I’ve used it many times and I’ve used it as a standalone I think it’s it was kind of our original-like silica spray sealant but mainly used to maintain ceramic coated vehicles. You can use either or but I think ceramic boost is probably more concentrated than CS three. Use ceramic boosts, you just can’t use it as a drying aid or when your car’s very dirty. You know, that’s what more CS three is.

This is like regular ceramics breakout and someone asked, How do you know when to wipe away ceramics? Do you know when I say the best way to describe this? This is ceramic spray coating. How do you know when to wipe this away. I’m going to do is I’m going to spray this on this towel to get it saturated with the product. Then I’m going to wipe it on my glass. I just put the coating on here. You should be able to see the rainbow. If you get a little bit lower. It starts to rainbow. You can really see up here, it’s like it looks like an oil slick on my window. What happens when that oil slick when the color starts to fade on a bit. Starting with the color and when it is starting to fade a little bit, once that starts to fade, and you can feel it, it’s a little bit oily you can take a fresh, plush towel and wipe it away.

Do you need to clay your vehicle before you use ceramic spray coating or graphene ceramic spray coating? The answer is no. It is highly recommended. The product adheres better. Putting protection on your naked finish is by far the best way to approach it. You remove all the bonded contaminants and then if you use something like surface prep, which removes some of those some of the silicone that’s in like a gel spray from claying. When you put it on a pure naked finish, that product adheres better and it bonds better. The hydrophobic effects are far and beyond better when you call 918-999-0355. I totally recommend claying a car before you’re applying any sort of product protection, such as a sealant or the coating on itself.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Get A Showroom Shine, Every Time.

Can you overwork a ceramic coating or a graphene ceramic coating when you’re doing car detailing Tulsa? Be sure to do the cross-hatching with the applicator because he was saying when he was taking the removing the surface oils of the coating, there was barely anything coming into the suede towel and he was wiping it. Honestly, that sounds like you’re applying it perfectly. You want to put a nice thin layer of the coating on. I don’t think you can really overwork it. The only thing that you can’t that that it can be finicky is if you put it on any way too long. When you wipe it off, you’ll have high spots and it’s really hard to remove. The amount of stuff that goes into your towel while you’re removing a ceramic coating, you don’t want you and you shouldn’t expect it to get overly saturated because the ceramic goes on, and then the solvent and the surface oils kind of sweat a little bit. That’s what you’re removing. You’re not actually taking the true ceramic off.

I’d say brilliant glaze and wax are probably the best things to mask or hide swirls for car detailing Tulsa. If you want to permanently fix them, you got to polish them out. There’s no doubt like it. That’s just the reality of how polishing works. Before people were really machine polishing their cars everyone was waxing their vehicles. The reason why everyone waxes their car or people that cared, the reason why they wax their car is that that wax filled in all of those scratches and swirl marks in it and made their car look perfect. As soon as that wax got removed, the swirls were still there. That’s why people constantly wax their cars because they were trying to hide the scratches. To me as technology progressed in the introduction of rotary buffers, and you know, dual-action polishers came into play, that’s when people started using compounds and things like that.

What you think about today is polishing your car and then putting robust protection when doing car detailing Tulsa. Apply a ceramic coating or sealant on top to maintain that for as long as you can. Phase one is getting your car perfect. That’s the whole process of polishing your car, and washing your car thoroughly or claying your car thoroughly. Doing an iron remover once your car is decontaminated, and clean, then you go polish it to make the surface perfect. That’s what shine is a perfect reflection. Once you’ve got your car perfect, then you jump into phase two. That’s the polishing step. It is a lot of work upfront, but it’s not something you continually do all the time. There are things like graphene ceramic coatings that are extremely durable.

Then you have products like graphene detail spray that help maintain that robust protection that’s on your car. If you’re doing the spray coating, you can just do it somewhere else. I don’t think it’s that difficult to apply. If you apply in the morning, it will be cured by the evening, no doubt, it just, you know if it’s in the direct sun sunlight, it’s going to cure a little bit faster. We usually give it probably six hours to fully cure, we just recommend not introducing water to the finish.

What’s the difference between the spray coating, versus the little like 60 or 50 mil bottles of ceramic. The difference is the concentration levels in each formula are okay so there they have the same raw material. The small bottles and the glass bottles are about 30% of the active ingredient of ceramic either polysiloxane which is a ceramic coating or reduced graphene oxide with polysiloxane which is the graphene ceramic coating. Now when you get into the spray versions, these are 30% or 5%. They just have a lot less of the active ingredient. They’re the same material, it’s just how much is on your car. The durability is the same, but the longevity is different because of how much is on your clear coat. We will be able to offer you the highest level of protection at or when you dial 918-999-0355 today.