The leather conditioner to clean the seat for car detailing Tulsa is exceptional. It is another material cleaner, it’s the easiest thing but it depends on what you’re doing. Are you cleaning super dirty seats? If you’re cleaning really dirty seats and leather into your cleaner leather into your favorite shell, those two products are super effective with the use of a stretch brush or an interior mitt. If you’re not cleaning, really dirty seats. If using the interior detailing. By using the interior detailer, you’re not using incrementally reduce the integrity of the leather and everything you put a cleaner on leather. It reduces the integrity of the topcoat of the finished product. If you’re using detailer or interior detail it does not challenge the integrity of the top finish at all so not that dirty anymore.

That ceramic spray coating for car detailing Tulsa can use wash and wax. If your car is coated with ceramic spray coating, you can use graphene. He says when it opens up the ability to use anything. Now we have awesome washing car soaps. We have some other soaps that are very specifically made to maintain the high hydrophobic properties of your finish in other words, keeping that water really dancing on your finish. Once your car is coated it doesn’t close any doors as far as options for car cleaning. It opens wide open at one starting and gives you four options.

I use that kind of rubber cleaner for a great car detailing Tulsa. It’s kind of a brown color product. Tire and Rubber cleaner is the best for that. Just spray a little bit into this towel and these microfiber utility towels spray a little bit and they keep changing the towel. Then you’ll be able to clean that white wall now if you are using water spray that will tell us a gentle brush that will challenge the integrity of the tire cleaner. I like to use the wheel well brush that has a certain amount of fiber to it. That has a certain amount of stiffness.

I have plenty of chemicals but no more dirt on the underside. Then we’ll go ahead over to the cleaner and brushwork well on floor mats as well. It’s the product that is the most important. Now we also have a product for rubber mat liner cleaner, which happens to just smell better and work incredibly well. A lot of times on new traders will see that he suddenly started to fade. Rubber was hot, poured into the mold right off of steel belts and stuff were in there for intended to pop out, there’s something called a mold release compound and that mold release compound embeds itself in the tires on a lot of new tires.

The first little bit of restoration on this, we did the mechanically ran it knock off the stuff that can come off easily. Then we went through the beginning of this three-step process we did the cleaner and degreaser. Do the metal prep, dry it, and you put the first coat of polish n there and its intent to bring stuff back to life is what we do at Oklahomies Car Detailing. You have a beautiful vehicle here and there’s a rusty hitch at the end at the back end of it. What we can do to make sure that the whole truck the entire vehicle is, you know, looking good looking fresh and people can enjoy their investment when they head to and can call us at 918-999-0355 all the time.

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You really started to see how things started to rust, and basically what we went ahead and did is we went ahead and used a couple of different products for car detailing Tulsa. To get this right, we’re going to show you the entire process of turning that rusty nastiness into something perfect like this. We also are going to show you how to do it during the restoration on the frame of this f 100 pickup. We do the full spectrum and total restoration.

There’s a lot of detail you just take your polishes and compounds for car detailing Tulsa. Our second is a matte finish so that we do our second coat with a little less gloss. This is just so nasty paint, acrylic paint, and chalk out the factories not exactly a great paint job on any of these it’s not designed for longevity. That’s what we do is make sure that every project is there for the long term for, you get the enjoy your vehicle and every year. We got to really need to do some nice stuff together.

You got some more rubber here and vinyl so we will clean it with car detailing Tulsa. I don’t need to restore anything, or really bring it back to life but what I do want to do after you get the truck looking nice like I just did with waterless washes is that we want to dress the trim. We need to match how clean the car looks after that. He cleaned the engine for us. What I need to do before we start, is I need to dry this out and I have the air cannon ready. Well, you can see there’s just plastic everywhere. There is a lot of plastic, vinyl, and rubber just over this engine so once we start really protecting this, you’ll see how amazing it turns out.

The cowl of the car is one of the only things that’s rubber or plastic that is pointed directly at the sun. The sun just beats on it and it just fades, so protecting that taking the proper measures to protect it really can stop it from fading. We will keep it looking nice for a long time. You can see his bumper is faded, all the way. I’ll spray some of this waterless wash and I will let it sit for a second. You’ll be able to see how it oxidizes when I wipe this off. It looks like the stuff is still on there. Okay, it’s so oxidized and it just absorbed all of that product. It is so nasty so what we want to do is we want to take this super fainted chalky look, and we want to make it look new again. So that’s something that you restore so each one of these subjects of cars requires a different product and a different process. So, what I’m going to do is kind of start with the dressing part of things which isn’t as severe in regards to process doesn’t take as long. It’s something that, you know, when I first started here, VRT was a really great product that can really like help dress, a car, right, and it protects it for a little while but it’s not you know, super-long extended protection.

The stripes are new or the stripes are new and she’s wondering should I put VRT on those to help protect them. They’re brand new stripes and they’re not fading yet. What you want to do is you want to lock in the look of those vinyl stripes by putting robust protection on top. I would even push it towards ceramic coating or a graphene ceramic coating. In that instance, you could get it on your paint, and then it’s a little bit more serious when it comes to protecting it. Something like the graphene ceramic coating is going to just protect it for a lot longer duration. Be sure to call us at 918-999-0355 or by visiting now.