Alright guys, so this goes right here in the car detailing Tulsa process of washing the cars correctly. What we do is use the best soap and then go for drying. Look at what we use, which is an expandable hose. When I turn this on, you’ll see it’s going to get much more air for the drying process. We’re gonna go into the mere water still inside here. You can see so far there’s still water sitting in all these cracks and crevices. What that means is, if you’re going to drive this way it’s going to be something similar to this one, see the water tethering out of the car.

When we do the car detailing Tulsa, we do the best job in offering the highest level of drying for our car with no standing water. The minerals from our water are going to stick on your feet and then you’ll just have a permanent line down your car. That is something which nobody wants. We can take our time blowing the water out of all the different little cracks and crevices. Today we had to drive the vehicle outside first. Detailed grades are flushed out. Then I just want to show you guys there’s still water in this part. You want to get that water out before you really drive the car to prevent any water spots that may occur.

We use some of the best tools for the car detailing Tulsa that you need in order to offer auto detailing. He didn’t push as much air as an air cannon Jr, so they were effective but, you know, a unit that you plug into the wall is going to draw more power, and it’s going to power motors inside these units that really push the air out fast and get the water going out of your car. The three units I mainly recommend on our line are first-generation air cannon, the air cannon Jr, and then a psychic master Blaster. You can always use these bigger units for drying the car as well. They have heated air coming through them and the motor generates heated air. What you can do actually is that you can do a touch-less dry on your car, you can pull it inside a covered area to dry it as well with a proper drying towel.

You can go all the water off the bar, without even touching it with the towel, just remember any time you’re touching your car, scratching, there’s just no way around it and it’s just microscopic scratches and obviously we have tools and towels that prevent those scratches but it’s just the reality check your car, the more you’re susceptible to getting scratches. Pretty fun. The last questions, don’t have to sign off. The car interior protector that is going to mainly protect carpet, things like that I can show you guys how that works. We have leather and interior cleaner which is definitely something I’m going to be using today because this leather is pretty dirty so we want to make sure we clean it before we dress it and protect it. I’m going to keep this one over here. Interior detailer with the micro ban. This is something we were really really happy about when we launched. It’s an antimicrobial spray.

When we clean your car and use the products right they will be constantly fighting other microbes that are not wanted. It is a really cool spray and a really cool product to use. There are also interior detailers, something you can use on everything other than carpet or suede. This has UV blockers and things like that so this is just good. I would call this a detail sprayer or very similar to a quick detailer for the hard surfaces of your interior. We clean all the inside and outside of your car for the best kind of solutions you need to get it done for Oklahomies Car Detailing at or by dialing 918-999-0355 today.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Look Better In Your Newly Cleaned Car

Oklahomies Care Detailing will do carpet and upholstery cleaning in their car detailing Tulsa packages for the inside of your car. We actually just used it this morning, at my house. This stuff is amazing. I mean, I’ve had the wine that spilled on the car seats and it came out. That was my wife. I’m sorry to my wife, but I’ve spilled wine and I spray this on in the color disappears instantly so this is a really great all-around carpet and upholstery cleaner. I think this is in regards to some of our products, kind of underrated. It’s not used all the time but I love carpet and upholstery cleaner, then all-purpose interior cleaning gel. This is similar to our leather and interior cleaner, other than the fact that it can be used essentially on all surfaces.

When we offer car detailing Tulsa knows that the vents for your AC and air system will be cleaned as well. I still don’t recommend it on suede, but you can even use it on the carpet and this is just like a nice all-purpose, all-around cleaner for interior, and it’s a little bit, I think you can see that it’s a little bit thicker. So when it comes out of the sprayer, it tends to stick and hold on to the hard surfaces and makes it a little bit easier to work around and clean so I’ll show this to you today to get some cleaning done and then a lot of our accessories we got the interior swabs which are awesome to get into all these little different places of your car and get your car cleaned in the best way possible. So, these are really cool, it’s just good for really getting in and detailing, and then the carpet brushes, the large and the many ones these are some of my favorite things to use. I actually love cleaning shoes with this one.

With car detailing Tulsa, your car will be cleaned from top to bottom. That means even in leather you can get some of the dirt and grime out of the creases. If you look down there you can see we vacuum that and we put the lines with this carpet brush as well. This is a very useful tool when it comes to the interior. I usually always have this with me when I’m cleaning the interior just in case I need to brush out any carpet. These are key tools for cleaning the suede interior. These are something I want to keep close by and then our edgeless utility towels. These are just, I mean, we love these so much. They’re good scrubbing towels or microfiber, but they’re woven microfiber so they work better as a scrubbing towel and they’re not going to bend when cleaning the cars.

When you scrub carpet or leather or anything so that’s something we’re going to use too and then getting into more of the protection side and dressing side, we have our Leather Conditioner which has been a staple for many years. This is the stuff that smells like new leather. Everyone loves this. We had the leather interior dressing which is like a straight matte finish. It doesn’t leave any look or feel on the surface of leather, so this is something people had to require our customers had requested for a long time and came out with it and then the interior protection paste.

This is like the most natural product that we have for protection. I tell people this is like chapstick for your leather interior in your car that we offer you when you call us at 918-999-0355. It’s kind of cool when you use it like you’re waxing your interior which is kind of unique. I’ll get this over here. Alright, so let’s get into cleaning this car interior and dressing it. At
we will be making your car look very nice.