Washing the microfiber versus the foam pads, those are the same washing process for Car Detailing Tulsa. The key guys, definitely you will invest a decent amount of money in this system polishing if you want to keep that going and be able to polish more cleaning your projects. It’s like honestly, I’ve been able to continue to polish like I’m always trying to polish my wife’s friend’s car. I put the compound on here. Since you’re talking the five minute drive and it dried out a little bit, just another sphere of detail spray will make it look its best.

Always take your cord and put it over your shoulder when polishing during Car Detailing Tulsa. You don’t want to get started all over your shoulder. Then you want to spread the polish out before you start going. Because if you don’t spread it out in a kick Polish everywhere, it’s going to get all over you all over your power. Now you’re extending the time that you’re so spread out by padding that pot against the surface that you’re polishing. Okay, and we don’t want to do is turn the polisher on before it’s on the surface and hold it steady on the surface in a firm grip before you start, and then click it on how much running this ad speed for these polishers are powerful enough to go out on six, five or four is a really good idea.

If you need to be extremely aggressive when polishing paint with car detailing Tulsa. Run it as six. I tend to go on for these people. The piano black tends to be a little bit more soft than like our super hard clear coat from GM or Audi. So I’m just gonna run this in 4k. I’m getting a firm grip, the amount of press. I actually was talking to Adam about this like a year ago. We’re talking about the easiest way to remember this stuff.

Think about like the four p’s of polishing and paint correction. How much pressure? Do you push down? I’d say it is kind of the weight of your hand, or maybe two pounds of pressure, etc. If you need to be more aggressive, and you can push harder, but the harder you push, the less that this pad is going to spin, you want the dual action of the oscillation, the spinning to be happening at the same time, that makes it the most effective way. The P number one is pressure. The P number two would be pace. Pace is like how fast you turn this on and be going like rotary fives. That’s not what you want to do with a dual action, oscillating pause, where you want to go at a nice steady pace.

You want this pad perfectly flat on the surface. I don’t want it tilted like this. In rotary buffing, sometimes people will get extra aggressive, and they’ll throw this on the side, just grind the hell out of the surgeon’s day, you do not want to do that with an oscillating machine as this isn’t spinning in a perfect circle. We use the best techniques for a perfect finish at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or buy dialing 918-999-0355 now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | The Best Ways To A Perfect Looking Car

This is fascinating when you choose us for all the different kinds of Car Detailing Tulsa we have to offer. We will make the paint polisher go straight and not go on the side, it’s gaining the service, you don’t want that to happen, you want the plane of the path to be perfectly flat. I’ll show you that here. Once I see a certain time that the polish begins to dry out I just spray another spritz of detail spray and spread it out again. And now I’m going to pause. I’m keeping it flat with two pounds of pressure, and going to go at a very slow pace. The pattern is to go straight up.

I like to do this on all vehicles that need Car Detailing Tulsa for my backing plate of the paint polisher. What I like to do is put a mark on, let’s just do it on the backing plate here. If you do it on the backing plate, it’s always there. If you do it on your pad, you know, it’s only one time, so I tend to put it on my back. Some people will put it on two sides, I kind of keep it on. Now the reason why I do this, check this out, you should be able to see this, when I turn this on, you’ll be able to see the black mark moving, if I push down really hard, the black market is kind of sitting there but I want it to be spinning and oscillating at the same time. If I can see that black mark spinning while it is oscillating, I know the dual action is happening. That is just making it extremely effective when it comes to polishing paint on a car.

Imagine if you were polishing with your hand for car detailing Tulsa but your actual hand was also spinning at the same time. Therefore, you’re doing twice the amount of work in just one motion. That’s what this is.I want to make sure that that has been and if you keep the path black on the surface, it will absolutely spin at the same time. Again, talking about pace, I don’t want to be doing this really fast, it’s just not going to be effective. He wants a compound to be working in areas at a slow pace so that it works through it and breaks down the diminishing risk.

How often are you brushing out that microfiber pad? Use your pad conditioning brush with you, okay? Now, you can either hold the head like this, so it doesn’t spin, you can’t rush this out. You can turn the machine on and hold it against the surface. This may or may not be appropriate, but out of these to call this thing right here because it makes the fibers stand back up. Now, when they’re matted down, it’s not effective, it’s just gliding on the surface. When they’re standing up like this, and you put their foot more a little bit more compound on here.

As you’re polishing, you kind of feel like this is waiting a little bit, probably I’d say after two or three passes, you can turn the polisher off, turn it off, on the surface, look at it. If the fibers are matted down, take your brush and brush it out and also spray a little bit of detail spray. We will do all this and so much more after calling 918-999-0355 or visiting https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.