Sometimes we show up and do all kinds of car detailing Tulsa and the detailing crews are working hard. We have all the crazy hard-working people on our team and they do an awesome job. Alright, so on this side I put the leather and interior dressing on this site and you can see it’s still, It just is still drying. And I left a line like right here of just the letter that didn’t treat, and you can see as this is drying, you can’t even tell that there’s a line. Because leather and interior dressing finishes with no-look, It finishes perfect factory matte finish. So as it continues to dry, you’ll be able to see that. Well, that dries.

When we do interior car detailing Tulsa we’ll clean all the parts of your car. I’m going to show you a trick here in a second but you can see the leather conditioner. It leaves a little bit of a sheen but it’s not crazy like shiny, it’s not like I put tire shine on the surface. With micro man right up here you can see but this is really dusty and we will clean it correctly. You see that by any chance. So there are just some things over here, it just means that the car has been sitting and just seems like a quick wipe down so that’s what an interior detailer comes into play. So interior detailer. Yeah. To get more on this side, we get one of these utility towels to do the cleaning.

You can spray cleaner in the car to do car detailing Tulsa and want to do it carefully. It will change the color of the stitching and I don’t want to do that, I want to avoid dousing this with the product and with all of that as far as products. Since I have it on here, the leather and interior dressing. I’m going to do this so you can see the look that this leaves. A little bit goes a long way. So, what I like, into the towel like this. And then I can just go in and wipe this down, you can see, I don’t know if you can see it but there’s like, clearly there’s like a line of dirt like right here. That’s interior detailing, like I said it’s like a detailed spray for your interior, which is going to, you know, give you UV blockers on the surface, it’s going to give you this factory finish that everybody loves. We don’t want shiny things.

We develop these products not to be shiny because we don’t want this dash to reflect off of your windshield and then when you’re driving, you can’t see. Especially in the CA Corvette, because it’s hard to see anyways because you’re going, you know, north of 100 miles an hour always so. So you know you just, we want to make sure it’s not shining, We just want to want it to look really nice, really what we want to do is the reason why we buy these cars is that they look amazing right so I don’t want to mess with that look anyways, I want it to look as though roll off the line, and came into this garage after I drove it really hard and long. That’s what interior detail is for. I mean honestly, that’s just how easy it is. It’s just sprayed onto a towel and wipe it and it’s a mild cleaner.

I would recommend using a leather interior cleaner. If it’s not too bad, then you can get away with dousing the surface with an interior detailer and agitating it with a cockpit brush like the mini cockpit brush, and then wipe it off with an edge utility towel. You’ll find that this actually cleans pretty well, so I was just an all-around detailer for the inside of your car. This is kind of the go-to but. Just so you know, we offer all kinds of car detailing packages and you can find the one that is best for you now at or by dialing 918-999-0355 today.

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My routine when it comes to car detailing Tulsa is simple. If I don’t have a lot of time to clean it like you say I wash my car I’m getting ready for date night, which is rare but because I have kids, but if we’re getting ready to go out and do things or if, if my wife is going to go do something and I want to clean the interior, make sure it looks nice. I’ll just go through and use interior detail or you know I can get through a whole interior and clean it in minutes. If I want to do a deep cleaning and really bring back the color and the feel, the soft feel of my leather interior. Then I’m going to go through and I’m going to do leather an interior cleaner, and I’m going to condition it, and that’s something that’s going to take a little bit more time, you know that’s going to take more like 45 minutes to an hour maybe, you know, that’s when you want to really get into it and detail every little thing and condition it and then once you have done kind of that upfront hard work, then you can go maintain it with interior detail are really quick and I would say, you know, every about every month, I’m going through and doing conditioner and doing a deep clean.

In between those times, I can use interior detail or just to touch it up when we do car detailing Tulsa. That’s why I say like, to me it’s kind of like the exterior of your car like you go you wash your car fully wash your car, you put a shovel garden gloss on it or you put ceramic spray coating on it, and then in between those times when you’re doing that you’re just maintaining it with detail spray slick and slide products like that. The same thing with the interior, you do a lot of work upfront with deep clean leather and conditioner, and then you just maintain it with this. That’s kind of the idea. It’s just you want to do, you want to do the deep clean condition for auto detailing and then maintain it, and that’s what we’re all chasing. You get something perfect and then how long can I maintain that for, and that’s why we have sprays like interior detail or detail spray, things like that. I actually want to show you guys so actually let’s check this out. Here is leather conditioner versus

When Oklahomies Car Detailing does the car detailing Tulsa then we go through your car and offer you leather and an interior dressing matte finish. We use odorless products as well. This is a leather conditioner on this side you can see it leaves a little bit of a sheen to it, but it’s not overpowering in my opinion, it makes it look dress so to me the richness of the color on this site is, is more than on the matte finish side, but if you want to keep this matte look factory look, that’s where the leather interior dressing comes in so I think that’s a pretty good way to clean the car.

I mean you have conditioner right here you can see this is, it’s like really dried out in this car, leather, honestly, it looks like whoever was writing in this had sunscreen on. It’s drying out the leather in the middle here. This was even cleaned, but you can see it once you put the conditioner on it. It takes it in and it makes it look perfect. Then the matte finish on this site is, you know, it feels really really good. Feels like brand new leather. The side feels the same. It’s not oily at all, all you need is to pass the conditioner and fix it. Leather Conditioner has a leather scent in it. It’s a cream formula so it goes into this a little bit better, but it does, it has lanolin and it has some natural ingredients in the formulation. Everything about it is all-natural.

So everything has, you know, high-quality leather oil. It has lanolin, which is pig fat as we all know this, you know, in my mind, like I said this is like chapstick for your leather so if you feel like your leather is drying out. This is like a really great treatment. This is something that’s going to help rejuvenate your leather. It’s not going to restore a fully like it’s not going to take away cracks and things out of your leather but it’s going to really hydrate it and get in there and, and once you apply it over a few days you can see it just, it’s the leather starts to take it in and it just, this is one of my favorite things, that we use at Oklahomies Car Detailing today when you call 918-999-0355 or head to now.