Most all modern cars have plastic on them somewhere right and with car detailing Tulsa we will make the plastic parts look brand new again. You just take it and apply the in and out spray. Give it a few sprays in here, maybe take out some of the brush so he drove through. The difference between what’s the difference between VRT and black trim restore so VRT is something big is something that can make things look nice so it kind of sits on top of the rubber and plastic trim it’s a dressing it makes it dresses it up it’s like putting lipstick on. Okay. Whereas black trim Restore is to take something from the root that is not ruined but something that is faded and looks terrible.

You can restore it back when doing car detailing Tulsa because it has actual black pigment dye in it, and you restore it by treating the plastic, vinyl, rubber, or whatever it is. Then once it’s restored, you protect something over it, and then once it’s protected, then down the road you could dress it with a VRT or dressing. This trim right here was black when he bought this car. It’s not black anymore. How do you get it back to looking new again? You’d have to restore it by adding black dye to it, and then protecting it, then you can dress it after that with a VRT.

I’m going to dry this engine off really quick and this is a part of the car detailing Tulsa. It might get a little loud for you guys. When you’re going to protect the plastic and every plastic component of your engine. It needs to be dried because you’re going to be using ceramic so I’m using the air cannon. I actually have this at like 50% power, and it’s still crazy powerful so you can see. Somebody asked once you apply ceramic to trim. Can you put VRT on top of it to make it pop and make it look really good, or is the ceramic going to keep it looking new all the time?

The trim is definitely going to give it a look and make it look really nice with car detailing Tulsa. You can absolutely put VRT on top of something that’s been ceramic coated. You don’t need to do it right after. If you put this ceramic on the trim. You don’t need to go over it right away with VRT to make it look nice. I would say once you put the ceramic on maybe in the next third wash that you do, then you could put VRT on to really make it look nice. You’ll see we’re going to put ceramic on some of this plastic and vinyl, and you’ll see what it looks like. It almost looks like it’s comparable to what the VRT does. The thing is that it is going to last a lot longer so I really liked that.

The VRT dressing is a silicone-based product, although it has other dressings in it and some silica in there. When you go to put on VRT it is extremely slippery. There’s no way I’ll be able to step on this and stay on it. I tend to tell people to avoid putting VRT on sidesteps avoid putting it on floormats too. If you are going in and out of your truck, a lot do not put it on the bed of your truck. It’s a safety thing. If you’re not getting in your truck bed a lot and you have your bed Rhino lines, and it’s hard to dress, but you can actually take VRT and you can water it down, as I put maybe like a third, let’s say a 16-ounce bottle, a third of it of the VRT dressing and then the rest of it with water, shake it up really good and actually, we’ve done this before I put it more in like a 24-ounce bottle a little bit bigger of a bottle. Shake it up, and then you can spray it. You can spray it into a rhino line Rhino liner bed, run a line to bed or a lined bed, and, and then you can even it out with that same applicator and try to even it out, and it will make it look really nice. We always make your car look nice at or by dialing 918-999-0355 now.

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We recommend to adjust the formula if you can’t use VRT for car detailing Tulsa. It’s expensive, but I recommend using a spray coating. It protects it and it makes it a lot easier to clean the next time as well. If you don’t want to spend the money for this then our interior detailer is what I used to use and actually someone who used to work here taught me that you can spray interior detailer on it and use the edgeless utility towel, wipe it down, and it makes it look really good.

It’s the same idea like on interior detailer that use it on your vinyl interior pieces for car detailing Tulsa. It makes it look rich and nice. The same thing with the floormats. Just spray it on there and wipe it down, Really, this is the go to when you want to put protect andmake it look nice. Getting into that actually it’s a good segue to this product. This is really the best product for sort of dressing and not really dressing but also protecting engine components. The cool thing about it is, not only am I going to protect the plastic and the cover, but I’m also going to protect some of these metal components and some of these painted components.

I like to have one of these applicators for car detailing Tulsa. The ultra premium microfiber applicator. It’s like a wrestler name. Welcome to the premium applicator. It’s amazing. What I like about the graphene spray coating is the traditional way that we put it onto paint is you spray this into the applicator. Then you apply it makes it and it will look nice and controlled. Great, on this plastic case I spray it in here. Then when I put it on you can see how amazing it’s going to make this plastic.

I mean, it makes it look brand new again. That’s the only way to do it but what I can do is necessarily spray it onto this applicator and get all inside of here. It’s way too hard so what I like to do is treat it almost like in and out spray where I’m going to pull the trigger, I’m going to pull it hard so it atomizes the product, and it’s going to get into all these engine component. I’m just going to coat it by essentially spraying this on here. All the pieces that I want to protect will be covered in the sray coating. I’m trying to target alot of the plastic pieces. Look at the difference between this part, versus that, I mean it’s a night and day different.

Now you can see thislooks wet, almost. That’s going to dry to a matte finish that I’ve sprayed it and you can see how much different, it’s so much more chalky. Okay so then when you spray this on here it makes it look perfect again. I can go through and just spray it out with the ceramic. All of these different components. What I like to do is take the applicator and it doesn’t affect the serpentine belt and I’m going to spray one spray into this, and I’ll keep this aside, because I’m actually going to use it on the cowl here in a minute. All this it looks like I put this on really thick. I’m going to even all of this out to really take off the excess. I want to make this look a little bit more uniform, and just make it look a lot nicer. I take the applicator and I just wipe down all the areas that I can get the ceramic coating into and on the exhaust. We will go above and beond at so be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355 for all your detailing needs.