What I want to do first is car detailing Tulsa. I want to make sure we clean this car really well so we have to get started. Yeah, the questions here are you have to do auto detailing. Saying that whether it’s your dashboard. Okay. I want to. Yeah, I mean, it’s both works well the interior detailer has UV blockers in it. When you break products down into a spray it just reduces the longevity of protection for your car when doing car detailing and more. So when you have something like a cream it’s going to hydrate the surface more, and it’s going to stay on the surface longer, so if you want longer-lasting protection and keep the leather moisture or even your vinyl. using leather interior dressing or leather conditioner. I think is the best option but if you just want to use the interior detailer, that just means you need to use it a little bit more often. That’s really it. Yes, durability is really the difference.

If you’re a clean freak like all of us, announce polishes when doing car detailing Tulsa. You know I do this like almost every day I get in I wipe my car down I make sure it looks great and doubling with that it’s putting those UV blockers on my dash and helping block the sun so it just, you need to use this more often than applying this every once in a while, listen to this. Any Vinyl Leather, any hard surface needs to be cleaned when doing auto detailing. Suedes are a little bit different because you don’t want to introduce a lot of moisture to suede because then it will pile up, and I’ll talk about that here in a little bit but questions on. Alright, let’s get into cleaning this leather, what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you guys two different versions of how to clean this leather.

One way is a leather interior cleaner when doing car detailing Tulsa. This is something that we’ve had in our line for a long time and we’ve updated the formula once or twice but this formula is really great so when you want to do is you can either spray into the surface directly, which is better for broader surfaces like this but since he’s vented seats here for the cooled and heated seats, I don’t necessarily want to spray right into it. So what I like to do is just spray into the towel the first few sprays and then I can go. I’m just gonna do half of this so you can. I want to show you guys. The Cleansing Gel is here in a second. And since this is a little bit dirtier I’m just going to stretch straight onto the talk, and I actually I’m going to use the Cochran brush to agitate the surface a little bit more. This is going to break down, break down the dirt and grime.

It’s a little bit thicker and will work better when doing car detailing. The cleaner kind of foams up a little bit when you spray it, but you can see it’s not running down into the cracks and crevices not running off the front, it’s just really great products especially like on door panels where the panels won’t run off so it’s that’s the biggest advantage of this and it is an all-around, all-purpose cleaner for interior products always have sitting around. You can use this on pretty much any interior surface, other than suede can even be used on carpets. I know it doesn’t attack stains. I’d say as well as carpet and upholstery cleaner. But if you just like a little bit of dirt and you’re doing maintenance, cleaning all-purpose interior cleaning gel is a great product to always have. So I scrubbed it with the cockpit brush just to agitate the leather and the dirt and grime on there.

We have something we’ve been talking about for a while now actually, we’ve even discussed adding it to our leather ceramic coating, Because the antimicrobial solution will continue to work, even when it’s incorporated in returning but yes that’s something we’ve been talking about and, honestly, we’ve been working on some other formulations for launches coming up here pretty soon that. That’s kind of like the next phase coming up here in the next few months. If you have any questions about the car detailing or auto detailing process that we offer here at Oklahomies Car Detailing then be sure to call us at 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ as soon as possible.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Showing You A Better Washing Method

All right, so let’s get into the car detailing Tulsa. Well, let me clean this a little bit better. I want to clean up, I want to click, I don’t. This is one of our friend’s cars. Actually, one of our employees, it’s his grandpa’s car. And so, I don’t want to leave this dirty for him so I’m just gonna go ahead and clean this seat really quick back here it’s not as dirty as the other side. So if you guys have any more questions please just keep firing questions at us. These live videos are intended to help, hang out, anything you guys want to know just, please, ask any questions, whatever you guys mean.

I’m going to show you guys, leather conditioner on this side and I’m going to show you the leather and interior dressing on this side when doing car detailing Tulsa. This will be almost like this ethos of auto detailing. It’s not going to give it any shyness or anything, it’s just going to put that protective layer on top so the suit Leather Conditioner first. We have a couple of different kits. They are designed for specific surfaces of your interior. So I think we have a perfect interior kit which has a lot of the things you see here, I think it’s four bottles I think it’s Glass Cleaner carpet, upholstery cleaner Leather Conditioner, and interior detailer, and that’s our most popular interior kit, and it has all the accessories that go with that as well.

I think we have a specific leather cleaning and dressing kit for car detailing Tulsa. It has a leather interior cleaner and leather conditioner with accessories as well. You can explore all the different auto detailing kits that we have and some of them are kind of tailored to specific surfaces. Like I said but there’s probably one in there that you’ll like for cleaning cars. All right. Leather Conditioner. And we need. We use the leather conditioner with the red interior of this car here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. First I want to shake this up. And if there’s anyone that just joined. What we did is we cleaned this seat with leather and interior cleaner mainly. We also talked about leather.

The leather interior all-purpose interior cleaning gel is great on all kinds of leather. Since we’ve cleaned that we’re going to go ahead and condition this and I’m going to show you guys. Leather Conditioner. On one side, and I’m going to show you the leather and interior dressing on the other. so, with a leather conditioner comes out as a nice cream like this, and the smell is ridiculous. It smells just like leather, which, you know, if you, if you apply the leather conditioner to your full car and you let us close your doors and you get in the next time you go to drive your whole car is going to smell like brand new leather which is a huge selling point for this product,

We get comments all the time at Oklahomies Car Detailing how great that leather smells. I don’t want to go and just plop it right into these vented seats. What I want to do is I want to incorporate this into the spines and that’s why these cleanings are so effective. What I like to do is fold it and then rub it in and you can see when I fold it, it, it’s still in there, you know, so I like to get it in there and then, then I can go ahead and apply it to the seats and it’s not going to, you know, gunk up and all the perforations here so any questions. We know how to clean all kinds of car surfaces here at Oklahomies Car Detailing so give us a call now at 918-999-0355 and visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.