Go through and even this out, and I mean look at this it looks like a brand new engine after the car detailing Tulsa. Now, what I want to tell you guys is this applicator is loaded with graphene ceramic coating. Naturally what I can do is I’m going to move to the ceramic bottle first. I’m going to shut this but I’m not going to set it all the way I’m just enough to like right here. Then I’m going to lift this wiper blade up and look you can see some of the oversprays. Now what I can do is take the applicator and load it this has ceramic all in it because I just wiped off a lot of excesses. I go straight on and use it on the cowl directly. Look how crazy that looks on this, and I’m going to come through, set this on here and I’m going to set this under here and wipe this down as best I can. How amazing is that looks really cool?

The ceramic coating in general is going to last a lot longer when t undergoes car detailing Tulsa. The one that’s going to last the longest is the advanced graphene ceramic coating. Just so you know advanced you can hit all of this stuff that I’m doing. I don’t think you can use it as well, like in the engine, because you can’t spray it. Normally you do because I think it’s like one of our greatest products ever. If you have the graphene ceramic spray coating then put that on your engine, but the cool thing about your engine is, it has a hood to it. The hood is really going to protect it from here. You can come to see the difference over here if you’re the hood is really going to protect it from the sun at all times. The plastic components in there are going to fade as fast as something like this cowl that just sees the sun all day every day.

You have to work with plastic after running it with spray coating for car detailing Tulsa. Whenever you’re using advanced ceramic coating then you need to wipe the plastic off. After using the graphene ceramic or any ceramic spray coating. I tend to you know before, I probably would have said no but I think now just said just say, even it out. I think it’s a good practice to do you it’s one of those things that just works well. The spray coating on the paint rainbows and on the glass you can sort of see it right here so I got some of it on the glass-like right there. You can kind of see the rainbow, I don’t know if you can see that. Yeah, so you can see the rainbow, like it doesn’t turn a rainbow on plastic trim, but it still sweats out the solvent, that’s in the graphene ceramic spray coating. Let’s pop the hood so you can see this too.

We sent him a bottle of detail spray, but we sent him the wrong one because they didn’t know that we were going to sign it. I have the signed bottle sitting on my desk, and Matt signed it today. All right, so there you go, there is the spray coating. It is a genius product for an engine. We were talking about wiping it off. I think the best practice is that the spray coating and the regular ceramic coating sweat off the extra solvent, and some of the oils that are in there. What I tend to say is, you can leave it for a little while but I tend to go back with a plush towel. Something like a single soft and you can go through and you can wipe this off.

After you can see how much more even that got. That looks amazing. It looks a little shiny that’s a lot of the oils coming out of the ceramic spray coating in the solvent. When you wipe it down, it tends to really like even it out and make it look amazing. The best practice to no matter what kind of surface you are working on is to give it a quick wipe down so it will look more uniform. I think in the long run it also makes it look better when you visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or give us a ring at 918-999-0355 now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Bring It In And Drive Out Clean

How long does this trim coating keep the spray coat and keep the trim looking black like this after car detailing Tulsa? It sort of depends. I’d say on this engine it’s going to last a long time, you know a year plus maybe if it just isn’t gonna see the sun as much and it doesn’t take as much of a beating. As for the exterior of your car so under the hood. I think it’s going to last a little bit longer. Probably on the cowl it’s going to last a little bit less, I probably give it, especially like cars that are parked outside, I probably give it about eight months. Again, I think this is one of those products that is so easy to use that, that I tend to put it on my car when I clean my engine. When I clean and dress my engine are protected. I use a spray coating every time, whether it be the regular spray coating or the graphene ceramic spray coating. This is exactly what I do, it’s just so easy.

Since a graphene tire dressing lasts longer, can you use it on trim for car detailing Tulsa. That’s actually a very good question. You know, I think you can. The only thing I would say about the tire dressing is that one specifically is intended to make things look a little bit shinier. Then like an OEM finish will be with VRT. I would just, you know go into that with caution because if you want your trim components to look more natural-looking or more OEM style, then probably the tire dressing isn’t the right product for that. The spray coating or VRT is more of the right product for that application.

Well towels that you use with the graphene ceramic spray coating for car detailing Tulsa will be toast after you use it, or can you wash them with towel powder revitalizer and they come back. You can wash them and they’ll come back. A lot of times, like, especially when you’re using this stuff, I’m not wiping off the ceramic and it’s not going to make this crusty because there’s not enough ceramic content or graphene ceramic content in this to really ruin these towels. The only performance difference you might see in the cell is the next time Once they get wet and you wring them out and they’re damp they absorb a lot more of the water it’s because it opens up the pores.

Everything’s going to be just fine so we did VRT and in and out spray on these car parts. We need to make his rubber and plastic trim look perfect again. We just wanted to make it look so we dressed it we put car lipstick on his black GMC. We had already cleaned the engine. Then what we wanted to do was coat all the plastic and rubber components in his engine so what we did is we use graphene ceramic spray coating. We got as much of the ceramic on every component in here then we evened it out with an applicator and then I just finished wiping it down with this single soft wash towel.

Now we’re going to get into really cleaning and restoring trim on the car. I have a few things here and we’re coming over here to Tyler’s truck. Tyler Clark, has been a detailer for a little while now, and he was the main guy that was doing a lot of the polishing and ceramic coating. He’s a very experienced detailer. I was saying how you’re such an experienced detailer, but you’ve never washed your truck. When he’s doing detailing he makes his money by making everyone else’s cars look perfect. That’s why his truck looks good and amazing. If you want your car to look amazing too then be sure to visit us at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or call 918-999-0355 now.