With our trained Car Detailing Tulsa technicians, we can take out deep scratches, and get rid of the damage as much as we can with the compound. Because I know what the Fall is I can then eventually even that out and make it look like a mirror. All I’m doing right now is focusing on getting the worst damage that I need to get out. When you’re polishing, it’s going to look kind of oily, and hazy. That’s what it looks like while you’re polishing and then we’ll show you when you should stop. As you’re working in the polish, you should be able to see the compound on the surface as you’re going in once it starts to almost turn into Vaseline, or looks like the compound isn’t there anymore, then stop.

At that point in the car detailing Tulsa you know you’ve cycled through the diminishing components inside the compound, making it effective. I can see it starting to really break down and I’ll talk to you like it looks clear. I could probably do like one more pass. You can see it’s pretty much clear. Turn
it off while the machine is on the car. You can see here too if the fibers are matted down. I need to brush these out again. When you’re polishing stuff like this too, obviously you’ll get this compound residue on rubber. For this purpose we didn’t take all the rubber off but if you want to get really tedious you can take everything off to where you don’t mess up the rubber and you can always remove that. You can take it off, but I’ll just say the way I was taught, I started working here. That is if you mess this with vrt it will be harmless. Throw vrt on here really quick. Even if you don’t have the glass and the paint, and you go over the dress trim that has the VRT on it, you can just wipe the compound off.

I tend to always recommend taking VRT and dressing your trim first before polishing the car detailing Tulsa. When he pauses, you can just wipe this screen off, like I said, whereas if you’re taping, you’re taping a piece of tape here, but a piece off like, it’s just like an extensive process. I know, there’s probably detailers out there right now rolling their eyes, that’s fine from when I first started here, when we would do vrt on it right off, post your trim dressing, in the instance of doing a ceramic coating at the end, we don’t want a dressing on here, take it off 100% if you’re doing the it you need to tape it off.

When you rip it off, you’re putting graphene on the whole car, you can just go straight on if you put the VRT on here. In that instance, Tyler is absolutely 100% correct. I just thought we were. I want to check my progress. When you’re wiping with your towel, off the compound or anything, if you have to push really hard, you then are susceptible to scratching the surface. I went to wipe this and it grabbed. Instead of trying to push hard to wipe it off, I’m actually going to take the detailer and just give it a couple of sprays. Now when I was going to come off a lot easier, I’m like barely using the length of my hand. Now it just comes off much, much easier.

Now, it’s extremely clear, because what happens is what you can see right now on this print section is I use a compound. What the compound does is it removes really deep scratches, but it will leave some, like micro marring over time. We remove all defects from your paint when you schedule a consultation with us by dialing 918-999-0355 or heading to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Let’s Talk About Polishing

This is another way I talked to people about polishing when it comes to Car Detailing Tulsa. When you work on a car, it is like you’re polishing wood furniture. If you get an old piece of furniture and you need to sand it, you need to be aggressive. Okay, so you want to get as much of the nastiness off the surface. You want something that’s going to cut through something, think of that as something called about a compound. It is doing the heavy lifting of getting as much debris off as possible, but it will not be perfect. Okay, then if you want to finish work to be perfect, you go to a really high grit of sandpaper. As you finish it with that it comes out as an amazing and perfect day. Think of that as the polish. The polish is getting out any of the microorganisms left behind.

You start with a heavier compound and you go down to a lighter one for car detailing Tulsa. We developed the system that essentially combined our old system. We had a three step system two years ago, the three step system was heavy correcting compound, correcting polish, and then finishing polish. He said I want to bridge the gap, which is to use only two products. So he made this more aggressive, but he laughed and allowed us to break down more. So when it does just get you further along in the process. Then you meet up with polish and this is like a little bit more aggressive than our finishing wash but it breaks down even more. I can teach you to get a finer finish at the end.

That’s what we’re going to get into the car detailing Tulsa next because a lot of the deep scratches on the filler are now gone. It’s just a little bit hazy. Now I’m switching into the color coded system. I want to go with white pads with a white background again, considering the bad. Now I’m going to take the polish, make sure before you start embossing, you just shake the polish or shake it up as much as you can. I’m going to put four little dots on here, I’ll do five, actually, just one in the middle, so I get coverage of everything. Then again, I’m going to take this, I’m going to spread the polish out onto the surface of the pad, and get it with one spray, with our own detail spray.

Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to even out and polish out the micro marring from the compound. It’s just the same exact process of the four p’s that include policy, pressure, plane, pattern, that I gave him the last time. Pace is the last one. Go at a nice, slow pace, making sure that the dual action is happening. It’s spinning and oscillating at the same time. Going at a nice slow pace. And I’m going to go over this maybe four or five times, I really, really want this polish to break down. That’s a huge, that’s like a huge piece of this puzzle in that the polish is working through your polish and your compounds, allowing it to break down.

You start with an abrasive that’s this big, and you end with a small amount that’s tiny. What that does, it’s all doing that while you’re polishing the surface. As it’s reducing, it’s refining the surface that you’re causing and refining it, refining it, like imagine taking a 100 grit sandpaper, and allowing that to break down all the way to 2000. It makes the surface smooth and shiny. Be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.