When doing Car Detailing Tulsa I’ve been in such a small area here, I don’t need a lot of polish. I put a ton of polish on her with some compound as well. I’m just doing like a few drops here. Then I like to spread this out onto the pad. Why do you do that? I do it because I like having the compound in as much of the surface area of a pad as possible because if I have little dots, it’s affected. I just want to spread the polish out as much as possible. The whole surface area with compound and not immediately. I got to make sure that I have my back conditioning project close by 10. Before I start, I’m actually going to take the details. I’m going to script this really quick with details. What that does is that just hydrates the compound allowing it to work longer in sync open time. Open time means from the time you start polishing to the time that that compound dries out or either gets dusty or you don’t see the compound on. That is what open time is. The longer the open time, the more you can work.

With the Car Detailing Tulsa through your compound breaking down the diminishing of abrasives is allowing your car’s finish to look its best. What the compound does is it just refines the finish more and more. The more that you break down the compound and the more you break down the polish, the better the finish you’re going to look. Do we talk about all the pads really fast? It looked like he just put a compound on a white pad. Let me talk about the different pads in our system and which pads work best with the types of compound and polishes we use.

In our polishing system for Car Detailing Tulsa, we have polishes and compounds that will get the job done. The system we have, we have two compounds. One is a microfiber pad, and one is a foam pad, both have the blue foam on them. We can’t make blue microfiber, or else we would. We have the blue foam with the microfiber and it’s a little bit thinner. Then we have the thick, new foam compound. On the back, they actually say the name of what it’s intended for. Now, it’s color coded. That’s blue, you use the blue compound, and want this to be as simple as possible. So any blue on the pad, the name on the back matches with what you’re supposed to use it with. The reason why these pads are specific to the compound is because of how they work. It’s the tools working together today. This blue compounding pad is actually really firm. What that does is it keeps the compounds on the very top surface. When you push this against the surface, it doesn’t have to push really hard to kind of break this down. What happens is, as you push a little bit harder, it doesn’t resist as much and lets the compound work through on the surface.

Now, the same sort of thing happens with the microfiber pad for compounding or polishing. This has microfiber and glued on top of foam with a very thin layer of foam. What happens is the compound cannot be absorbed into the foam, it stays on the surface with all these microfibers. What that does is when you have scratched things, the microfiber hits that and it pushes the compound into the scratches. It makes it way way more effective at evening out your scratch. Your paint is perfectly flat, and it’s like a big canyon, okay.

What you do is you remove these layers on your paint to get to the bottom of the canyon to make a perfectly flat surface. That’s what I tell people is show you look at a really shiny car, that just means that the light hits and it bounces directly off and comes and goes into your eyes. When you see scratches, that’s like going inside that and it’s bouncing around and then it bounces out and not your eyes seeing the light moving around inside those canyon. What you do as you take the top microscopic layer down to the bottom of the canyon, now you have a perfectly flat surface and the light reflects off perfectly, for a perfect shine. That’s the basis of a shiny car. We will make your car the shiniest it has ever been after calling 918-999-0355 or going to oklahomiescardetailing.com now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Polishing Is Just One Of Our Specialties

Using compounds for Car Detailing Tulsa with these pads is going to help remove those layers to get to the bottom of the canyon to perfect your car’s paint. The most aggressive pad is by far the microfiber pad. We also have a one step pad that is pretty aggressive in regards to using it with different compounds, but we just recommend using this microfiber pad. It just works the best hands down. It’s been tested for many years. It’s more like single stage paint or metal. It can work on any metal or even gel coats.

The pores of the foam really grab the compounded surface to create a shinier finish when doing Car Detailing Tulsa on any vehicle. We are masters at our craft for compound and polish. Now getting into the polish. Again, we will be using a color coding white pad with a white polish in foam. It is a lot less aggressive than microfiber. That’s why you always use a foam pad with a polish to refine the finish. If you have something that’s extremely delicate, you can always come back, you can always go down to the wax and sealant pad or use the color coding. The softness of the red pad is the softest foam that we have in regards to polishing or applying anything.

If you have something extremely delicate and need to do Car Detailing Tulsa, this red foam pad is the best. You can also use it 99.9% of the time to polish with the white foam pads. How long do the pads last only to the pad size, you know, depends on what your polish is. If you’re a detailer and you’re polishing every week, three times a week, they might last three months. If this top layer of the foam is contaminated, you can run this with the packing brush, and it will help remove the top layer of foam and it will still make it effective. You need foam on here. We do the detailing at Oklahomies Car Detailing for you and have professional technicians standing by to work on any kind of car.

Here at our location, we have some very experienced detailers. Realize that, if your pads just get contaminated, don’t throw it out there, you can always clean these, you can always, you can always take the top layer off, so he’s gonna last a really long time. But anyways, if you’re a courtesy detailer for three months, and you’ve watched once a year, for six years, and these are the same pads for our others then we will remove most defects from your car’s paint every single time.

Yes, exactly. These are the same as the different techniques used by master detailers and pads, they’re just different sizes. They’re just whatever fits that. And the reason why you want them to fit the head well is you want the focus of the energy of the poster to go through that pad and not like the center of the pad where there’s like this big green on the outside. We will make sure to always be using pads and take your polish on a six inch backing plate. If you have a five inch backing plate, or five, three and a half inch or four inch backing plate. Make sure you’re using the right size. We always use the best products and you can call 918-999-0355 to have us answer any and all questions. Be sure to head over to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.