I will put this on the vehicle everywhere that I apply the coating for Car Detailing Tulsa. After, I take my light after I’m done wiping it off and everything, and I will take my light. Okay and I’ll take it, I’ll have the coating with me. and this, and then I go through the car. I missed right there, then I know that I need to get that section coated in ceramic on the car’s surface. Then I’ll take some of the coatings, and then I’ll apply it to that section that I missed to cover all the different surfaces. Now you take the light again and now I know that I’m coated in that section.

The Car Detailing Tulsa is so intricate and requires professionals to get it done right. My method is more applied to the whole vehicle. I think that’s a lot easier to go through. Those are my two kinds of tips in regards to utilizing the UV tracer. I’m going to get ready to wipe this off in a second. I think we’ll wrap up here in a second but we are going to do a giveaway so I’m going to give away, I think, two of the advanced graphene ceramic coating kits. The super-soft towels, advanced graphene ceramic coating applicators, gloves, surface prep, and then a UV light that you can use to spot check everything UV fade over time. Does the UV fade over to light? You know, I think the UV is going to fade over time, that’s just the more that they get activated with UV light, and then deactivated, the more it tends to fade away. The sunlight is UV light, so every time you drive your car, it’s going to be activated, but you’re not going to see it, and your car’s not going to turn blue.

Pick a surface prep for Car Detailing Tulsa. It is the thing that can remove all the stuff I was just talking about. First, you’re going to go through and you’re going to use surface prep. The way we like to do it is working in a little bit smaller resections because you’re going to miss this over the area that you want to wipe down. The surface prep is sort of an alcohol wipe. Just use isopropyl alcohol. We have formulated this specifically to remove any silicones and anything left on the surface. It has a little bit of alcohol, but it has some special surfactants in here that help pull away from those things. You will for sure have a naked finish. Be sure to also surface prep that glass. A watered-down version of alcohol can work as a surface prep as well.

You can go through and you can really kind of inspect the areas that you apply this on. If you miss a spot then you can take the coating, put it on, apply it to the section you missed. That’s why we call it an application aid so there’s kind of two forms of thought to that one is, like I said, putting the coating on here and then setting the coating aside and then holding away, and seeing exactly where you’re applying it at the same time. We highly recommend using surface prep. It is designed specifically for this process to surface prep everything. I’m even surface prepping the cowl or the plastic and rubber just to remove as much leftover residue that I do not want on there. It is normal to have a haze on the glass after applying a ceramic coating, but not usually.

Just make sure you’re leveling it off correctly. That’s part of what we’re going to talk about today in regards to best practices of applying and removing the graphene ceramic coating. One thing I’m noticing in this car is the interior glass probably hasn’t been cleaned for a while. I know for sure this car has kids in it, but I can see there’s some haziness and there’s some stuff on the inside. I don’t want to be fooled by that when I’m applying the graphene ceramic coating because the inside is dirty. Make your car clean again whenever you book an appointment online at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ outward or give us a ring at 918-999-0355 now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Scrubadub, And Clean With Lots Of Love

I’m going to use the same surface prep for Car Detailing Tulsa. I’m going to clean the inside of the glass as well. This takes the place of the regular graphene coating. Then you take one side, grab it with your hand, and then you wrap the towel around your hand, like so. Then you’re going to grab this side as well. It kind of looks like you have a mitten on your hand. Then you can take either this part and hold this as well. Just use the back of your hand and the towel is not going to flop around and be messy. Push this into the corner and clean it like that as well to get every inch of the glass for detailing. Inside glass can be tough to clean sometimes and just using methods like that can really help make it a little bit easier. So I got the inside glass clean. I just want to look at it from the outside. That looks much more clear.

If you want a perfect windshield, get your windshield replaced and we can offer you that as part of car detailing Tulsa. You could get it replaced, but for me, this is a daily driver. You know, I expect we’re like this. It’s more about the safety of having graphene there. He bought some stuff from the store but it was really cool to meet him and hang out with him. I just want to give a shout-out to Peter and thank him for coming by and detailing the car very well. Is this advanced coating replacing the regular coating? The answer is no. Okay. The reason why is because the advanced is a little bit more difficult to work with. It’s something that you know, if you’re new to this, we don’t want to make the exterior first experience of ceramic coating a car difficult and frustrating. The graphene ceramic coating, the regular graphene ceramic coating is just a little bit easier to use and regard when you wipe it off and how it levels off and everything. Somebody who has applied a graphene ceramic coating or has experienced doing a previous ceramic coating will feel more comfortable doing an advanced coating.

The advanced coating is going to be the thing for you to get from us for car detailing Tulsa. Now, getting into that really the big difference between these two is this, this regular graphene ceramic coating is concentrated with 30% of the raw active ingredient and has the poly stylization silicate resins and reduced graphene oxide concentrated to 30%. Okay, the other 70% is solvent, that is the vehicle to take the reduced graphene oxide and poly stylization and put it onto your car, and then the solvent goes away. The surface oil is the solvent coming out of the coating. That’s what you’re wiping off and then the coating stays on your car.

Now, this advanced graphene ceramic coating is 45 to 50% concentrated, what that does is put a higher loading level of thicker film on your vehicle. What that does, obviously, is it’s going to protect your car for longer. It also makes it a little bit more difficult to work with when you’re removing the coating. That’s why it’s called Advanced because when you add extra loading level, you add extra resin, it just becomes more finicky to work with, you need to work in a smaller area, whereas the regular, you could probably apply this to the whole hood, wait a couple of minutes and then remove it. Whereas the advanced work in a smaller section, it’s going to cure faster, you need to be more focused when you’re applying it. That’s the difference in concentration level.

Now what I would explain to you on this is the durability of all of these is the same durability. No matter how fast or how they wear away, how hard it is, or how hard it is to wear away. The way that they that the way that they were away or you know fade off your vehicle is the exact same thing. It’s the same exact thing because it’s the same exact material. Now, what that means is the advanced graphene ceramic coating puts a much thicker layer on the surface of your car. Whenever you give us a call at 918-999-0355 or head on to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ then we will give you the best kind of ceramic coating today.