After we have completed, what we do is we dry the car now for Car Detailing Tulsa . I have to rinse out the foam after washing the car. After you put the sealant on the car, we like the ultra plush drying towel from Oklahomies Car Detailing, but any microfiber drying towel is perfect for this. Dry your car now and we will put on the best spray wax for maximum shine and gloss. Now look, one, I just want you guys to see with one wipe of the ultra plush help perfect that looks on the glass.

Be sure that your glass is crystal clear when doing Car Detailing Tulsa all the time. Okay, so that’s how our sealant works and just, it finishes perfectly. I’m going to do the top half of the car first on the entirety of the car, there’s barely anything left in the bottle and I made sure of that. I tend to use all of it, because the co2 part is putting protection on your car. I want the protection on the whole car, I don’t want to leave any spot unprotected. You know, I don’t want to leave a bunch of the co2 in the bottle and not have my car protected. The whole point of the co2 step is to protect your car but also it’s acting as a drying aid as well.

As you can see it just after you put it on, you’re just wiping the car down as the final step of Car Detailing Tulsa. We put the seal on there so if I let that sit and dry, it’s going to look like that and we’ll have the water, the seal will dry and then water beads will form. What I am also doing as I dry is working the sealant. Throughout the car, it’s almost like applying it at the same time that I’m drying it. Do you have to dry out the towel or do you blow dry? You can blow dry but in the essence of doing this fast, just grab the towel and go for it. Grab my towel and dry it really quick out here, and then I will pull it inside and blow out all of the emblems and things like that such as mirrors and any crack or crevices.

The haziness in the morning from the compound gives you a mirror finish, just like this. You guys, this whole thing I’ve heard you, the compound will be able to see the tiny little micro scratches that are in the exact kind of pattern of how the polisher goes. Then when we do the polishing it all evens it out. Yes, we have a couple different things. I put my finger here, you might be able to see it. I can see it right here. If you’re doing just like any sprinkler hitting the side of your car, we could get away with using the water.

But what I’m doing is sort of adding much more gloss. The part of h2o Garden loss where you use the wet towel is nothing more than to spread it out and put it on your car and then you take the dry towel, and you wipe off the streakiness of the product. I can just wipe this on and wipe it through and it dries and seals at the same time. Make sure that you are taking care of your mobile investment by hiring a reputable detailing company to take care of your car for every need now at today. To book an appointment call us at 918-999-0355 today.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Plush Towels For Zero Scratches

As long as you care for your car with Car Detailing Tulsa in the right way it will last forever. Be sure that it is getting washed correctly, and maintained regularly, all the things like that. How long does the protection last? I probably gave it like four or five months for like three or four months, sorry, I’m thinking of something else. What do you use to wash the towels, we have a product called towel pad revitaliser is something that it will actually like really sort of break down the chemical that is dried or stuck in the towel, and it helps really thoroughly clean your towels out perfect so you can continue to use them on vehicles time and time again without causing any damage.

After Car Detailing Tulsa your towels get saturated with products like sealant or wax or ceramic, they tend to not absorb as well. If you clean them out properly, your drying towels will definitely dry better and absorb better. This product is incredible. That’s so easy. Okay, I’m done. Look how shiny it is. Our car cleaning process is very easy and efficient. That’s the whole point of this. I like to recommend always having a mini plus drying towel. It’s essentially a miniature version of the ultra plush towel.

Don’t mix your towels with cotton, you want to wash your towels with microfiber only so what I like to recommend is having slick and slide with you or like CS three is a great product for Car Detailing Tulsa. If there are places that you need to touch up really quickly, this is a really great way to do so. Well, what happens is if you push down or you go over the edge, it actually stops the system spinning, which allows it to not burn your paint. A dual action polisher just mimics the motion of your hand, and that’s what makes these polishers so effective and so safe.

The thing that is doing the heavy lifting of the polishing and removing the scratches is a little bit of the machine, but it’s a combination of the machine and the compound that you’re using. Using a high quality compound is what’s really going to do the work for you. Our system is pretty simple. In the world of polishing compound is a name that does a lot of the heavy lifting. The compound does the heavy lifting and removing the deep scratches. What happens when the compound can only get you so far and you still have a little bit of haziness from the aggressiveness of the compound itself, because the hybrid races are a little bit more aggressive, then the polish evens it out.

That’s just like a really expensive thing. Whereas if your whole car is spotted like your hood, doors like everything, we recommend breaking out your polisher and polishing it. They’re both equally as effective, just waterside movers easier. But watermark is also a very aggressive chemical. It’s hydrochloric acid. If it sits on the surface of champagne or your glass, it can turn it really hazy because it’s constantly reacting with acid. I tend to say like the whole bar, probably the faucet if it’s water started bad. Break out the polisher to make it look perfect and that is what we will do for you at or when you dial 918-999-0355 today.