There’s a question about a car detailing Tulsa that includes enzymatic cleaner. When you recommend using cleaner over anything else is when your car is dirty. I would say on more severe stains the carpet and upholstery cleaner is better. The only reason I say that is I have experienced with using both, and I tend to grab carbon unfortunately cleaner first. And just so everyone that’s watching Josh his question is when should you use enzymatic cleaner versus carbon the kosher cleaner on, you know, a severe stain or, or what situation. Honestly, This isn’t the kind of gross, but one of my little dogs threw up this morning on my carpet, and I cleaned it first with carpet, upholstery cleaner. I actually put it onto the stream. Stream on the setting here, and I blast it with the carpet, upholstery cleaner because really what I’m trying to do with this is pull out the color of whatever the stain is and carpet, upholstery cleaner tends to do that better than any of our interior products.

You need a professional company like Oklahomies Car Detailing for car detailing Tulsa. We have all the right products and tools to use. It can still leave behind a nasty smell, not from the cleaner but from the stain that is on the carpeted surface, and then once you are getting the color pigment. That is the stain out of the carpeted surface, then I would use an enzymatic cleaner. After that just to reinforce, taking the stain out, but also making the smell and the odor, less pungent I guess so. That’s what I did. I’m not joking this morning, at around 815 I doused it with adults that throw up with carpet, upholstery cleaner, and then I ended with enzymatic cleaner right after and I think that one spot actually looks better than like the rest of my whole carpeted area in my house but that’s what I would recommend.

We’re getting back into Leather Conditioner for car detailing Tulsa. I’m going to do it on this site so you guys can see the look of the leather conditioner. As it goes on, it has a wet look, but it’s not oily. I just want to be super clear that this isn’t like an oily finish. As this dries and gets absorbed into this car, leather, sometimes leather can drink this up if it’s never been treated, but it tends to back off on the shiny side of the product. It will still leave somewhat of a look behind so that’s what I’m wanting to show you guys here with the leather conditioner.

The burgundy interior of this corvette is so nice. This is the first time I actually sat in one of these seats and they’re pretty cool actually. We have all the interior products here but if you guys have questions, outside of interior things, feel free to ask. We’re like I said we’re just here to help and answer questions, definitely about car detailing. The reinforcement of automatic cleaner with the carpet and upholstery will definitely help. My side that looks ridiculous feels crazy. That’s another thing I want you guys to understand is, this does not leave it, oily or slick feeling, it is dry to the touch. And honestly, it makes leather feel just so much nicer. Can you use a leather conditioner on vinyl seats 100% Yes, and I tend to use Leather Conditioner more as a dressing on vinyl or vinyl seats to make them look better?

I tend to use Leather Conditioner more as a dressing on vinyl or vinyl seats, to make them look better. I know my wife has an SUV and it has vinyl seats and I use this quite a bit on those seats. It honestly just makes it feel a little bit better, to the touch and it obviously makes it look really good so yes you can use it on vinyl seats on the short answer, I always give the long answer, you can ask anybody on anybody on our team and give us a call now at 918-999-0355. You can also get more info by visiting our website now at for more information.

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Alright, so you see the Leather Conditioner here let me close this and I’ll put it over on this side to continue with car detailing Tulsa. Now we’re going to do leather interior dressing on the other side so you guys can see the look that this is going to get, and the consistency of these products are about the same. They’re like a cream formula that comes out of the bottom. The same thing, put it on top of the car dash and then fold it to spread it out like that gives just like this nice, you know coverage. And then I usually incorporated it into this one with my finger. Getting a swab or getting fusions. Yeah. And is that specifically if like specifically to clean perforations. If you get things inside of it, you can take. It’s not the safest but you can take like a toothpick or something and you can put it around a towel like this and it makes like a nice little, you know, a soft edge here, and then you can get the spots out of the perforations. If you use a toothpick straight in, you can, you risk the chance of damaging the seat. But, you know, getting creative with that we don’t have anything specific to that. And honestly, that’s kind of a niche tool that is for specific, specific instances so we just, we recommend you know there’s, I’m sure there are tips on, on how to do that. But we don’t have a specific tool.

That’s a good question when it comes to car detailing Tulsa. Yeah so interior detail, the question is, is can it be used on leather seats. Does it add protection to leather seats, and what cynicism. So addressing all of those questions, I’m actually going to show you guys that here in a minute on the dash up here, but it can be is on leather seats and it is recommended on leather seats, any hard surface of your tailors recommended, but you can’t recommend it on suede, just to meet super clear so no suede no carpet. But Vinyl Leather plastic any of that. It can be used on the does it add protection, it has UV blockers in so yes it will help protect from UV rays from the sun. But like I kind of touched on this before, you know, if you want more robust protection in moisturizer for your leather. Using a leather conditioner, or the leather interior dressing is a better option but if you want to use an interior detailer as a protection agent just means you need to use it more often. And then the finish, it’s a matte finish. It’s like a factory-looking finish, doesn’t it doesn’t add shininess or gleam or anything like that.

The glare will hit your windshield and then it’s really hard to see out of your windshield while you’re driving and it makes it easier to clean during car detailing Tulsa. So, every single one of our products. Well, the only one that leaves a little bit of a sheen is leather conditioner, but over time that fades with everything else is full like factory matte finish so that’s interior detailer. Yeah good ceramic glass leather ceramic last, I think it depends on how often you’re getting in and out of your car. So, if it’s a daily driver that you drive all the time you get out, go get groceries to go pick your kids up go home. Forgot something at the store, go back, the more abrasive, the more abrasion to that surface, it’s going to last less time so I would probably give it, you know, eight months if you’re getting in and out of your car a lot.

If it’s like a show car and it’s something you don’t drive every day. It can last a lot longer and, you know, upwards of a year or more, probably, but really it’s. That’s kind of a subjective question because there’s different like for each person is different, right I mean so what I would say is you can generally see the protection if you put like a droplet of water on the surface that you leather ceramic. If the drop of water beads or looks protected then you can assume that it is protected. But if it starts to get flat and the water gets flat and nasty and you wipe it up it’s hard to wipe up, you probably should ceramic the surface. Really, it will last about eight months to a year depending on circumstances. It just depends on how often it gets in contact with the surface and the ceramic also.

The ceramic coating has UV blockers in it. It’s the same on your paint, if you put ceramic on paint that is single stage paint it helps to not oxidize it’s because it’s blocking the UV rays, it’s the same thing with the ceramic on your leather. It’s going to block it’s going to diffuse or block the UV, the harmful UV rays that will hit your leather, and it will help maintain that longer oh help. What am I trying to say, will help sustain the look of your leather longer. My favorite scent. It’s hard to say I’m kind of in between all of them. Depends on the day I guess. We will make your car smell and look great here at Oklahomies Car Detailing when you head on over to and give us a call now at 918-999-0355.