In our industry which is car detailing Tulsa, we call tire blooming and we can offer you the solution to this at Oklahomies Car Detailing. What that is, there’s a mold release agent that the manufacturers use, so they have a mold release in the mold of the tire. Then they pull the rubber in, they make the tire that comes out not overly safe incorporates into your tire and tends to continue to come out of your tires too close to the sun and elements are inherent. We have two products that really address that directly, one is called Tire and Rubber cleaner, and the other one is called wheel and tire cleaner.

Tire and Rubber cleaner is more specific to the rubber tires in like plastic and things wheel and tire cleaner is for the rubber and the actual wheels for car detailing Tulsa. Both are super effective at removing that yellowish brownish hue on your tire. It’s pretty cool to use this product you can actually see you spray it on like dark orange and scrub it, this is a word that actually there are some people that use our time rubber cleaner dress or tires because they love the look of. What’s another thing that actually we have any other questions yet, anybody who’s watching if you have any other questions feel to ask about our auto detailing and more.

I just want to show you everything really quickly that we do when we offer car detailing Tulsa. I’m going to get there again as a junior out here and I want to drive the whole car, and I want to show how much water is still inside this car here. Detail spray is safe on the different painted parts of the car. You are all good cars and it is actually tinted and you can see, totally fine. While you’re getting that plugged in then now we have CS three two ceramic-coated cars as details spray is to wax cars.

I would say a better comparison would be like spray wax and wax. If you spray, because they’re like in the same family can detail, or sorry can see us three still be used as a drying aid also because of the content inside of it. Adam actually did a remake of the daily driver details, and we put CSV in it, just because it’s kind of an all-in-one product but we use it as a drying aid. You put it on your car as a drying aid when the water evaporates and then the product stays on your floor. It makes it harder to remove it from your car.

What we tend to recommend is if it does dry, we just take another strip of ceramic coating and just spritz it. If you bought a car that’s already ceramic coated you can use our ceramic boost on it, even though he doesn’t know what brand of ceramic coating the car has. If he bought a car that’s already coated then we understand that you want to know if he can use our ceramic boost on it, even though it’s not our brand of ceramic coating. The answer is that we can of course accommodate all the different kinds of car detailing needs at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by dialing 918-999-0355 now.

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Ceramic coatings have a lot of the same raw materials that are needed to protect your car for car detailing Tulsa. What the protection agent is, which is called the ceramic. That’s essentially like what material goes on your car as a protection agent. I have to wear silica to work really well and so that’s why a lot of these silicone sprays and silicone are there to maintain your vehicle so yes, our ceramic boots will work on the ceramic coating. You can have a ceramic coating on a wrapped car. Yes, you can. Well, one thing it does especially any color really is it will add somewhat of a shine. It’s a ceramic coating.

On regular cars that get car detailing Tulsa then you will make the car super shiny. When you put it on a route vehicle then it makes the color richer and actually other ways as well. If you want to stay super matte-looking on your vehicle, then you will not want a ceramic coating on the exterior of your car wrap. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend putting a ceramic coating on matte. I would recommend more on the side of using a silica spray like CS3 or ceramic boosts.

When you put a ceramic coating on your car during an Oklahomies Car Detailing Tulsa appointment, then it offers protection on the car. The elements such as rain, snow, or whatever it is, then it can slowly deteriorate your ceramic coating. If you continue to use ceramic silicon on top of it, it will continue to add layers of protection. What happens is you turn your leaf blower on if any dust or dirt is floating in the air is getting sucked into that vacuum chute that Dirt Sheet does everything straight from the leaf blower to dry your car.

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we have a stringent wash process where you’re barely dusting a full washing it ceramic coating then the coating and protection is going to last longer. Just continuing to put microscopic layers of protection on your car, but if you ceramic your car and you go six months without washing it, and you are pushing up against your car and it’s causing damage to your ceramic coating then it will not last as long. You need to reconsider maybe polishing it again and reapplying a ceramic coating and then maintaining it more frequently. What the ceramic boost is going to do is it’s going to help maintain the color and richness of the matte finish because you’re going to continue to protect it.

What happens when you see cars, maybe never been washed since the time that you have. It’s not because you washed it too many times, it’s because the sun is eating on top of it, and it just oxidizes the paint. It just deteriorates again. Get your car protected by calling 918-999-0355 and have us apply the ceramic coating and ceramic spray coating to your vehicle. You know our full paint ceramic coating doesn’t really matter, and you can go through and maintain with CS three. You can even maintain your full coating every time. When you’re putting the same materials together. So, that’s really like the regimen and ceramic is the best protection. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the sealing, you can do a seal, it just means you need to up the paint. We offer all the paint protection services at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and you can book online.