At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we will be sure to offer you all the best car detailing Tulsa to remove scratches and swirl marks on the vehicle. This scratch right here, that’s pretty deep. Okay, this scratch is like right in here. I know that if I use one-step polish on car detailing then I’m probably not going to get that out. The whole point of one step is to not have to get that out. If I want to get that scratch out of the car, then I’m compounding. If I want to make my full car finish look perfect then I’m compounding and polishing. I know like those swirl marks you guys just saw, I’ll be able to remove those. Now if I want to take a stab at getting those out. I will start with aggressive, which is the one-step pad itself. Okay, so I just want to see. The one-step polishing pad combo is abrasive enough to take off a traditional ceramic coating, we’ll have to rebuild the car.

After using the one-step polishing pad for car detailing Tulsa, you will love your car’s look. If you work it hard enough and you use it with the one-step polish the shine will look incredible. Someone asked, well, the one-step polish and one-step pad is aggressive enough to remove a ceramic coating and you will have to use a ceramic coating, once you use it. My answer is that combo specifically. Probably yes. The pad is a little bit more aggressive and why I say that the pad generates a little bit of heat. This wall and microfiber pad, and it’s a little bit more aggressive now. There are, we do get questions about polishing a ceramic coated vehicle, and you can be semi-aggressive, not really. I mean, you could do a one-step polish on a white foam pad and be less aggressive. And it’s probably not going to remove the ceramic coating, but it will make it look a lot nicer. So I would say if you’re trying to and I don’t know this, based on your question but if you are looking for a solution to remove a ceramic coating to then recoat your car, I would just tell you to go straight to a microfiber or blue foam.

This polish was designed to get all the best car detailing Tulsa. I think that brings up a good question, checking the damage to your paint first is the first thing you want to do so where did I put that light. That’s not the one. Okay, so let’s look at the damage on this car so I’m going to do one step over here. You see that there is a decent amount of swirl marks. I’m not seeing an abundance. I can see a few really deep scratches. I’m doing it visually, understanding what my expectation is coming out of this. Okay, so if I want to get these deep scratches out that are running kind of this way. They might be kind of hard to see, to see if I can do it better.

I think he was looking for a way to polish without removing the coating. Okay, so if you’re looking to polish, I think it depends too on the damage you have on your ceramic coating. If it’s bad damage I would just say it’s probably worth it to polish it aggressively and then recoat it. If you’re trying to avoid having to recoat your vehicle, I’d use a one-step with a white foam pad, or even a blue foam pad, and that will make your certain ceramic coated vehicle look amazing and won’t necessarily remove all of the ceramic. What I want you guys to realize too is like ceramic coating. When we say it lasts seven years, that’s not because there are things reacting with the ceramic coating and taking it off. That means over seven years it’s been braided away. When you’re polishing you are speeding up that process. You’re just doing it faster. Now, the more aggressive abrasive you use, the more you’re going to remove and the faster you’re going to get through that layer of ceramic coating.

If you’re less aggressive, you’re going to remove the top layer of ceramic but you’re not going to remove all of it. That’s kind of the idea, is the ceramic coating is durable enough to withstand the elements for a certain amount of time. If you want to accelerate that process you use a machine and if you want to accelerate it really crazy, you sand it but don’t do that. We offer different levels of ceramic coatings when it comes to making sure that you love everything that we have to offer at every day. You can also call us at 918-999-0355 for any type of ceramic coating or car detailing appointments.

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If you use one-step polish for the car detailing Tulsa, then we can use it as a quick touch-up on headlights every few years. Can you use one-step polish to touch up headlights a couple of times a year, every year, or every couple of years? Yeah, I think you can. Headlights don’t tend to look the same as paint, so when you polish paint with compound, it gets a little hazy. When you polish headlights with compound, it’s not as obvious. You don’t see it like that, those micro are the kind of that haziness, so if you need to be a little bit more aggressive. Using a compound with a microfiber pad on headlights is just fine. I would say to use a one-step polish and that will work, especially with this one-step pad.

If you’re polishing the car every couple of years then we can offer you great car detailing Tulsa solutions to provide great car polishing and more. I know a lot of people like me personally. I polished my car, essentially once a year, once or twice. At least it is done once a year or once every two years. I end up just polishing my headlights at the same time that I am polishing the car. When you polish your headlights, and you get them looking perfect. Putting something like ceramic coating on top will help them, or help them stay clear for a longer period of time. So, putting the right kind of protection on there is also kind of key to that.

By offering car detailing Tulsa, we use a one-step polish in a one-step pad for your headlights. It works great. Okay, I’m going to get into polishing and I can answer questions while we are going through the polishing. I don’t know if you guys saw I sprayed a little bit of detail spray onto this. As we were talking and started to dry up a little bit so I just rehydrated the one-step polish and now we have it going through the polish. Now, one step past one thing I will say is it’s not just like a quick couple passes like you want to work through the one-step polish so I’ll do a couple of extra passes four passes instead of two. I think it works better, it helps the abrasive break down a little bit more and I think it finishes better so I have this on speed, five I’m going to go to four. Okay. As you can see, the ones that pass are still really hazy. So I know that I need to keep working through that, I want it to look almost like vaseline on the car so not hazy but still, you can see the texture of it so I’m just going to continue to work through this and actually think what I might do is just throw a little more detail spray on here.

The heat or humidity affects the haziness or like with the vaseline look of the compound or polish, depending on whatever we’re using, I’d say no that’s more the haziness is more the abrasive inside the compound that’s breaking down on the car. Obviously, I think that the warmer it is outside. So, agitation, and heat are the two main things that will break down the diminishing abrasive inside of our polishes. It might accelerate that part of it because it’s warmer on the surface. It is warm when you’re polishing, and then it is generating a little bit of heat as well. I mean it might go a little bit faster, but it should still kind of look the same as you’re polishing it feels the same. I could probably even work this even a little bit longer.

Somebody asked if one step always creates a lot of dust. The answer is no, one step was the one that did this car very well. Oh my goodness. So like I said, managing expectations with one-step polish. I want you guys to see this, it essentially got rid of a lot of the minor swirl marks pressure where you apply just essentially the weight of my hands. Somebody asked how much pressure I was applying for polishing, I did about the weight of my hand. I wonder, do you think that light works any better. We care about showing you ways to make your car look better at and also by calling us at 918-999-0355 any time of the night or day.