First of all, we want to do is clean this trim as best we can for car detailing Tulsa. We want to get as much of the oxidation off as possible. The thing that is best for that is our edgeless utilities. I like to fold this up. This is kind of how they come to fold it in the package, and I’m going to fold this over like this, so I have you know a little bit smaller of an area to work with it. Then I’m going to use the tire rubber cleaner can so I like to spray the turnover cleaner directly onto the area that I’m going to restore scrub with this edges utility towel as much as I can now. This trim is so chalky it’s kind of hard to see but I’m pulling off a ton of oxidation from this plastic trim. I will need to do this a few times to spray this on here and rub it down. I want to remove as much of the plastic that is oxidizing. You need to use surface prep before you do the black trim restoration.

It has to adhere to the plastic-like ceramic for car detailing Tulsa. When you’re using ceramic, absolutely you need to use surface prep, without a doubt, hands down, absolutely need to use surface prep, whereas black trim Restore is absorbing into the pores of the plastic to restore the pigment. It will be making it look new again. It’s not sitting on top and it doesn’t need a naked finish to adhere to. When you restore trim, you need to protect it after, or else the trim is going to fade again. The best way to protect it is by using a ceramic coating.

Before you apply this ceramic coating for car detailing Tulsa, you need to use surface prep on the black trim restored area. One is our ceramic black trim restore and the other one is our regular black trim restore. Now, they’re almost the same product, but this one right here, the ceramic black trim restore has a ceramic and the dye incorporated into the ceramic. This is kind of a one-stop-shop so I could like put this on here that will make it black and it will protect it all at the same time. It has never been treated with anything and has been weathering for a decade and a half. I tend to when it’s that extended of a time when it’s not anything’s happened to it. I tend to use black trim restore, I want to use the full power of the restoration.

When it comes to a dyed ceramic in here, I want it to be all dye, because this trim is so far gone. If the trim isn’t as bad as this doesn’t look as bad but you want to restore it and protect it at the same time, I would say the ceramic black trim restore is a great option. When something is this bad, be sure to use the black trim restore as a much better option. Then you protect on top of that. What happens if you get either of the black trim restored on the paint, you just wipe it off. Therefore, I brought with me a borderless gray towel, and I always have this with me. When I’m doing black restoration for cars.

This is something I used to clean cars. so I’m kind of done with that. I always keep this with me so I’ll show you I’ll get it on the paint and I’ll show you what happens. We would normally use gloves because the product can dye your hands for a little while. We put this cap in here and it’s a super snug fit. We put it in here so it doesn’t spill and transport and ruin everything in your box. I tend to grab some pliers if I can find some. Alright, so we’re going to get into restoring the trim now, so you can see just by cleaning it made it look a lot better. I like to work this in with my applicator and I tend to go over it. You know it’s a little bit different than applying a ceramic coating is just like getting something on the top. With this I’m sort of monitoring and seeing what it’s doing, seeing how well the restores the plastic and how well it is absorbing. We take all the necessary steps at Oklahomies Car Detailing to make your car look truly it’s very best. When you need the royal treatment on your vehicle, give us a ring at 918-999-0355 now.

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You can use a microfiber applicator instead of a small suede applicator for car detailing Tulsa. Yes, you can absolutely when you’re working on the larger area you can. I tend to use this applicator because it has a kind of sharper edges, which I can fit in a little bit better in some of these places. I want to be able to get inside here as best as I can. If I don’t, this is all going to look perfect and you’re going to see like the trim. They’re mainly intended for doing interior surfaces so like in your vents and things, but John has used them to put the black trim restore on and get into the cracks and crevices that you probably couldn’t with an applicator.

I want to let this cure and sit for a couple of hours after car detailing Tulsa to get the best effect. It says full cure time is six hours or more. Do not expose it to any moisture during this cure time so for six hours. Somebody asked can you do this in the sun and yes you can. If there’s any slight chance of rain I wouldn’t do it outside. I fully recommend using either one of these, or the advanced version of the graphene, but use either one of these to go over this and protect it. Obviously, this is going to last longer than this just because of the graphene oxide. The extra reduced graphene oxide in here creates a stronger bond and stronger structure, but either one of these is going to be your ticket to protect this. Now, one thing I want to mention is, after this is cured for the six hours, come back with either an edgeless utility towel.

Okay, use an edges utility that is clean and doesn’t use a dirty one for car detailing Tulsa. Lightly wipe over this without this is wet and as product and they use a new edgeless utility towel. Just understand that you go black trim restore so my process and how I would do this truck is I would go through is I would first clean all of the trim I’m about to restore. Once you get it all clean, then come back and apply the black trim restore on all the trim and all the pieces that need the product applied. Then I let it sit for six hours or more probably and I would have the car in the garage.

When I wake up in the morning and the product has cured all the way, I would take my new clean utility towel and I would slightly wipe down all the trim that I restored Once I have that lightly wiped down, then I will take the surface prep. Lightly spray, wipe it down, and then put the graphene ceramic coating on top of it. Then I let the graphene ceramic coating here for 12 hours. It is sort of a weekend project. Wipe it down, put the ceramic coating on in the morning, then by the evening. I’d be able to drive my car. It will be restored and protected and look perfect.

When we go around and we restore all the trim on this, if I restored all the trim on this, and then I polished the car perfect ceramic coated it did a thorough cleaning on the underside. This 2006 will almost look brand new again. Detail your car and bring it to Oklahomies Car Detailing to do all the necessary things. You will be really surprised at how amazing we can make it look. A lot of our products can take a car that’s been neglected and make it look brand new again. All you have to do is book online at or call us on 918-999-0355 right away.