Getting back into the rinse portion of Car Detailing Tulsa, Chris made up a good point. I got my second step ready. Okay, so I have it on the foam cannon ready to go. I’m starting here, I’m going to go around the car this way. When I get back to this side after rinsing, I’ll throw the co2 on and we can go straight into that. This can be used on a ceramic coating, can you use this on the same kind of vehicle coating all the time.

This car is not coated but I think he has CS three on it and was applied for the Car Detailing Tulsa. That’s with me talking all the time so if I was doing this on my own and I did it I could do this in 15 minutes from a dirty car with nothing on it to a perfectly dry car that’s protected in almost no time. The Oklahomies Car Detailing do it and they’re pretty quick and easy to work with. I’ll show you guys after we dry it and everything. I’ll hit it with water again. You’ll see how much it beads up with the hydrophobic properties. I’m rinsing the soap off now. You can see, as soon as I hit it with the water it reactivates the soap that was on the car.

During Car detailing Tulsa, it kind of makes it foamy a little bit but that’s it reactivating and rehydrating the soap. Afterward, it falls off the car and the rinse is perfect. We rinse it first on the shady side, but it’s not shady because it’s overcast here. I’m more worried about where I’m going to end, so I’m closer to my cart. If you are rinsing in direct sunlight, starting every time you wash it doesn’t matter if you’re doing this process, or two bucket wash or a 12 bucket wash it doesn’t matter you always rinse in the shade, every single time.

Look, our rinse is crazy, and the car is so clean now. This foam is such a good thing because it has the cleaning power of the graphene shampoo, but it doesn’t have the reduced graphene oxide.
They’re really super strong surfactants like wheel cleaner or wheel and tire cleaner so you know ideally what you’d want to do is clean your wheels first. If you want to make it really easy then be sure to use a wheel and tire cleaner. With just a few brushes, you can clean your tires and your wheel fender all at once, super-fast, and then do this process, and your car will be perfectly clean and protected.

This is like the fastest wash you’ve ever done, rather than sitting in your car and going through a car wash, which nobody wants to do. I mean I guess some people do but that we want to help people get away from that because of the products they’re using. At that point the drive-thru car wash is so inconsistent, and they’re diluting their products. At Oklahomies Car Detailing we will be sure to offer you the best products and services by dialing 918-999-0355 or visiting now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | See What We Have In Store For Cleaning

What we’re trying to do for Car Detailing Tulsa is make sure that your car looks its very best every time. I don’t think anybody really in our industry has tackled the express car wash at all. Our services are so much better than a cleanup, or a drive-thru car wash. You know I want to do this as fast as we can. What we’ve been trying to figure out this whole time is that we can offer you the two bucket wash. How can we not scratch a car and the thing is that it doesn’t matter how long it takes. We will do the best job ever, even if that means we’re going to take three hours to wash a car.

Some people don’t have that kind of time when it comes to getting Car Detailing Tulsa, and that is why you need a fast and reliable company like Oklahomies Car Detailing. I guarantee this will be a staple in my washing routine. It’s not something I’m going to do every time, but it will be something that I have on hand. When I need to do something really fast. I’ve put this, the co2 on it already, so I didn’t rinse it out or anything like that. We use the best kinds of techniques when cleaning your car in the best manner possible. How could I foam up this car without having a pressure washer?

We’re just saying that if you want to make it more efficient with Car Detailing Tulsa, you have to be innovative about it and as technical in order to offer the highest level of service. Let’s implement those chemicals into what we’re doing when it comes to car detailing and make our lives easier, that’s essentially how we approach this whole system of cleaning your vehicle here with us at Oklahomies now. First we will be rinsing, and then now we go into the seal aspect to help with the paint and make sure it is protected. This is probably the coolest part of the system. I’m going to shoot the soap through a Foam Cannon, and I’m not going to rinse it off so once you get your car rinse like this, you take this bottle, and you’ll see it comes out milky. You can see it’s already working, right here, the ceiling has already hit the car and it’s dispersing the water.

It protects it as soon as it hits the car ‘s paint and exterior. The reason why it’s milky is because when you add protection agents to soap, it destroys the foaming agents. We washed the car which took us less than twenty minutes. Now we’re sealing. All I’m trying to do is get this product on the whole vehicle and the great thing is that it wipes off almost perfectly. I’m going to show you if it does get so dry that it’s hard to wipe off, there’s a way to fix that. All I’m doing is getting the seal on the car paint after detailing.

First off, what I want to do is try to get this on the whole car. We somehow foam up and rinse this car without needing to get a pressure washer. What we did with this system was essentially simplify the process for washing a vehicle in an efficient manner. I’m three quarters of the way through so I’m trying to make sure I have this on every piece of the vehicle. Then I can go through and just make sure I hit the spots that need to be definitely focused on the bottom. Be sure to give us a call today at 918-999-0355 or head to now.