At the Car Wash Broken Arrow you can also get graphene ceramic coating. You take some of this, and you get this on your trim or your whole car as soon as you can, because this is going to protect it and make it so it doesn’t fade over a long period of time. That’s secret and that’s what we’re going to do at Oklahomies Car Detailing after we restore this trim. This black term restore isn’t a ceramic coating that is going to bond to paint but it is actually going to actually seep into this rubber therefore all the pores do not need surface prep right now. What I will do though is once this is done and it has cured, then I’m going to put the ceramic on, and I will probably hit that with surface prep before I put the ceramic on.

We add polish to your car whenever you come to the Car Wash Broken Arrow. The reason for that is single soft is really a towel that you use for removing polish, removing wax, and using detail spray. In that instance, when you’re removing detail spray, it’s nice to know if you’re pulling up dirt and things like that. Wipe the surface with a single side and if you see a bunch of dirt on your towel then now you know you just need to flip it over. You don’t want to use that dirty side again.

We’ve had different colored towels here at the Car Wash Broken Arrow and there but they’re literally all the same exact towel as a borderless gray. You know it’s a cool idea but I’m just using black nitrile gloves. Just something that you know if you do get this black trim to restore dye on your hands it will stay in it for a little while. While I was applying it, it kind of felt a little sticky. I want to let it cure a little bit longer. I think in an ideal world, you’d want it to go for 30 minutes to an hour of cure time.

You want to wash your car and when you do this process, your car’s going to be clean. Now the only other thing I would say to that is you don’t want water to get exposed to new black trim that has been recently restored and the graphing ceramic on top. You need to wait 24 hours before getting your car wet if your trim has just been restored. You can fix it like ceramic coating like you can put a ceramic coating on and leave it so it gets super shiny and protected.

Let me go ahead and show people how to eliminate scratches and how to eliminate swirl marks. When you bring your car to Oklahomies Car Detailing then we will make sure to get your car’s perfect paint. I’m looking at a paint that’s way too perfect right now I can see it already. When you are finally ready to get the shiniest paint possible then head on over to our website which is or give us a call at 918-999-0355 in order for you to book an appointment with our team of professionals.

Car Wash Broken Arrow | Your Car Will Get Wax And Be Super Shiny

Paying for the ceramic coating was so easy that was the easiest thing in the world you’re paying for paint correction and that is what we do for you at the Car Wash Broken Arrow. We took it from scratch all the death and we took it to this, all you see is just pretty much the like a mirror, you know you don’t see anything. Paint correction is the act of removing defects and scratches and cobwebs, scratches and buffer swirls from the finish. That’s what you use a polisher machine polisher to do to remove them. We know how to do all that here at Oklahomies Car Detailing for you today.

If someone wipes your car down dirty and they wipe it down the wrong way at the Car Wash Broken Arrow then Oklahomies Car Detailing can fix it for you. That’ll cause stuff like this to most cars that are out there that are black will show some level of damage to play a car in your garage under the lights. You see a lot of it now. We’ve got a couple of different polishers here. We’ve got a mini which is my absolute favorite. This is a super good tool when you’re knocking out stuff for a living so there’s the pro, and then we have the mini pro, which is not in there right now.

The micro polisher has a one-inch path that gives you the ability to polish the pillars, little tiny areas where it’s hard to get with a full-size polisher at the Car Wash Broken Arrow. You can see that it was pretty decent. We’ve been using this over and over again for years now to get this perfect and make sure we’re starting with a clean finish. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and do a quick swirl mark elimination I’m going to show you the process as well.

These are the three keypads you’re going to use the blue and white is a microfiber cutting pad. Microfiber cutting pad cuts like wool and finishes like foam. It’s really effective at cutting deep scratches like these. If you don’t have that surface of damage, you can get away with a blue foam pad Okay, the blue foam pad is a very effective tool firm. This one will cut less severe scratches and then for polishing the white pad we like to make sure that our compounds are the same color as the pad so you know what you’re dealing with. We got really crazy and named our stuff compound and then we got really crazy and named our polish, polish.

I’ll tell you what you use with its compound it says compound on the pads. If you’re wondering what to use the white pads, use the polish it says it on the back so for people like me who don’t remember anything that makes it really nice. Now I’m gonna go ahead and put I know for a fact that this needs the microfiber cutting pad. However, if you want to start your detailing process off at and I started off like this with the least invasive method. Start off with blue foam and let’s see what this one does. We will be sure to get your paint truly perfect so dial 918-999-0355 any time.