They’re saying like they know that some detailers at car wash Broken Arrow use a citrus degreaser to pretreat areas before they go and they wash your car. This works great for road grime specifically. Our Eco APC I think is a really great solution for something like that. When you use our regular all-purpose cleaner that’s pretty harsh for your paint, especially when you’re doing this in the sun and you’re getting stuff to dry on the car paint. You don’t want an all-purpose cleaner to dry in your car. The eco APC I would say is a really great option for pretreatment for that. Realistically I think even waterless wash is a really great product to go around pretreating the front and to pretreat the sides of the car that may have been through different road conditions and need a thorough cleaning.

We have a bug remover that’s a pretreatment when it comes to car wash Broken Arrow and works very well. The bug remover or waterless wash will work to clean bugs from your vehicle easily. I like the way we do bug remover if you want to rent your car out so you’re trying to get as much dirt and grime off as possible. Then after you rinse it, you hit the areas that need to be treated with a bug remover. As it kind of sits, you’re getting ready to foam your car, then you just fold it down and wash it and the bugs will come flying off really easily. You don’t need to rinse it off before you wash it if you do use bug remover. Once you hit once you like to hit the car with bug remover, then you foam your car to do the next step. I would go and hit those areas that you treated with bug remover, first with your wash and afterward a car soap.

If you’re looking for a ton of suds then this is the soap for you at the car wash Broken Arrow. It’s extremely lubricated, This is like the thickness of it falling off the car, it’s just plopping all over. Okay, so the mega foam is insane. All right, if you’re sort of looking for the most suds possible whether it be in your bucket or in the car, this product right here is going to be your go-to. If the thickness of suds isn’t necessarily like a priority for you, but it’s more about cleaning power and lubricity, then use the car shampoo. Car shampoo is amazing when it comes to just cleaning, I would say that myself. Nowadays I’m using car shampoo. I really like this foam and seal system. I don’t have the foam out here but the foam and seal system, I’m telling you, does wonder for a clean car.

In regards to the process of how you wash your car, the benefit is that it adds so much shine and cleaning. I wash my car about once every three weeks, if not more than that. I’m using car shampoo, and then on that fourth wash, I’m using the foam and seal. It was as simple as shooting it out of the foam cannon and drying it off so I’m really kind of into that right now. Let’s talk about the graphene shampoo that’s this one right here. If you’re using the foam cannon and the two bucket wash method would you need to have any soap in the bucket or is just using the cannon? If you’re using a foam gun, and you’re doing a two bucket wash method, you absolutely need soap in one of the buckets.

The two bucket wash method is two buckets. One of them is clean and clear water, the other one is soapy sudsy water. Then you have your soap solution in your foam gun or Foam Cannon, and actually, that brings up sort of a good point I guess not a good point but it starts a really great discussion so washing, in general, doing two bucket wash. I think most of you guys know what a two bucket wash is. These foam guns have existed for a long time for great car cleaning. We use the best products at or whenever you dial 918-999-0355 for car cleaning.

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Protection from the winter elements to keep harmful substances from damaging your car is what we do at the car wash Broken arrow. We use the best products, equipment, and services to clean your car so it looks new. Our award-winning service will keep your car looking great for years. If you’re not sure which package is right for you, ask one of our friendly associates to help answer any questions you may have! You might be surprised with how many different options we offer, including full-auto wash, wheel wash, underbody blast, and a variety of other car cleaning services.

Your car will never be dirty if you bring it to the car wash broken arrow today. Clean cars drive better and last longer. Even if you’re not a car care expert, we’ll help guide you through everything we offer so your car will look perfect. Our award-winning service can definitely make any auto enthusiast happy! If you have any questions about our services or products, feel free to give us a call; we’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

The next time you want to brag about how clean your car is, bring it down to the car wash broken arrow. We treat our customers like family and you will love the services we provide to you. Just to give you a little insight into the services we have, here are some of the key benefits our company offers. Think your car could use a good cleaning today? Bring it on by or give us a call and have us come to your location. That’s right, we also mobile car detailing too. Mobile car detailing is a great option especially if you’re too busy to even have enough time to get your car washed.

Our company can come onsite and clean your car from top to bottom so it’s looking its best before a date or for an important business meeting. You’ll never be embarrassed when you pull up in this luxury car! Now that you’re familiar with the benefits, feel free to give us a call; we’d be more than happy to answer any questions for you. Getting your car washed today is in regards to car washing and detailing services. So remember, if your looking for professional car cleaning come on down or give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer exterior and interior cleaning options for all different types of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, RVs, motorcycles, and more. We also have exterior window tinting services that can be done to any model vehicle you bring us. We also do headlight restoration for headlights that are yellowed or foggy-looking. Your car will look like it just rolled off the showroom floor once we’re through working with it! If you are looking for a great way to get your car cleaned on a regular then give Oklahomies Car Detailing a call now at 918-999-0355 or visit our website at now.