There are a couple of water spot chemicals and water spot removers that we use for Tulsa auto detailing. We do have some fun stuff coming down the pipeline. The thing with hard water spot removers, the ones that are effective as a hazardous chemical. It’s kind of like acid. We’ve been working on one for quite a while, and we want to get one that’s really user-friendly. You know, we may have to go through harsh chemicals but we are working on it. What we have in our line currently kind of really depends. Hard water spots are really tricky to maneuver and get cleaned off the car. They are a tricky one in just the industry overall. Now if this is my vehicle I left it outside and my sprinklers hit the side of it. If I come out in the morning, and to fix it I take some detail spray, I could probably easily wipe them off right.

We will remove all the water spots and make your car look great with our Tulsa auto detailing today. However, if I live in an apartment complex and my vehicle sits outside overnight, all the time. Take a look at the vehicle that we had come in. This thing just looks trashed right now. You can see on her vehicle she most likely is parking outside somewhere where it’s getting hit with sprinklers. It’s more of a calcium and mineral buildup, it’s not just rain, right. She’s parking next to sprinklers, or something that’s hitting this thing daily. If you’re not taking care of that hard water spotting, it can get baked on there and etched in there. Your first step is a detailed spray wipe down and you will be saved from hard water spotting on your car.

The next step would be if the water spots have baked-on there a little bit. Now you’re going to maybe take a clay bar or something a little more abrasive and go after them. If that doesn’t happen, then you’re looking at using more of a harsh acid-base. If neither one of those works, your paint in the vehicle needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Is there a product you can use to reduce water spots, and yes, that is detail spray, our number one product. That will be the best kind of chemical that you can use to eliminate water spots.

When you are rinsing your vehicle then be sure to dry it off right. Even without deionized water, you can make sure to be careful and not have water spots on your car. This is our final rinse on this vehicle, what we’re going to do, and this was hard water. Well, we did in the detail shop where we suggested people go around the whole vehicle and spray with some detailing spray. We appreciate your guys’ patience on these sprayers. Mist it down with detail spray, and you know if you think you’re using too much detail spray you’re not, just keep going, you can never use enough when you’re actually using it as a drying aid. Joe talked about it as a clay lube, you can use too much. We have one other question which is can you set up the DI water system so that it fits next to the pressure washer and set, or does it have to be situated next to your spigot. No, absolutely. So, simply take the hose right now. I’m using a 50-foot hose hooked up to it, so just swap these hoses.

It doesn’t need to be right and that’s why it’s called portable, honestly, is, because it has this handle here, you can shut everything down, you can kind of walk this wherever you want to. This hose is just to hook up to your standard water supply or to hook up to your pressure washer or whatever else you’re hooking it up to. Take your 50-foot hose and just swap them. Take this hose connected to your water, connected to your inlet, and then take the little hose and connect it to the pressure washer. Be sure to use a professional detail service to save you from headaches. Be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355 or set up an appointment online at now.

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Detail Spray is your go-to chemical for Tulsa auto detailing, as well as a waterless wash. I wouldn’t depend on a waterless wash like a detail spray. Now let this sit on here although we are using DI water. At this point, you can let this sit on here and you can take your time through your drying process and this is really going to help to not have any water spots. It will just leave a nice glossy surface. We didn’t wash this vehicle, there’s still leftover dirt on here we are getting kind of washed off from a lot of the fires in the area. The spotting that you’re seeing is actually just the dirt in the air, it’s not what’s in the water that is causing the spotting, which is what etches into your paint.

If you would like to polish away minor water spots, then use a professional Tulsa auto detailing service provider like Oklahomies Car Detailing now. We can do it by hand or we have scratch and swirl remover as well as a revived hand polish. Both of those are hand applications. The scratches roll removers, definitely going to be for the more aggressive hard water spots and that is kind of really baked in there. It will revive what would probably be my go-to for hard water spotting. Now hand polish to actually take away light spots that you can’t remove with a detailed sprayer or a clay bar.

That’s really kind of the cool thing about the microfiber pads when doing Tulsa auto detailing. Our heavy correcting or correcting compound is a go-to product for removing pollutants in the car paint. Even something as light as polish on a pad can help. Any really fast abrasive is going to make that work really easy on windshields Yeah. Our customers are actually calling that out on our community page and, and elsewhere, it does seem like an expensive price but this is literally we hit the nail on the head with this one, I’m not saying it’s 100% average home user or even small detail shop or a guy running a detailed business out of his garage. This is literally a perfect unit. I used to run a detailing company, where we did helicopters and I just swore by the ionizers we had tall, huge two bottle units that were hooked up to each other. And these things would do in the several 1000s of gallons and a lot of times, you know, we just rent an aircraft down outside and just walk away and, you know, the owners loved it.

So a couple of things we have noticed right off the bat, at least in terms of customer calls and stuff that we’ve had to deal with is, you can’t hook the bypass up backward right the bypass only goes in one direction, and unless actually, we’ve drained this real fast. Yeah, so we’re gonna, we’re going to show you kind of how to hook this up and then a little bit of troubleshooting, and the only reason I’m doing the troubleshooting is that we’ve noticed right off the bat, several customers have put these up backward in wondering why they’re getting a bunch of resin beads down their driveway. We offer the best kinds of car detailing every single time. The ppm is not decreasing.

It’s so nice and easy that the actual effort that you use to get the towels in order to get the car clean using the water is very low. We use only the best and all killer products. We have a very good bug removing technique, that’s for sure. If you want to go ahead and waterless wash your car come across the front. Spray with a stream setting sprout for volume. Spray on the vehicle, and then come back to the mist. We clean every inch of your car when you head to or book an appointment by dialing 918-999-0355 now.