We’re working on developing a way to get foam under there for Tulsa auto detailing. There are just a lot of different connections and the more connections and more things you’re shooting out of, you lose a lot of pressure. What we’re thinking about is putting some kind of, I don’t know some way to get the foam out of this, to be able to blast foam on there but yeah this is just such a cool, I think it’s a cool kind of underrated product that we offer. The only way to really prevent it is to jack your car up and get underneath and put ceramic coating or some sort of protection under there, which is a lot of work. I haven’t had any, you know I drive in the daily drivers sit outside all the time. I drive in Colorado and there’s salt and magnesium chloride everywhere on the roads. As long as it doesn’t get into the metal components, you’re not going to see too much rusting happening underneath. Underneath in that area but yeah I mean if you’re really looking for something like that it would be either get it on a lift to where you can get underneath and every component or jack your car up and clean and apply a coating.

The question is why does my hood get rainbow streaky when they apply CS three ceramic spray coating when doing Tulsa auto detailing. Spray graphing details or graphing detail spray and spray coating on top of a hood that has been ceramic spray coated. It’s only the hood, not the rest of the car. What I would tell you to do is take a video of what’s happening. and take a video, and make sure the video represents what you’re seeing all the time, and then send it to us at tips at Adams polishes. We have some really high-level detailers that are answering those emails and it’s a lot of our customer service but also people who are working on cars every week. He would be better at diagnosing especially if he could see it.

That’d be like the only thing I say I know for a fact that I’ve used CS three for Tulsa auto detailing. Some of these others like ceramic spray code and graphene ceramic spray coating can be sprayed on any painted surface. The hood of the car is like, you know, 100 plus degrees on the surface it hears like instantly it’s hard to get it. Usually, that means using either less product and working faster or letting the car cool down before you get into using it. The number on how long it lasts. That’s a good question, we, you know, it’s a tough one. The question is do we have a number or a timeline on how long the UV tracer lasts in the ceramic coatings or graphene ceramic coating. I don’t know the number, maybe our chemist Chris knows the number, but it’s an application it’s not an aware indicator. When you put the graphene ceramic coating on the UV tracer if your car’s outside is constantly activated right but the power of the sun, you don’t see the UV, on, on your car, that’s why it doesn’t glow blue when you’re in the sun, but the how powerful the UV rays from the sun just continue to activate that and then eventually will fade, I don’t know how long that is.

When applying graphene ceramic coating to a Harley Davidson motorcycle, it sounds like they’re asking about applying the graphene ceramic coating to two parts of the bike. That will get hot, or do get hot. Yes, you should do it because of the heat resistance of graphene ceramic coating has it. It’s got to be in the hundreds to 1000s degrees. You know it’s just as durable as a wheel coating and our wheel coating we tell people to put onto the brake calipers and your brake calipers get crazy hot when you’re driving. Put it on all the components that get hot, it might just wear out faster than if it’s on like to paint, or other places that don’t get as hot. It might reduce the integrity on that part but I don’t think it would. I think you can absolutely apply it to places that get hot on your car or on your Harley Davidson.

We’re getting a little close to 30 minutes but one more can use spray or graphene coatings on the interior of a boat, or should you use leather and vinyl specific coating for interior parts. What about the soft fabric? You know I don’t know if those seats in that boat are leather, I would put them more towards on the vinyl side of things and so, you know, with a boat being exposed to the elements more, I would say you could absolutely use the graphene ceramic coating or the or the UV ceramic coating. You know if you’re on the seats yeah like on this, like, like this is a perfect example like I would say that seats on a boat are very similar to seats in this UTV like they’re still soft. They’re just, they’re vinyl not leather because if you put leather in a boat. The water and the elements of the UV sun or the UV from the sun is going to dry out the leather super fast so probably an older boats, yeah it has leather only on newer boats, I couldn’t give you like an era but they probably are vinyl so yeah you can do that on all hard surfaces, all the seats everything on a boat, you can put the ceramic coating or, or graphene ceramic coating by calling 918-999-0355 or on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | How Clean Car Your Car Really Be?

We have a Fabric Protector, which is really a really good fabric protector for Tulsa auto detailing. It penetrates the fibers so it protects them like the kind of encompasses all the fibers even deep down to parts of you can’t even see. It makes cleaning it a lot easier, but I personally would tell you to put ceramic-like ceramic spray coating on that. There are a couple of videos on Instagram you probably have to scroll for a little while but we did some ceramic spray coating on soft tops on a vehicle. The boat is more durable than on a vehicle but it also gas well what is the name of that there’s Jeep. Jeeps have soft tops that are specific for the elements and hard weather and things like that. We put ceramic spray coating on those and it works amazingly like it just I don’t know what it is. When adding the ceramic it just works so much better.

Get the ceramic spray coating, and you need a cockpit brush with it to do Tulsa auto detailing. What you do is spray the ceramic spray coating on it, either graphene or the UV ceramic spray coating you spray onto the top of the soft top of the car or the soft top of the boat. Saturate the fibers of the soft top and then you take the cockpit brush and you brush it in, it just ensures that you’re getting that protection like all over the surface of the soft stop, and then you brush it in and I would read that because it’s on a soft-top I would let that cure for 24 hours. Then once it’s cured you see you can spray water on it and it literally just beads up and falls off. One thing to note too, and I think this is somewhat of a misconception of fabric protection is, if you use, you know something with force in it, like if you use a pressure washer. I don’t recommend it but if you use a hose and you’re blasting it, it’s not, there’s not a hard barrier between the soft top in the outside elements like the protection of the ceramic spray coating is going to go around the fibers.

What that means is, even if you use some force with water with Tulsa auto detailing it’s still going to penetrate the water going into the fibers. Because they’re protected all around, it just makes cleaning them easier so the water is going to exit a lot easier. You could use an air cannon to blow it out a lot easier and dry easier. If the water penetrates and it looks like it’s not beading, don’t be alone. The fibers are protected. It’s just that there’s not a hard barrier on top of your soft top. I doubt that I explained that well but I hope I did. The undercarriage spray is great for detailing the underside of a vehicle. The question is does the undercarriage spray have protection in it or is it just a dressing like is it just to make the undercarriage look nice. The answer is it has a little bit of protection so it has properties of both.

If you want something to protect the plastic undercarriage of your car, take your wheel off as it’s jacked up and put ceramic coating in there. I know Adam has done that before to his cars, I did it to my car because I pulled the wheels off. It is a total game-changer it makes cleaning that easy, you can’t do it with carpeted wheel wells, I mean you could spray ceramic spray coating and second to last for anything because it just, they take a thrashing but yeah I put graphene ceramic coating in my wheel wells and it just makes cleaning a lot easier. The colors are preserved of that black plastic so yes undercoats have a little bit of protection but nothing like ceramic coating. I would say we have a new version of undercard spray that was new about two years ago, that is when we added the silica to it so if you have the new version. It has a little bit, it’s going to last a little bit longer than the old version of undercard spray. It’s a great product.

I did a ceramic and I’m having a hard time fixing it. I got them little easy spots and they won’t come out with. Michael applied ceramic coating and he says he has some little hazy spots, and he’s asking how to get those out. I’d be curious if it’s graphene or if it’s regular ceramic coating either way. The first thing I would try is to use a brilliant glaze that has a solvent in it but also wax. The wax inside green glaze is sort of a cleaner wax it has a super minor abrasive. So, getting brain glaze, putting it on an applicator, and kind of rubbing in will do the trick. If that doesn’t work, then I would tell you to get some finishing polish like our white finishing polish or her one-step polish, putting in an applicator pad, or even our hand polish. Put in an applicator pad and go over it very lightly, maybe four or five times, and then wipe it off and it should be fixed. We will fix all your car detailing problems when you call us at 918-999-0355 or at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.