What we do at the Tulsa auto detailing is you rinse off the car. Then we will wipe it off and clay the car. Then what you can do is either rub it over a great car to try to help get that stuff off but really what you can do is just rinse it off and kind of rub your hand on it and it will stay effective for cleaning. We’re doing this while we’re washing it just seems to be the most effective while you’re doing it so that’s about to demonstrate right now. I want you guys to see this. Now this soap, I’m not kidding you. This is a limited edition and it’s so good for cleaning and detailing your car.

I just put it straight in with my wash pad and that is what we are using for the Tulsa auto detailing today to clean the cars. I just want to get this foam down. Get the foam cannon all hooked up and ready to go for car cleaning. I pulled this down and I’m going to actually, I want to get the dirt and grime on the surface off first before I press the body contaminants. I’m just going through and washing this as if I was washing the whole car.

I want to switch from regular ceramic spray coating to graphene ceramic spray coating for the Tulsa auto detailing today. Do you need to remove the old coating first? If you want to switch from ceramic spray coating to graphene ceramic spray coating, do you have to remove the old coating first? No, you don’t have to because the graphene ceramic spray coating is essentially like an extension of our previous ceramic coating. It still has the graphene; the reduced graphene oxide is paired with the polysiloxane that together so when you put the graphene ceramic spray coating on top of our original coating, they still adhere and work together.

You don’t need to remove it, but you need to assess your finish first. See what your paint finish looks like before you’re putting that much of robust protection on top. If you want to put graphene ceramic spray coating on, I think it’s great but looking at your car’s paint finish first is very crucial. Maybe you need to do a quick one-step polish, and then put graphene ceramic spray on. A one-step polish isn’t going to remove the ceramic coating, it’s just going to help even out the surface and make it look perfect, it’s going to remove minor swirl marks and things.

Before you start putting graphene or anything on top so that’s just my recommendation. If your finish looks great and you’re okay with it, by all means just wash it. You know, I recommend claying at first and then putting in graphene ceramics. Alright, so I got that dirt and grime off of the car. Now what I can do is I can take this clay mitt and I can just go straight in because the car shampoo won’t even stick on here. The car shampoo is highly versatile and will not ruin the paint at all because it is pH neutral. I can just take this and go over everything with the clay mitt then make the car look great every time you give us a call now at 918-999-0355 or contact us through our website at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ any time.

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I have a whole hood and the windshield that needs Tulsa auto detailing. Before you start, be sure to clay bar your glass. Please, it is like one of those things if your clay on the glass, it helps, putting graphene ceramic spray on it helps to put glass sealant on. It is something to help get the bond contaminants off your glass, and the clarity and the sealant will adhere better. Be sure to use ceramic and it will make life so much easier. I’m washing because I know it’s like an added step and I do it about every few months, but it’s just so quick.

The car shampoo acts as a lubricant and never lets that dry while doing Tulsa auto detailing. We used car shampoo, which was that personal car shampoo. So we’re using car shampoo here and ask if you can also use a washing coat instead. Yeah, you can too. You can’t, it’s like it still acts as a normal washing method, anyway, because any of our soaps are lubricated right in all of our soaps. I’m not worried that the sun is hitting this because of the soap. It is ph neutralized which is probably my favorite thing about it and makes washing in the sun very safe and effective.

The Tulsa auto detailing is wonderful when the technicians at Oklahomies Car Detailing wash your car. We are professionals and use the best products. It leaves behind the layer of protection or silicone protection, but the washing still has a new recipe of car shampoo in it so it still makes your clay glide on the surface. Every bucket he has for washing, he has a clay bar inside. He clays his car every two weeks because he wants it perfect. His business back then wasn’t full polishing ceramic coating all that didn’t even exist back then. So, detailing back then was washing a car and waxing, right, and so he just he loves washing so much and I think that’s why he loves a clay mitt in the wash, because you know it’s not one of those things where you wash your car and rinse it off, pull it inside dry it, then you go and clay it, it’s like, you wash your car before you even rinse it, you can either refilm it if you want but you’re just, you’re just using this to clean your car in the best way possible.

I would do it after like you do the whole car. Just use the pressure washer to get it off as it is dropping it off. Yes, exactly. That’s a great point, you drop this on the ground like this. Whoops. You should pick it up, There’s going to be nasty stuff in here. I think what it is is that just the material that this clay is made out of allows it to be able to be rinsed off like that. That’s why I think that’s what makes it so versatile. You don’t have to be as crazy about it, but like fine clay, if you drop those rocks like go up into that and you can’t pick those out, right, like that’s just the reality of that, and you can use any of the clay bars to clay while washing.

You can use fine gray clay as you wash. Any of the grades have been fine. The reason why I don’t recommend fine grade clay is that I can’t just like throw this in the bucket because this is in the bucket, I can get suds all over in the water, whereas if I go on this site, it’s stuck. Right, so like even if your car has suds on it. You know if you’re using fine-grade clay while washing, I’d recommend having detail spray with you. You can use it, you just have to also add detail spray as well for example. Be sure to store the clay bars after use every time. Make your car look great every single time and that is why you need to contact us at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or on 918-999-0355 now.