When doing Tulsa auto detailing, somebody asked what should I do if I have sap in my paint that has been ceramic coated? What I would recommend is my first question to you and be did you get the actual sap off of your car and if the sap ended up staining, then I would try using a clay bar first. If a clay bar doesn’t fix it, then I would actually polish it and then just reapply the ceramic coating on that and if it’s your hood, I would honestly say if you have to polish it, just polish your whole hood. Polish all of that and then re ceramic coat it. The thing about ceramic coatings it’s they’re not bulletproof. It’s not like something that you put on your car and you don’t get scratched and you don’t get stains this and that. I mean, you can still get water spotting so you still have to maintain your vehicle the correct way.

If it did stain the ceramic coating on the paint, you do have to polish it and reapply it with Tulsa auto detailing. That’s protecting the ceramic wax which I use on my garage that’s protected with ceramic beeswax as a topper? Yeah, that’s a good question. Honestly. You know, I think probably CS3 would be a really great option. You know, it sounds like you know, like a garage clean, it’s gonna be dustier than it is probably going to be dirty. I would probably say CS three would be really great I mean, honestly so they have this on there right? You know, a lot of these products are going to be really good in that realm. Something like ceramic waterless wash would be a really good product to use on that. Even ceramic boosts would be good.

This is just this can be a little bit tough to not tough but it’s a little bit streaky and we can fix that with Tulsa auto detailing. A little bit goes a long way with ceramic boosts. You got to be really conscious of how much product you using and ceramic boost, where ceramic waterless is a lot easier to use and it smells amazing. Also ceramic liquid wax is a great product to use as well. You have Americana wax, buttery wax and spray wax and you kind of take the sort of the same concept and you go ceramic paste wax the ceramic liquid wax in the ceramic booth.

It’s sort of the same concept but what happens is when you add the silica to these, which is what the ceramic is inside of these si02, it makes it more durable than that. For the person asking the question, this is a really good combo here is ceramic paste wax. To add an extra layer you can throw the ceramic liquid wax on and then the ceramic boosts. The cool thing about liquid waxes is they can be applied with a machine instead of doing it all by hand. It’s just a reality. You can take our red pad, like this guy right here, this red pad and you can put it onto the machine. Then once you have it on the machine, then you put this on setting one strip all this stuff out, and then it brings the fibers back up and makes them way more effective and makes it so they can absorb products like they were when they were new.

I use a lot of these towels to use use a lot of these towels for home care even like I use a double soft with detail spray to dust my whole house and the easiest way to do that is to blind everything that’s what we use. I honestly use kind of a limited which is going to make people’s heads turn but I use currently I’m using detail spray just because my wife likes the smell of it. When you’re going to clean these can you prepare your loads so you have them in the basket, throw them in your washer, and you’re going to use them to detail cars? If you are finally ready to get a professional car cleaning, call 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

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If you have towels that are extremely dirty, say from metal polishing that we can do here with our Tulsa auto detailing services now. Scrub trim or they got really dirty, you can take those out and treat them almost like you’re using that pretreatment. I’ll have the sprayer on here, okay, and then I’ll pre-hit my towels with it. The ones that need to be pre-treated, and then I’ll take the sprayer off and then I’ll dump the product like in where the detergent goes and then put them in. I set mine to extra spin so I want as much water out of it after it’s done doing its thing and I do it on warm through its washing cycle. Then I take them I put them in the dryer, and I run it on the dress so depending on how big my load is, kind of depends on how many minutes I do.

You do not want to do a high heat setting and it will it can potentially ruin your towels that are used for Tulsa auto detailing. Either do a no heat or do a low heat setting. Now if you have a ton of different towels that are really nasty and really gross like you did a big polishing job or you’ve been doing polishing jobs and you have just a stockpile of towels. You can take one of our five-gallon buckets. Fill it up with warm water to like right here and then put three or four ounces of talcum powder with towel revitalizer, mix it up and then soak your towels for two hours and then put them in the wash. That’s a really great way to pre-soak your towels before you wash them. It allows the product to really take its time and break down the sealants and the waxes and the silicones and all that stuff, polymers, whatever you want to call it, but that’s a really good way to do it.

Cleaning your pads for Tulsa auto detailing is very important. I usually have a bucket of water with me like a five-gallon bucket of water and I sit I have one of the stools and I sit on the stool outside like this. I have the bucket of water. I put all my pads in the bucket. Then I have inside the bucket will be warm water with some of the towel powder revitalizers so I can presoak them. Then what I’ll do is we’ll take the I have the towel powder revitalizer with the sprayer on it. You take a pad out, spray it, and then you rub it with your fingers. Makes it through the pad as much as you can. If they’re really bad like Chris was saying you could take this and you can scrub them, and then then you’ll just separate bucket with just warm water in it.

Then I’ll dip it in there and then I’ll wring it out outside of the buckets. It’s like more in my driveway and just get as much of the stuff out as possible. If it’s in the summertime you can have the hose with you and you can rinse them out. Then you wring them out and then you hang them to dry and usually, you know you can wait 24 hours until they’re dry depending on the temperature. You want all the water out of the pads before you use them again for polishing the paint. I would say the APC tends to deteriorate your pads, your pad life will be reduced because APC is a pretty harsh chemical when it comes to cleaning the towel and powder revitalizer is much better and much more effective.

We used to sell microfiber revitalizer which was dedicated only to towels and then they updated that formula. Then we found out that it works even better to clean pads and is just as effective to clean towels. That’s why we switched it so just for anything maintenance cleaning towels or pads. Can you throw the foam microfiber applicator pads in the washer? Can you throw the foam microfiber? No, I will clean them the same way I just talked about cleaning the pads. You know I think I think the heat in the movement with everything going on. In here’s the thing that the products that you use inside those foam applicators, you don’t tend to think like you’re probably you know, like tire shine. You do not want that going in with your towels. That stuff silicone stuff is great for tires, but it’s nasty to go into your towels. We always use clean pads on your car so be sure to call 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.