When Chris and I did the graphene ceramic coating video at Adam’s barn for Tulsa auto detailing we worked on many different cars. I’d had the same exact thing. I had this on a black car. It was so obvious that it had high spots. It was like I didn’t wipe the coating off early enough in this and luckily I had some finishing polish there. I put it in one of the gray microfiber applicators just like one dime-size dot. I went over it just a couple of times and it totally made it perfect. I wasn’t removing the ceramic coating because the finishing polish isn’t aggressive enough to take the ceramic coating off. I was just removing that high spot or that layer of ceramic that just built upon one section, I just removed that and evened it out, and made it look perfect.

The comment is that their iron remover lost its orange color but we will still do Tulsa auto detailing now. It turned out to be clear so what I’m going to explain to you guys right now is that the one thing that is not stable inside of our products is the dye. When they formulate our products, it is like, we can make every single one of our formulas with the exclusion of certain things we could essentially make them clear. We can make detail spray clear, we can make all kinds of other stuff clear, we can make it more white, whatever it is, we add the color just as an identifier, more of an experience. I mean, I’ll just put it this way, I go to car shows and people don’t even know the name or details right. They just call it that pink stuff. I mean it’s just a way to, it’s an experience that people can recognize. The ones that want us to do things that are not very stable, or that can not be stable in our formulas are the dye, the color of it, and the scent.

You know sometimes I can’t remember the way the Tulsa auto detailing formula crushed the dye. That’s usually what he tells us and that means that he made the formula for cleaning cars. He put the dye in the dye for a day and then he comes back the next day now the formula is white. That’s probably what happened with the iron remover and things that affect that are temperature, exposure to the air, and things like that. It’s still going to work fine, it still has the power to drive. You can still spray it on your car and you’ll see it turn purple and everything but don’t get too concerned over the color. I’ve had a detailed spray that has sat in my garage. It got 10 degrees out there. I can still use it because the formula of the actual product in there is still safe. It’s just the color change.

First, then do the paint okay so it all the glass to the entire thing and then I’m gonna go ahead and take the details right now, just give a little swipe. What’s the crazy shine is that is a truck. You see I pull the trigger hard, I missed it wide so that I can get a lot of coverage without soaking a paddle. If I go like this. You don’t have water dripping light or detail straight dripping like that. I’m going to soak the towel and I won’t get as far with the towel. Then I’ll only build the part of the top of the towel. If I go ahead and do a big area like this, then I can go ahead and do giant areas. I could do one panel at a time. I got this whole front fender done this part, and then the whole front fender dominating this whole door, about how fast you wipe with the towel. Break down the product, the fast is good if it’s hot out like right now I’d say it’s pretty warm. From doing it on a hot day, I want to really go fast when applying the coating after detailing because again, it dries pretty quick. The hotter it is, the faster you’re going to wipe it clean and away.

This definitely saw some dirt roads that weren’t gravel. Look at the difference to last year versus you believe, minimal effort. Knock out all the paint next. You can get away with doing a maintenance wash or a waterless wash instead of a full. I guess a lot of it depends on how perfect your car is. If your car is flawless. Well then, like all my vehicles, honestly. I’ll take them off to the cash washing pressure washing and pretty much pull them off the floor and dry. You can book an appointment at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by calling us on 918-999-0355 at any time.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Don’t You Want Great Quality Car Care?

When a vehicle doesn’t have any protection on it, and you want to do a quick maintenance wash with us at Tulsa auto detailing. Are you trying to preserve perfection? If you don’t really or if you don’t really care about trying to preserve perfection, you know, whatever you want. If you haven’t done the details yet. You’re waiting to do the detail, waiting to get the polisher, you wait to get everything set up so that you can go ahead and do it, and we’ll have the stars and the moon. Align just perfectly to make everything perfect. Well, guess what, those are the first days to find right. At this point, when this truck again recently traded in not detailed. If you’re trying to perfect a car, you want to make sure and preserve that perfection, and there’s this much dirt on it. I couldn’t walk past the difference. The third question or not, but you reiterate the GM program again. If you’re watching here, what we’re talking about is our GM, licensing, and our relationship with the guys at GM accessories. Our products, not 35 works at the pipeline, are available at about 500 or more dealerships in the USA.

Oklahomies Car Detailing works with Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, and many more makes and models for Tulsa auto detailing. Where’s the local dealer to me. Let’s say I’m willing to drive 100 miles for your detail spray. Let’s just show you. Not what 100 results. We have relationships with every single automobile manufacturer in the world pretty much I mean, we have friendships with all of the dealerships in Tulsa. First things first, we use our interior detailer, and we did all the plastic interior detail with the exterior plastic because, again, there are only three products in this bag, the ratio of these three products are three bases. Three basic products interior detailer to all the, all the exterior plastic, the cowl, things like that, the step, and then we went ahead and took the entire shine and knocked out the tire reason why that seconds I didn’t want to overspray and have anything go over a perfect finish that before I finish detailing the exterior.

Then use the detail spray to the inside of the glass for your next Tulsa auto detailing step. That’s because I want to keep the streaking to a minimum. By keeping your tower the cleanest and the dry some street the least detail spray, and this happened to be a very effective interior glass of last year. Is it the best product line for cleaning glass, maybe not? Does it work really well, Do, then go ahead and do the paint? Okay so that you go ahead, knock that panel by panel, go ahead and get all the paint knocked down so it looks like this. Fantastic. Then a couple of last things I want to do before I do the wheels in the exhaust. My towel is now starting to get a little bit dirty and a little wet because I’ve been doing a lot of the truck. Now, this is a vehicle that could definitely use a foreign super bath in the door jams, but can I get it looking pretty dang good. With just this product, Just the details sprayed as soon as the bed I can’t hear. Same, same news, I can get this door jamb knocked out looking pretty dang good with just a little spray of the details brand.

That’s just part of the deal with trading in cars. Not for sale yet. It needs to be detailed but what would you want to make of this car-less that’s currently more decent. We always have the very last exhaust tip that I’ve got, basically a rag, a wet rag that for therefore at that point, I’ve got all of the nice stuff done. Then my damp rag so over here you see these wheels, obviously, they’re a little bit nasty and dirty the tires, but if I want to do the back, my wheels are painted. I start off with this one for a little back to the wheel. Of course, I mean, no question. Would it be better to do a full wheel and tire cleaner wheel will ease and all that jazz? I get outstanding results quickly using the best cleaning products. Do I think you should buy fewer products? Absolutely not. I just want to show you a basic way to get pretty good results with just three products.

It doesn’t really matter so if you’re using our products in the direct sun, just wipe more quickly, and that’ll get you results. If you’re doing the shade, and you’re golden it can be a little bit easier so I always recommend doing detailing in the morning, early or late in the afternoon if you don’t have a garage. Now, I don’t really have a solution for carpeted wheel wells with this. That’s not something they’ll do but if you had wheel wells that are just plastic blast tire shine in there we go and knock out the tire shine sponge, and get pretty good results. You will get the best car detailing results on any vehicle when you call us at 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.