There’s no silicone in the dressing of this Tulsa auto detailing product. This is a perfect product for doing tires on motorcycles because it’s not addressed at all. Having a cleaner addressing the difference one has shined as well as the other ones. For sure, no problems with your motorcycle tires. Explain that brush. This brush is our wheel willie so the wheel really is awesome fiberglass microfiber, this is how you get behind each spoke very thoroughly, and all in the back of the wheel. Sometimes you might have brake rotors that are too big that does not fit, and you’ll have to use the mini wheel Willie, Which one is it right here but it will do the trick.

Then I’m going to use the wheel face brush for Tulsa auto detailing. This guy did all this. Okay, these brushes are so floppy and soft. One, they don’t scratch and two they get into all the nooks and crannies and do a thorough job. Two questions. One is his wheel cleaner okay at full strength on chrome wheels. The heaviest duty finish you can get is great. You can use acid. This is a lug trim brush. This is only used to get the facts, there’s no magic phrase. How about when you use eco Wheel Cleaner versus wheel cleaner or wheel and tire cleaners? Really delicate wheels need eco concern that your wheels are delicate then be sure to use eco wheel cleaner for sure. Okay, if you think that your wheels might even have been related to developing your wheels do ego, if you’re at all worried that your wheels could be kind of delicate, just err on the side of caution and use it.

If you want to specialize in Tulsa auto detailing, then be sure to cut brake dust on a high-performance wheel. The wheel cleaner is more successful, it’s a more successful product cutting wheel, cutting roll master brake dust discussion something with a high metallic rate content, high-performance cars. This train is nice but definitely not a high-performance truck. Okay doesn’t have brakes like saying my jeep track-hawk that the spray the million-dollar turns purple. This time it is red and it doesn’t even turn colors at all. Okay, so it doesn’t even have that issue. Wheel and tire cleaner, good for an all-around.

Cleaning of wheels and tires, actually does a better job on cleaning tires and wheels, in my opinion. For this truck race, I went ahead and grabbed the tire rubber cleaner, because my friend Steve was so addicted to his hot shine aerosol tires right that it really was just totally brown. Now, watch this as it dries. Look how it’s black. Now, there’s no browser to it. Now, if I really take a look at it and consider okay how badly I want all that stuff off, I can still see some brown in here, I still see a little brown in there, just because I’m a psycho. I’m going to go ahead and hit one more round of car detailing because I know that the addiction to the silicone was so strong, that it’s not going to be a one-and-done thing.

If you’ve got a heavy addiction to a high gloss tire dressing and you’re over it, you’re ready to be able to see the wording of getting your tires not filled permanently with the recent products. You might have to take a couple of shots at a time everything around it. I can still see on the ground. There’s still a lot of ground there so I really want to get it. Alright, just being crazy, that we’ll see how black. Why would you clean your wheels before washing? All the time that I’ve been sitting here hanging out with you, that son would be drawing the water on a car and getting lots of water spots so since wheels and tires you never know how long it’s gonna take you to do it. That is why you need a professional detailing company at 918-999-0355 or book online on oklahomiescardetailing.com today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Has Your Car Ever Been This Easy To Clean?

This one wheel and tire thing was so nasty, that it took me like, what, six to seven minutes to go ahead and clean it thoroughly for Tulsa auto detailing. The bottom line, I don’t want to have that variable happen. I want to make sure that I get the time to do the wheels and tires without letting the water spot on the car paint. I just went through and cleaned this wheel, cleaned the tire, or blown it off, then dressed the tire in the best way with our detailing products.

Show the difference between VRT and tire shine when doing Tulsa auto detailing. Why use tire shine and why use VRT when I’m doing tires like this, and that is a great question. I like using tire shine that sprays on anything that has significant aggressive tread. Why, because it fits. It goes into just tread water. Awesome, so I sprayed into the tread block. Spray a little bit into the applicator. This is called a pro tire spine. Basically what I’m gonna do is I’m new half this tire with tire shine than on the other half with our vinyl and rubber trim. I want to go up into the tread making sure that I get as much of this out. If I decide to blast this tire off, and then I go ahead and don’t go into the tread blocks like this, getting all the tire shine out, well then I could possibly swing down the side of the truck drives me crazy, unless you let it dry for an hour then want to get it knocked out.

Get the tire shines all the way down to the tread block during the Tulsa auto detailing appointment. I think these wheels kind of take them off and then apply a lot of polish. You can also clean with a detail spray and some stuff here in a second for the tire shine. Clean it dry, clean, and apply the tire shine. Okay, now VRT stands for vinyl rubber and trim. This is something that really is made for vinyl rubber and trims like this. I’m going to do this, and that’s what it’s truly meant for. That’s why we developed this product to do the trim, top of the bed caps, top the bumper, stuff like that. That’s what these cars were made for earlier. Earlier he did some with that in the engine right. I used VRT on the engine compartment to make it look clean and shiny.

I will go ahead and try it on the tires to see how it looks. Let’s say you have low-profile tires or something like that. Let’s say you’re doing your supercar tires or something that has low-profile tires. Well, you’re not so worried about getting the tread shiny, but you can get a pretty good look out of the VRT on the tires when it dries, and it will not be quite as shiny. It is going to be nice for the class and harder to get into the tread. Then the spray, and get it in there as quiet as can be. Now, I’m using a sponge versus the pro tire sponge because I grabbed one and grabbed the other. You can use these interchangeably, you can use the blocks. Some people love these. These are a little more expensive but they keep your hands from getting dirty when you’re dressing this higher so here in a second, we’ll let that dry.

Now I’m going to go ahead and pop the hood to do the engine. I didn’t watch this whole truck yet but again this VRT meant for stuff like this. Can we clean the engine before and then dress it with a product? Clean it twice. It was supernatural. awesome back out here can you see it. Okay, so look at the engine and it looks new. We’re spreading it all down with that now. Check this out, you see this hose here is a power steering hose right there. Someone asked about the in and out spray and when do you use that versus not who shows you in and out spray is a product that will get into the nooks and crannies a little bit easier than, then some of the other stuff and it just turns everything dark with. It works really well on hoses. If you can’t get something to turn dark with diluted perfectly natural. Nice work. You can’t get it to turn dark with diluted VRT, of course, it doesn’t have he or she’s not that serious. You can get your car to look this good at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and stuff like these things for an appointment on 918-999-0355.