Let the waterless wash soak into the car when we do the Tulsa auto detailing now. Be sure to come back and you’re all done, so you don’t have buckets in your hands. We use every part of the way to clean your car and rub towels and up to the car, come back and do this to get every inch clean. I also love to clean the door jamb. If you have super nasty microfibers, in other words, you’ve got serious crud like what I pulled off the window trim soap that towel put in your wash but when you’re done washing your car, you don’t use that water. Be sure to use clean water for every car wash.

Throw that in the water, pour a little bit of time rubber and tire cleaner to do the wheels while offering Tulsa auto detailing. Use that slightly dirty bucket of water that you just washed your car with and dunk your dirty towels in it. That got nasty, get some of the nastiness in your bucket because if you put filthy towels in your washing machine, what’ll happen is you’ll spend them in there, and then you’ll open it, you’ll pull towels out, and you’ll have a little ring of nastiness on top of your washing machine. Using our microfiber revitalizer is critical. If you really want to clean thoroughly your towels get all the chemicals out of them, make them super soft again, so a microfiber revitalizer now called towel pad with a new formula is the best for a clean detailed vehicle.

On the buffing pads and use it in the towels, we have the best kinds of Tulsa auto detailing techniques. If they’re nasty, soak them, wring them out, and then put them in the washing machine before using them on a detailing car. If they are ready to spray a little bit the towel pad revitalizes onto the actual towel. Wash all of our microfiber towels together. If you’re polishing metal, and you have black on your towel. That’s going to be a bummer. That’s a really tough thing to clean, I’m going to show a metal polishing run for that so stay tuned. Metal polishing is different. You want to make sure he’s very thoughtful about how you clean those towels or if you clean those towels because that’s really hard to get oxidized metal out of microfiber.

Oh yeah, don’t use fabric softener when you clean car fabrics or microfibers for auto detailing. Fabric softener basically kills the pores of your microfiber and makes them less absorbent. We use all the scrubbing tools that are super good for knocking off heavy crud off your windscreen or windshield. After you’ve wiped out several species of insect, this is what you use to make your car’s windshield streak-free.

We have two sets of metal polish that work extremely effectively for car detailing. However, for most people today, there’s hardly any metal out there, unpainted metal is what you use metal polish on. That means not you wouldn’t use it on factory clear coated wheels, you don’t use it on anything in the factory at all. Literally the only part of your car that might have a stainless or chrome to it that will be used on. I want to make sure that I’m using our utility towel, or use an applicator for putting it on my car after putting on the same technology for removing it and then for buffing it to perfection. It will look great. Your car will look brand new after calling 918-999-0355 or heading on to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

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I don’t know what this is but I’m thinking it’s aluminum and we will polish all the metal for Tulsa auto detailing services. We’re going to go ahead and take the one-step metal polish and put it on the metal with our microfiber applicator pad. Put a little bit of product into the pad. I always like to smear that product side beside the pad so I get the whole entire pad working for me. Now, watch this, rub it up and down, back and forth and see the aluminum shine. You can tell it’s aluminum because it’s oxidized and it oxidizes black. Okay, well aluminum when you’re removing oxidation from aluminum, you’re always going to see black. If you’re wondering if it’s chrome or stainless or aluminum, stainless will also oxidize black, a little bit.

Let’s go ahead and add a little bit more of that metal polish to all the metal when doing Tulsa auto detailing now. That metal polish cuts a little bit more than our old metal parts. Number one, and finishes, the better than that product does part of the fuel caps to see if we can get this thing looking acceptable. That’s one of the before and after. It did remove all that face it doesn’t, it doesn’t pop nearly as nicely as this did but it did remove all the oxidation from it. That’s a good little before and after showing our car detailing services. Now, there’s one more kind of unpainted metal that we’re going to go ahead and touch on, and that is Chrome.

This is not too dirty so let’s apply the Tulsa auto detailing spray and wipe it down. It’s not just dirty. This is oxidized chrome. It is such a wonderful thing to see if you got to let your cargo, really let it go for a while so the fact that we happen to have this truck in our barn right now today is wonderful. So watch me take that oxidation off in like two seconds. You have plastic chrome but that’s not what this product is for, it’s going to use the nasty towel first. When you use it like this is what we sell for equipment now, you obviously have a little bit of experience on some fire equipment. If you’re going diamond plate aluminum or with diamond plate and you want to knock it out. Take one of our blue or white foam pads on the mini polisher. The mini I like just because you can get into the nooks and crannies a little bit easier.

If you’re doing diamond plate, like big plates, or let’s say you’re doing a previous motorhome, we can detail all that here at Oklahomies Car detailing today. It’s got the whole bottom part of it polished stainless. Well, that’s the kind of thing again, you put it on the machine. I think the metal polish is one of our underrated products. It’s just, it doesn’t necessarily use on modern cars too much but for the hot rod truckers out here, it is a great and useful detailing tool. I bet this truck has a few miles on it. It was a definite upgrade thing with pure black. When you have a hot rod, you know, older cars that have chrome even in the engine, it looks great to clean it.

You’re using billet aluminum one step is going to be even faster and knockdown builds aluminum, and you’ll like the way it comes very shiny. Let’s go ahead and knock out some stainless steel polishing. Stainless steel that I have here on these fenders, check these out. These guys are going to shine up real nice too. I haven’t done this bike for a little bit too long. Stainless steel and chrome are great. These guys are actually chrome. We polish and detail all kinds of vehicles on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ so be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355 for a great time.