We just want to show you how quickly you can get results with Tulsa auto detailing. This almost looks matte gray. It’s almost like a gray color of how faded. Now just sit right between the screws. This is kind of what it was before and after. Some people were kind of upset that you weren’t talking about one step and they felt like it was a waste of money. They should have got just these two. What are the advantages of one step? I think it’s perfect for a brand new car. Honestly, it’s perfect for ceramic coatings too.

You know, it’s one of those things that you have to go to a Tulsa auto detailing professional for. The one-step polish itself isn’t overly aggressive. I would say that it’s maybe a touch more aggressive than this polish here. It doesn’t leave that much of a haze and really what you do to determine how aggressive you want to be with it is what had. If you want to get extremely aggressive with it, use this microfiber towel. If you want to get semi-aggressive with it it’s customizable based on what pad you’re using.

The reason why I say Tulsa auto detailing is perfect for a ceramic coated vehicle is that ceramic coated vehicles are not scratch proof, they’re scratch-resistant, so they still get scratches. They’re not going to get as many small scratches. They’re more resistant to that. You’ll still see ceramic-coated vehicles that are a little bit swirl. They’re just a little bit by a small margin. If you take our one-step polish, you can polish a ceramic-coated vehicle perfectly without removing the actual ceramic coating. My wife’s car is ceramic coated, I do not use all our faults, I use a one-step polish, I reapply this, the ceramic coating is made really quick.

Okay, and I just always have a perfectly ceramic coated vehicle that always looks amazing because I can get away with just doing one step. One step I don’t need to go compound the whole car and then the second step or so. Okay, now if you’re getting into show vehicles, like our friends at Weaver customs, amazing show vehicles, they do the to set every time because they want us to kind of work I would say to if you are trying to take a car from looking okay, to getting it perfect for a ceramic coating. The two-step system is what you need to do as a base thing first, before you even start, I would only recommend doing a one-set polish on a car that you either have a ceramic coating on.

If not, you’re not necessarily going to think a good analogy is using compound and polish. This is kind of our pre-made pizza, use the blue with the blue the white with the white. If you want to customize it, you’re more than welcome to use one step with the blue pad. You can use it with the white pad with the one-step pad. You can customize what you think is going to work best on your car and that’s why we always recommend testing a spot prior to polishing and taking the time and there are some people that have never done it in their life. This system is tried and true because it’s color-coded. Make sure that you call us at Oklahomies Car Detailing to get your car professionally polished and more. Call us at 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Don’t You Want Your Car To Look Even Better Today?

We know that you will love your car after every time of Tulsa Auto Detailing if you’ve polished it up. Work with a company that has a little bit more experience or you feel like you understand it really well. One step is a great option for you. It’s more like I think you can tinker with it kind of playing with it see what this guy’s going to do. Maybe what do I mean when polishing in his house? He’s like putting a few steps and then steps like I wonder what this is going to do right because he loves doing it so much. It is therapy for him. You know this is just more like the color-coded system is like here are the steps to get perfect. Our ceramic coated I don’t want to take a ceramic coating I just needed it out and then I’ll reapply the coating really quick.

As far as lubrication, I saw this question a lot. I would always use detail spray for Tulsa Auto Detailing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a limited detail spray like cars and coffee or anything like that it’s all the same formula, just different colors. Always use detail spray. I would not use spray wax on a car when polishing. I think you can get away with using deionized water like filtered water. I just obviously for us we need to sell the product but every time I polished the details, the greatest tried and true works every time, and the other thing about detail spray. I already have it over here because I had to claim mine for anyone, right so it’s usually with you no matter what you wash your car, you bring it in huge detail, spray it dry and then you clean it with details.

Now you still have those details, then come out Oklahomies Car Detailing for Tulsa Auto Detailing. The detail sprays are great, but what about graphene? Graphene substrate does not use. I will just tell you this because I realized it’s very experienced to absolutely not use graphing details grades and later. What happens is the produced graphene oxide sticks onto the surface it dries and it makes it really hard to remove. I actually like to polish it off once raised for a specific purpose. It is for hoping the integrity of your graphene ceramic coating vehicle is a spray and white version of the majors for ceramic. Use it for that. Regular detail spray is the way to go when it comes to using it.

Just it always has been always probably you’ve I don’t know if you missed it, but what pad for one-step like we were saying it’s you could really use any of them. It all depends on what you’re polishing and how aggressive you need it to be. I want to show you guys that you can see these little, these little things here. Okay, little dots here and we offer the best detailing in Tulsa. That is because I didn’t clean the surface. Okay, so those are contaminants that are still on the surface. I know that that’s probably it, you can remove those with polishing. Like Joe saying it’s going to, you’re going to your pads going to be wasted a lot quicker. I’m trying to remove all those as well as scratches. A lot of people are scared to polish.

This is one of the easiest things like Joe just polishing and then realizing he has to clay. He didn’t wipe anything off. He’s just layering it and layering it and you can be pretty I don’t know, I guess lazy with the process, it doesn’t take a lot to but also I think like. I don’t want to see him. I don’t want to contaminate what’s true, be less effective and if I only have two pads so taking the time to do the necessary steps not only will make your process more efficient but will also make it more effective. Give us a call to get your car polished at 918-999-0355 now or pick up the phone to book an appointment on okhomiescardetailing.com now.