Wax is amazing for cars that have original paint that you don’t want to mess with for Tulsa Auto Detailing. You know, cars with original paint that might have imperfections to me are a lot cooler than a repainted car that you get to polish. The characteristics of an original car are so unique. You know, those kinds of things are memories, those are things that you can never get back. So in my opinion, I think you know, older cars with original paint jobs. I think those are some of the coolest things but to help maintain that and help preserve that you can put wax on there. And then so with the advanced technology, then you go from wax, and then you go start getting into something like where is it? Like the paint sealant. Okay, so, as car care starts to grow and become a bigger industry. Now there are scientists and chemists involved in they’re like, hey, we want to make something the last longer than wax.

Then they take instead of a natural carnuba or wax that you extract from a tree, you start engineering products for Tulsa Auto Detailing. You take something like a resin you know, let’s say it’s like a hard resin that surfboards are sealed with you know surfboards are actually like foam and then they put a resin on top that hardens and makes it rock hard. You take a resin and then you put it into you make that into a protection agent for car care. That’s what a paint sealant is. Okay, so this is a resin-based protection agent. Then you have things like paint sealant, which is going to last a lot longer, it’s going to last probably, you know six months, and then you have a topper. For that so you kind of you put a base layer of paint sealant and then you’re maintaining it and keeping the integrity of that with h2o gloss is.

This is a really good tried and true system for Tulsa Auto Detailing. If you are somebody that doesn’t want to get into ceramic coatings but still offers some level of paint protection, use paint sealant. Technology advances even more and then people are like, You know what, we want to make something that’s harder than a sealant or a resin. What’s harder than that glass or ceramic? Then you create a poly siloxane-based ceramic coating, that now is much harder than a paint sealant. It is more durable, so the harder the service, the more durable it is, right? It’s like building a car out of wood versus steel.

A ceramic coating is going to last a lot longer in your car because once it goes on your car, that harsh elements in the road grime and all that stuff isn’t going to wear this away as fast. There’s this thing called graphite. Well, this thing is called graphene, which is the hardest substance in the world. Let’s reduce that down and make a reduced graphene oxide and then let’s pair that with our polysiloxane give it a stronger backbone and then it will last even longer than that right.

You get something like your regular paints or paint coating that last you know, four or five years. Then you jump up to like the regular graphene ceramic coating is going to last seven or seven and a half years and then you just concentrate more and make it thicker which is going to last, you know, nine years. At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we use the best-detailing products on your vehicle when you call 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Do You Want A Newly Ceramic Coated Car?

Once you start diving into the realm of ceramic and you understand the benefits of it and how I kind of say this, you need to pick yourself what protection works best for Tulsa Auto Detailing. If you want something that’s really easy to use wax and sealant is his thing. If you want something that is a little bit more difficult but is going to make cleaning your car a lot easier ceramic coating is going to be the thing for you. Spray coatings are really easy to apply but do not work as well.

The cool thing about ceramic coatings for Tulsa Auto Detailing is that you can kind of put it on everything on the exterior of your car whereas wax if you put it on the rubber or the plastic, kind of makes it does not look good. Then you have to clean it. This is something that you can just put on the glass, the rubber, the plastic, the paint, the chrome, anything on the exterior. I think something for him if he’s using the products a lot then something like an IK sprayer is a really good tool. This is something that you can fill up. It’s pressurized and then when you pull the trigger, it sprays the product out so you know if he’s using say wheel cleaner or you know, detail spray, things like that a lot. That’s a really kind of fun product that is really easy to use.

We use those a lot in winter to clean cars for Tulsa Auto Detailing. This is a lifesaver. The air cannon is a really great present I think for people. It’s such a unique tool and I think the really cool thing about it is after you wash your car, you know it’s you can’t avoid hard water unless you buy the ionizer you can’t avoid hard water it’s just not possible. When you’re when you wash your car in all the water kind of gets into the nooks and crannies here of like the door handles or the mirrors. Whatever it is. The water just sits in there after you wash your car even when you dry it and then what eventually happens is it starts dripping out and you see this hard water kind of drips all over your car.

The worst thing ever so so even to the point where you might even have to polish it so taking the air cannon or the air cannon Jr. and blowing out all the nooks and crannies of your car before you dry it can really help with that kind of water spots. It’s also I mean amazing for when you discard doesn’t have it but when you clean your engine, you can blow all the water out and dry it to make it easier to protect. I think is a really great thing to have. This is like our trunk organizer. This thing is really awesome. This is the trunk organizer right here. What I think is really cool about the trunk organizer is you can either zip it up or you can kind of close it like this.

It’s a nice thing to be able to organize your stuff so you know have a detailed spray lets we’re going to take some mega foam with us on a trip. You can put applicators in you know towels in the front pocket towels on the side. I think this is an amazing tool. This is our leather scrub mitt. This thing helps to interior scrub mitt is what it’s called. That helps scrub and clean your interior so much faster than anything else. That’s a really great tool too. Slick and slide is a sealant and will protect our paint. We apply all different products on your car at Oklhaomies Car Detailing so dial 918-999-0355 now or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ at once for an appointment.