Quick detailers, you know by our definition are essentially something that you can spray and wipe your car down easily for Tulsa Auto Detailing. It will clean your car but it’s more used when it’s not too dirty. If a car is fairly dirty, you can still clean it pretty well. Here are all the different quick detailers. Do you want something that’s easy to use its streak-free and makes your car shiny or do you want something that will kind of make it shiny but also protected a lot? If we’re talking about the streak-free types of products, you kind of getting into these products here.

Our spray wax I’d say is comparable to detail spray but uses wax for Tulsa Auto Detailing. Instead of like silicone and wax to make things shiny and this is also something to help maintain. Like we were talking about before like buttery wax and your paste wax. When you’re talking about protection and what to use together, you want to stick in like the silo family. You put this on as a base. You use this to help maintain and then you wipe the car down with this wax Spray wax is to be used with cars that are waxed, and detail spray is kind of an all-around product.

Detail spray is very unique for Tulsa Auto Detailing because detail spray is very versatile. It can be used to wipe down a car that’s dusty, can also be used as a clay lubricant, and can also be used to help hydrate the solids of compound or polish while you’re polishing on your polishing pad. It can be used as a drying aid so it makes it a very unique product and it’s our most popular for that exact reason it has so many different uses.

Now slick and slide is a great product too. If you think about CS three I’m sure you guys are aware of CS three. CS three is kind of like a detail spray with silica in it which is a ceramic spray. Slicking slide is like detail spray but with a sealant in it. What I like to do is I like to slick and slide on its own, okay so they can slide works amazing by itself. Slick inside is also really great with these products. If you use wax with wax so spray wax goes with buttery wax and Americana wax slick inside is going to work really amazing with paint sealant and or h2o gloss.

I mean the physical feeling of it is like it’s one of the slickest surfaces after you apply it. It’s hydrophobic and makes things bead, but it’s not going to be as durable as a ceramic type of product. Okay, now waterless wash. I think everyone kind of knows about a waterless wash. Waterless wash doesn’t have the shine enhancement like detail spray or slip and slide, but it has a ton of lubricating agents to it. It makes it really safe to clean a really dirty car. Even though you’re not going to wash it with a hose or water or anything like that. This is something that you know, if you don’t have a water source, say you’re at an apartment or you’re at a car show or whatever it is you’re on a road trip. This is something you always need to have kind of in your back pocket. I usually have like two or three bottles of this when I go on a long road trip because I can easily get buckets off or clean the whole car without having to go to a carwash or use a water hose. We can do a waterless wash at Oklhoamies Car Detailing when you dial 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Do You Do Different Types Of Washing?

Waterless washes are unique in their own way to be a product that you really clean a car you wash a car with it for Tulsa Auto Detailing without using water. Now CS three kind of builds off of what waterless wash is doing. It’s a way to clean your car, but it also has some of the properties of detail spray, which is the shine enhancement, and then it also has the protection from silica like ceramic boost is something that helps boost a ceramic coating and bring back the hydrophobic properties.

This is highly concentrated with silica that might be more familiar for you guys for Tulsa Auto Detailing. This has the silicone SIO2 and so it’s combining three different aspects of detailing into one for shine enhancement. One is waterless washing and one is protecting with silica or Si O two. This has all of those in it. The product CS three is sort of unique and I would say CS three is really great to be paired with like using on top of a ceramic coating like our paint coating and using it on top of it. Graphene CS three is essentially the same product but it has reduced graphene oxide with silica which makes it work much much better with the graphene product.

It also works amazingly by itself but the reduced graphene oxide is really going to is going to bond with each other much better for Tulsa Auto Detailing than just regular silica. There’s that and then, of course, you get in a little bit more concentration of reduced graphene oxide and silica with the graphene Detail Spray. Obviously, detail spray is a staple in the detailing world. I don’t recommend using this with a clay bar, you know or a drying aid. The reduced graphene oxide and silica protection in there really streak a lot when you try to do that. Stick to the drying aid and all that stuff with regular Detail Spray maintaining your graphene ceramic coating when you’re not trying to clean your car when you’re going to wash it.

This is going to be the highest concentration of reduced graphene oxide and silica for maintaining a graphene ceramic coating. If you need to wash it, you know waterless wash it a graphene ceramic coated vehicle graphene CS3 is going to be amazing. Then just maintaining it wiping down a sort of dusty car. The graphene detail spray is going to be a little bit better. I hope that was good I hope you guys could kind of feel and understand the difference between all those different quick detailing products.

How does matte detailer work and can it be used on gloss paint? The matte detailer can be used on gloss paint. A matte detailer is a sort of like essentially what they did is they took detail spray and the reason why you can’t use detail spray on a matte finish is that it has a carnauba in it so you can wonder if there’s one on here that’s been so if you look at the bottom here, it’s almost like yellowish-orange. That’s like the carnauba wax that is settled in the bottom. Carnauba wax does not love matte wraps at all. What you do is you take out the carnauba wax of the detail spray and now you have the shine enhancement of a matte detailer. It’s going to be really clean and make your matte look amazing without having the streakiness from the carnauba wax in detail spray. We clean all kinds of cars with vehicles wraps and accessories on them at Oklahomies Car Detailing. Put your trust in us for a clean car by dialing 918-999-0355 or going to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.