Tulsa auto detailing is just honestly a matter of getting the compound to work through the headlight or vehicle paint. It will be like you can even do it by hand, it’s just going to take you a lot longer. This expedites the process by, you know, the RPM you get from a drill, and like I said I’m going to start on one that has more of a torque setting. Then I’ll probably switch to two to speed up the process but I just want to get it going. I’d recommend a regular drill, nothing too complicated. Any sort of machine or power tool that is either a rotary or an oscillating like a random orbital dual action polisher, any of that will work to achieve the same result too. If you have an impact drill and it works just fine. Use that it doesn’t really matter. There’s not like one thing you should use, just whatever you can polish onto a pad that, but obviously don’t put like a four-inch pad onto a big huge backing plate. Be sure the four-inch pad goes on to this drill back in a plate or onto a polisher correctly.

Using detail spray for Tulsa auto detailing is great for the interior of any vehicle. Details spray for the interior smells excellent. If you’re referring to our normal detail spray which is the pink stuff then it will work wonders. If you’re talking about this detailed spray. The only thing I would tell you to use that detail spray for is the glass. Use for the interior glass. If you’re referring more to interior detailer spray, like this. That’s what you want to use on your interior. The reason why is that this gray interior has many different ones. This first off has a micro ban in it which is antimicrobial and it will help you to fight microbes and it prevents microbes from being able to grow on the interior where it is sprayed.

If you spray it on and wipe it in while doing Tulsa auto detailing then it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the type of thing you will use again and again. If you constantly use it, then you will be protecting yourself from unwanted harmful microbes. Just so you know it’s not a disinfectant, it’s not going to kill 99.9% germs, but it’s going to fight against those germs growing and cultivating. This is like a factory finish and also has UV blockers in it. This is going to be better for your interior. Not so much for glass so I would either use glass spray or detail spray for glass and this for like an all-around, quote-unquote detail spray for your interior. If you need to get more aggressive, then you’re more into leather and interior cleaner, which is a more aggressive cleaner, and then of course you have carpet and upholstery cleaner and also what’s called the interior cleaning gel.

You can use quite a bit of this, so I usually make an x shape like this when doing the detailing process. Then you want to spread this out a ton all over the headlight, or the lens, whatever you want to call it because as soon as I turn this on, it’s going to want to sling so I want to make sure this is spread out before I really get into it. Just so you know, like with a drill, as soon as you turn this on it kicks on and starts going. Be careful you want to keep it flat on the surface, put your hand right on top so you have a good grip of it because with a rotary this essentially putting this hard drill backing plate on essentially turns this whole thing into a mini rotary buffer. If you’ve ever used a rotary buffer, you know, this will pull you in different directions, because this is a gear-driven spin. You want to have a good grip and hold onto it. What we want to do is keep this flat on the surface and we want to go over everything. You can go a touch over on your paint but I just recommend trying to stay within the lines of the lens.

If I don’t have this flat on the surface then it will pull me in this direction. Right, so you want to keep it flat, flat on the surface as possible so you’re not fighting it the whole time and you know the areas that aren’t too oxidized, again this part wasn’t too bad. This is like the worst part. I want to spend most of my time here. It is pulling all the oxidation. It’s all dirty and nasty so I’m going to add a little bit more polish, you can be pretty liberal with the polish during this. Is it the compound or compounding polish? You can be pretty liberal because like when you’re doing your whole car, you need to make sure that you’re not loading up your pad. That’s why you spray detailer spray and keep the compound in the pad going. That’s also why we have the two-ounce but you can use more compound in this just because you want to get that abrasive on the headlight as much as you can while visiting https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now. Depending on the severity or how oxidized your headlights are you will need to call 918-999-0355 now.

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This depends on how many passes you need to do for your compound in Tulsa auto detailing and the entire process. I can see it starting to clear up a little bit but I just need to keep going with this, in these pads even a little warm just because I’m focusing my energy on it. In the kit that comes with all the pads in the end the compound and polish so right now I’m using the microfiber pad. The microfiber polishing pad or compound pad whatever you want to call it, it’s that three-inch, and then I’m using compound or I think, in this case, this came with heavy correcting compound, this is pretty much the same thing. Just so you guys know, if you have this drill backing plate, or you have a mini polisher at your house and you have a mess of headlights, you can just grab a bottle of the compound, and the pad and you can do this on your own.

Is there any specific pattern to use while you’re compounding the headlight and achieving a great deal of Tulsa auto detailing? I would say crosshatching, really you just want to cover the whole surface right so you can crosshatch it but there are all these contours and things so I’m kind of putting my focus in right here right now. I’m trying to get these parts like the most, pretty much the most messed up. I said this before with the polisher, I’ll show you here in one second, you want to move, at a slow pace. With a rotary buffer like this, you want to work a little bit faster. You want to make sure the heat isn’t focused in one area, so I’m kind of working in a little bit quicker of a motion, trying to keep this as flat on the surface as possible.

Why use a drill versus a swirl killer for Tulsa auto detailing? Use a drill if you don’t have a swirl killer. I personally think the swirl killer polisher is a better tool. I think it’s just more effective that, you know, I think the oscillations plus the spinning with the dual-action, just makes it more, makes it more efficient, it’s doing two things at once. The drill is only spinning right and if you focus too much energy it creates more heat and dries out the polish faster. Use the drill if you don’t have the polisher. It’s the low-cost option but it’s also the thing that comes in the kit. If you’re just trying to restore your headlights, don’t just go buy a polisher kit. Everyone needs a polisher in my opinion but if you don’t want to buy the polish just get the kit. It comes with a drill backing plate. You want a compound because it just has a more aggressive abrasive, and it’s going to pull the oxidation off faster.

Here we go at the polisher. The polisher you can have a slower pace while you’re doing this so I just I’m using heavy correcting compound or the compound, heavy correcting, I think this is just an old label that they put on here, the heavy correcting compound was the compound that we offered before we started offering our just straight compound after we redeveloped it last year, last holiday season. I have come over here. I’m all jacked up right now. Van Halen has been just rolling. That’s compound. So I’m pretty sure that what’s in that bottle is just an old label. Right, so anything that has a word compound is what you want to use first. And sometimes only, I mean I only use compounds on that one I didn’t use color.

Switching to this rocker mini is better to use than a drill for detailing. I just think that the polisher is a little bit more effective but if you don’t have a pause or use the drill. I think if you have a polisher you should use the polisher because, like I was saying, it has oscillation. It’s kind of mimicking this movement, oscillating like this. Because of that movement, it makes it a spin. Okay, see how it spins like that. It’s a free-spinning thing but once it’s on the surface, it’s going to oscillate and spin at the same time. That’s just, it’s two movements on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ at once that’s making it more effective so be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355.