We keep your applicators and pads separate and keep your towels separate over here when we do Tulsa auto detailing. Be sure to always clean them separately. Let’s do it one more time and then we’ll pick one more question then we’ll pick a winner for the giveaway. I want to give away more than just this. What pressure washer would you recommend? Is the Pro worth the extra money? That’s a good question. The pro for a beginner I would say is to get the pressure washer. The reason why is the pressure that comes out of it is between like 2000 psi, which is more than enough when it comes to detailing your car. You know this one out its peak can get up to like 2200 which is good but the thing about this is it’s pretty well stationary.

The pro pressure washer is something that people mount to their walls for Tulsa auto detailing. Most people have a water source to this already, so it sits in one place. They have the long hose they can just pull out whatever. For a beginner. I don’t know if you have access to putting this up onto a wall and a water source. The pressure washer 2.0 is a lot better. You can wheel it around. It’s just a really great unit to kind of get started into the pressure washing realm of things. Now if you want the extra performance when it comes to pressure, and noise, the pro-grade pressure washer is definitely a great step up from that. It depends if you’re always got to have the top-of-the-line thing.

I’m just missing this with detail spray and making it be used as a drying aid for Tulsa auto detailing. Just go around and mist the car really quickly to get a little bit on there. When you’re doing this don’t spray really close. I tend to just give it a mist. I do not want the wind to blow this away. I tend to kind of spray the detail spray on the car so it will fall on it. The more of this product you use, it can be a little bit streaky, so just be conscious with that, and then when I’m drying, I like to fold my towel a few times like that. And I like to use it like this. And you can see some of the detailed sprays here. You can see that when you swipe it, it just finishes perfectly.

It should be water-based because it’s water-soluble. That’s why it’s in our graphene ceramic coating that’s a solid base. I think there’s probably just to you know, here’s the thing about silicone is that it makes things really shiny. That’s why most tire shines are silicone-based. They just make things super, super shiny, like new plastic. When you want something like a dressing like VRT it will give it a look like a dressing, but it’s not going to give shine to it.

The VRT product is not going to have any silicone in it, or anything to make it super shiny. It is just the formulation intended to make it look dark black and like a new tire almost. The graphene ceramic spray coating will last longer. The one thing I would say is the glass sealant is great to protect your glass surfaces. I actually really like to use the glass sealant on my car specifically. When you bring your car to Oklahomies Car Detailing we will truly make it look its best. Therefore, book an appointment today at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by dialing 918-999-0355.

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When I want to take the extra time I usually put glass sealant on the vehicles which is a service we offer for Tulsa auto detailing. The reason for that is because the application process is more you kind of work it into the glass so you drip the product into an applicator then you work it into the glass in what it does actually it penetrates more of the pores of the glass. I think the water behavior, the hydrophobic water behavior from glass sealant tends to be a little bit better because it fills all the voids of the porousness of the glass.

With the graphene ceramic spray coating for Tulsa auto detailing apply a layer on top and it’s still contouring the glass or whatever surface you apply it to. I think there’s probably a big debate on what’s better, I think on ease of use and like I’ll just say this when I protect my whole car, so I go every six months, and I’ll reapply graphene ceramic spray coating. When I do that I put it on everything. Then there are times when I really want to get my glass fully sealed. That’s when I do the glass ceiling and those two products work pretty well together.

If I have glasses on there and then I put the ceramic over it for Tulsa auto detailing, then it will bond to create a great seal and protect your vehicle. They’re both really good, but the spray coating for sure is probably going to last a little bit longer. Why am I using Detail Spray instead of h2o as a drying aid? It is a very specific process and that is h2o guard and gloss is like a drying aid. I would say h2o guard and gloss is a sealant application while you dry. The h2o gloss is like I said, it’s like an application instead of a drying aid to help with the paint protection of your car.

I was using detail spray because it does sort of neutralizing the water and it makes drying it a lot easier. It makes the car pretty shiny when you’re done. You can see it looks really good actually. Whereas h2o guard and gloss is a more involved process where you have two borderless gray towels. You have to get one that’s wet or damp. You have one that’s dry and then you spray the product on the car, panel by panel. You rub it in with the wet towel, and then it will be a little bit streaky, but you’re now applying a sealant. Then you take your dry towel and you even out all the streakiness and you go around panel by panel and do that.

It’s a way to protect your car all while you’re driving your car at the same time. It’s a really unique process. I love that product by the way because it is a cool and unique product and it’s also really easy to use. It became a fan favorite really quickly because, as I said, it’s really easy to use. You can leave that open to the air or you can close it just because it’s sort of like combining two steps into one with drying and protecting your car. Be sure to contact us now so that we can offer you the best protection for your vehicle at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by dialing 918-999-0355 now.