Your headlights will look incredible with our Tulsa auto detailing. All these, these guys here, love to have these things nice and dark. I love doing this before I wash the truck. Why, because my overspray is going everywhere, so it’s my go everywhere. Bombing right well these things to see this little seal oxidized that looks like, how many different colors, is that too many different colors, such as turning it dark and nice. So that’s a really cool product for doing stuff like this, you know, do the grill later but up in here, anything that’s going to be clean after we finish this. That is why you need to call Oklahomies Car Detailing now to get all of the best services you want for car detailing.

I’ll answer it as best I can for any questions about Tulsa auto detailing. The professional detailer that’s offering ceramic coating for statues in towns, which is crazy enough but like our pieces that you see around town you can get a clean car today. They’re fully ceramic coating, those are art pieces to preserve them from the sun and weather so I just thought that was really cool. They say that graphene ceramic coating is good on quartz countertops. Quartz is similar to granite, the hard surface like that so yeah it would, it would be fine on that. What about filtering? Yeah so self-healing PPF paints protection film is graphene ceramic coating or any ceramic coating is good to put on paint protection film and the answer is yes. The one thing I would say is to paint protection film if it’s old starts to discolor from oxidizing, it tends to become a little hazy and maybe a little bit yellow. I fully recommend putting ceramic coating or graphene ceramic coating on new paint protection film, sometimes also with paint protection film, it scratches you can see like swirl marks in it.

You can’t polish that out really, you can try, but what happens is when you’re polishing with Tulsa auto detailing it tends to heat the adhesive underneath and then you get a haze on your car. If your paint protection film doesn’t look perfect. I mean it depends on what you want to like. If your paint protection film looks like it has swirl marks in it, or it looks discolored and you’re okay with that and you just want to protect your car, absolutely you can put ceramic coating or graphene ceramic coating on top, but I would recommend getting it redone before you put something as robust as a graphene ceramic coating on there. Really what it’s going to do is the paint protection film is there to protect your car from rock chips. All the rocks and stuff that’s sand, road rocks, or whatever you want to call it, hits the front of your car and you get rock chips. You put the paint protection film on your car to prevent that.

The graphene ceramic coating on top of that makes washing your car easier and reduces the chance of oxidizing. Getting the swirl marks and stuff out so that’s why you would do that. I would say with interior plastic, yes you can but I would just be careful with getting it on other surfaces. You know if you have some cars that have interior plastic and then there’s wood grain next to it or there’s upholstery or suede. Just be careful, you could tape it off but really what I would say is we have a leather ceramic coating interior like leather ceramic coating. I would have you do that rather than graphene. The inside of your car doesn’t see the elements at all, really, because it’s protected. You know, really, you’re putting a ceramic coating on the interior to protect it from spills and, and things such as that. I would just push you towards a leather ceramic coating rather than like the robust exterior ceramic coatings.

The best maintenance product for graphene coatings is the best. I mean I can do it right now so you guys can see. I’m going to use this UTV, but it also works well with any car really, for that matter, you just pick the car washes. It’s a good question. From the people who manufacture it, I think they’re telling us with the size of that tank I want to say it’s like 300 or 500 before I wash it. It’s a lot, but the deionizer, when you buy it, comes with a kit and actually comes with parts per million meter. It’s like a glue stick. That allows you to get the best water for detailing and that is exactly what we use here at Oklahomies Car detailing today. Be sure to call us at 918-999-0355 or visit now for a cleaner car.

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What you would do is you would start to fill the bucket for Tulsa auto detailing. Fill up, you could fill up a bucket part partway or you could just fill up a glass, and you put this part per million meters inside of that. It will read the minerals that are in your water. Once you start to see that number goes up roughly. A good range for non-water spotting is like zero to 10 right and then if you get up into the 60s to 150, that’s when you need to refill the resin or dump the resin out. We’re actually going to be doing a how-to video on how to do all that stuff so stay tuned for that we just. We put the deionizer out thinking that there wouldn’t be a lot of interest and people are loving it. It’s been crazy the response to having people‚Äôs cars cleaned in the best way possible.

My car is graphene ceramic coated and that is just one of the Tulsa auto detailing services we offer. You can see how the dirt kind of falls off and I haven’t washed this in like a month. Wiping it off with water. You can see down here there’s still like road grime on here so I need to work here where you don’t get as much blasted off. You can see the dirty water. That’s just part of the self-cleaning properties is, you know, it’s, it’s gonna help push the tip the water is gonna take the dirt with it. Sometimes you can get away with just blasting your car off with water, especially if you have a DI ionizer but I definitely need to wash this car.

Well worth your money as a final rinse to use graphene ceramic coating for Tulsa auto detailing. He has a deionizer and he loves it so appreciate the comment. I appreciate the business. Your car off and I’m for sure going to get water spots because I’m going to leave that but on the graphene, I can just one step polish it and either reapply it or do graphene ceramic coating again. It will be back to perfect again so not too worried about it. Is there any way to fix it without polishing it? My answer is no. It’s just, I mean you could try and polishing but the graphene, the reduced graphene oxide on your car is so hard that I mean you would take you forever and you’d have to push really hard and then you’re susceptible to even like putting more halos or scratches in it. I would just say, I would try a one-step polish first, maybe with our blue foam pad which is a little bit firmer of a pad, it’s just going to get the polish against the surface and work a little bit better but yeah, one-step polish. If that doesn’t work then you’re more into compounding and polishing which, when you get to that point you’re probably needing to reapply the graphene.

I’m sure you guys have all seen this, but it’s a tool that we offer online on our websites called the undercarriage wand, and it comes with these three components. This thing has wheels on it. That’s been this piece that has one wheel on it and a couple of females and a male quick disconnect. This piece connects here. Make sure it’s connected, and it has this big old wand, right, looks like I could do karate with it or something. This piece connects to the small we’ll hear this. I want to make sure it’s connected and then we can start to clean our cars., You can set this on the ground and begin detailing. I’m for sure going to be using this on this UTV because the underside of these gets super filthy so we can begin detailing it now.

I don’t want to mess with how dirty that is right now but what I did is I took the tip-off of the pressure washer snub nose. And this connects to the wand up top here, like this. Now, you essentially have this thing that rolls on the ground, and you have four pressure washer heads on that piece so when I pull the trigger. It’s now a pressure washer that shoots 20 feet in the air. Now you have a pressure washer that is on the ground that you can roll around so what you can do is, like, especially on in the case of the UTV but I’ll just do it on my cars, You can now roll this under your car pretty far and with this quickness and I can turn it to get underneath here. Now I can detail the underside of my car and so much more by dialing 918-999-0355 or visiting now.