There’s a couple of factors that are going to go into the Tulsa auto detailing. So, the question is how do you know when to change out the resin. What you’re going to do with this is once you set it up you’re going to test your water on the out spigot and you’re going to see what your initial start off ppm is. It’s most likely going to be zero initially. Right. Every week or every month, depending on how often you’re using the unit, check your water on the output and see where it’s at and you’re going to build a chart over time. You can do it in your head this is going to be pretty simple, but just check it and say, Okay, I’ve now used this for two weeks, and I’m at 10 ppm. Now I’m at a month or two months and that is 12 PPM so you’re going to know you’re still getting a lot of that lifespan out of that, the resin. As you get closer to 50. So say you’re at 40 ppm, that’s probably when you’re going to want to go to Oklahomies Car Detailing.

We use virgin resin for all the Tulsa auto detailing that we do here in the area. If you’re shopping for water deionizers then this is a key feature to what you need to get the best water for detailing. All the units are pre-loaded with virgin resin and then the refill kit is also going to be a bag of virgin resin, and what that resin looks like we dumped this out last week. We’re measuring the parts per million coming out of the hose spigot right now it’s actually probably a little higher. It looks like maybe 170, parts per million. However, we accidentally ran this gage over, and we haven’t grabbed a new one yet.

See if we can get a reading once we have it all hooked up and that is why you want to use us for Tulsa auto detailing. Right now, if we were to spray this on the vehicle right then now we’ve watched the wheels. The wheels are all nice and clean. Now we’re going to rinse the vehicle right. If we were to walk away from this or if it was on a hotter day, this hard water on here would dry and leave semi-permanent hard water spots, which would be a nightmare to take away later on. Sometimes if they’re baked on there long enough, they’re gonna require polishing to actually remove.

This is just every detailer’s nightmare right here. What the DI water is going to allow us to do is switch it on so that way we’re now going to come back over here and we’re going to turn the bypass off. Now we know we have roughly a couple of gallons of water in the hose and tied up in this house and the pressure washer. We’re going to bleed this out a little bit until we know we’re getting full DI water. Normally you’re not going to do this process because you’re going to go from foam cannon to rinsing and then at that point you’re already going to have enough DI water in the system, but that should be probably pretty good.

There are so many different kinds of soaps we should use for spotlessness. There is no soap or a spotless rinse that does it better but our soaps are designed to neutralize the hard water. Right now what we’re going to do and this is like if you have a BMW or something that just has a ton of brake dust, you’re definitely going to want a deionizer or you’re absolutely going to want to invest in the best car shampoos. Those will be either shampoo ultra foam or mega foam, any of them and what we do is when we thoroughly clean each wheel by dialing 918-999-0355 and visiting today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Creating A Memorable Detailing Experience

Like I said on a BMW or something this is going to take 10 minutes or more, in order to actually get the wheel thoroughly be sure to use us for Tulsa auto detailing. If you’re in direct sunlight, what you do is foam it down, either with a foam gun or foam Cannon. Be sure to use a bucket of soap and just foam it down. Then move on to your next wheel and now you can start cleaning the next wheel. This is perfectly fine to let this dry on there. Then you’re going to be able to rinse it off and it’s going to be spot-free because the pH-neutral shampoo eliminates the ability for water spots to form while the soap is on there.

This is DI water that we are using for our Tulsa auto detailing now. The second you rinse it off, you’re now exposed to hard water spotting if you’re using standard tap water. It only protects you, while the soap is on there. The reason DI water is so awesome is that your car is protected. Let’s just say the soap dried on there. Now we can rinse it with deionized water and you can actually walk away from this, and let it dry and you’re not going to have one water spot on there. The other way we teach people in detail clinics and classes is on your final rinse to utilize detail spray. This does eliminate the need for your final rinse of detail spray. I’m going to spray this down and we’re actually going to let this dry on there to the best of our ability.

It is kind of cool today and we are in the shade, but we’re just going to let that water dry there to perform expert Tulsa auto detailing. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a shot that shows there is zero water spotting. I’m not saying that there is going to be water spots that there is zero. The PPM reader does come in the kit. The kit comes fully ready to use out of the box. All you do is take the deionizer out of the bottle itself, hook up the bypass valve, hook up the downstream, and then it also comes with the white house that’s going to attach to your water supply. It’s not going to come with a 50-foot garden hose but we’re hoping that you have one of those, it’s not going to come with a pressure washer either.

Okay, so I’ll explain another reason why I absolutely love the water deionized. I take my vehicle to go get detailed all the time at Oklahomies Car Detailing. One thing I’m super particular about is the door jams and even using details. The ultra foam and mega foam and our shampoos are incredible. I still find myself rushing to get the door jams, completely dry before they start spotting again. The last thing I can tell if somebody really cleaned my car is if the door jams aren’t spotted, and it looks nice and clean in there. The reason the ionizer is really effective at this point is you can almost just walk away from the door jamb, you can just spray it out. Be sure to spray it out, shut the door, walk away, and you’re going to have a spot-free rinse in there.

You’re not going to get that water spotting or all that dirt and debris when you use a professional detailer like us. You’re going to have to come out and blast out the water to make sure you blast it out and tap out. That’s just an enhancing feature of fine detailing and there’s a lot of places I won’t go back to. I open the door, the exterior may look great, but I open the door and the door jams are dirty. Is there something you recommend other than polishing to remove large spots that are already on a vehicle? So there are quite a few water spot removers on the market that are showing up, actually, really well and provide great water beading. We offer all the best car detailing advice on now and by ringing 918-999-0355 today.